280zx turbo intake manifold

Old School--Cars at least two decades old, mostly refers to early '70s late '60s vehicles. Old school cars have one distinct advantage over those higher up on the evolutionary chain--limitless performance possibilities thanks to their smog-exempt status. This means that, as long as you keep the original engine, the sky is the limit--bolt on that boost, wire up that stand-alone engine management computer, fog that manifold with nitrous, because you are untouchable by the smog Nazis.

If you decide to swap engines, you must live by the emissions standards of that engine's year of manufacture, so swapping to an early engine would be the way to go. The rules for smog exemption were set a few years ago with and-before vehicles qualifying for a rolling year exemption, beginning in The problem is this ruling is a political football and is challenged more often than a big league umpire. Both of these cars have a cult following and both make good use of power modification therapy.

It is a bit of a surprise that these two examples, which are the best examples we have seen, are owned by the same person; Tod Kaneko. Kaneko has a reputation for eyeing the details and these super-tuned Datsuns are living proof of how deep his commitment to perfection is.

The original Z has seen a revolution in the last few years with refurbished stockers going for big bucks. We think the interest is great, but going stock cuts the excitement factor exponentially. Datsun's L28 in-line six is a masterpiece featuring stout main journals, plenty of torque and plenty of room to grow in the engine bay.

Kaneko cut to the chase and had the block bored and stroked to cc, fitted with a beefier diesel-spec crank, Saenz forged rods and JE pistons. The pistons, which give the L28 a boost-ready 8.

The short block runs a high-volume Datsun Competition turbo oil pump and uses ARP fasteners throughout. The L28 is topped with an Espec cylinder head stuffed with the good stuff.

The old school approach to cylinder head science was shaped into 21st century specifications, as both the exhaust and intake ports were groomed for high flow and the combustion chambers were reshaped and now displace 40cc each. The valve area was unshrouded to encourage optimal quench and maximum efficiency and power.

Oversized Ferrea stainless-steel valves and Nissan Competition springs and retainers work in conjunction with modified rockers and a custom JG Engine Dynamics cam to unleash the power. It is a good thing the head was prepped for high flow, because Kaneko employs a specially designed Garrett prototype HKS GT ball-bearing turbo to produce the pressure.

On the hot side, the turbo runs an trim 68mm wheel in a.

Chris' 83' 280zx Turbo

Both housings have been ExtrudeHone processed for added flow and research indicates the turbo should support to hp, we can't wait to see a dyno chart on this bad boy. The turbo is secured to an ExtrudeHoned factory cast manifold and runs through custom thin-wall stainless-steel piping and a HKS front-mount intercooler with integral blow-off valve. From the intercooler, boost is introduced to the engine via a super trick carbon kevlar intake plenum and polished 42mm individual TWM throttle bodies.

A Tial 40mm wastegate keeps the GT-series hairdryer spooled and ready to go.Transit times vary based on where the order is being shipped to and begin the day the order leaves our warehouse.

Check your emailed Sales Order confirmation to see the expected shipping time frame. Or feel free to contact our office for more specific information.

The Ultimate Datsun 280zx Build Plan - 400hp L28 Turbo

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Bracket-Cable Holder P Bush-Auxiliary Shaft, Manifold Clamp-Oxygen Sensor Harness P Connector-Intake Manifold Water Select vehicle options to narrow down result.

Connector-Intake Manifold Water E Connector-Intake Manifold Water Connector-Vacuum Select vehicle options to narrow down result. Connector-Vacuum Fitting Vehicle Options: L28E. Cover-Manifold W Gasket-Intake Manifold Select vehicle options to narrow down result. Gasket-Intake Manifold N Gasket-Intake Manifold P Heat Shield Plate-Carburetor S Heat Shield Plate-Sub Select vehicle options to narrow down result. Heat Shield Plate-Sub PBrand: vendor-unknown. Part : Availability: Out of stock. The latest technology fuel injection control that bolts right up to your Z non turbo.

This system is designed for the daily driver that is tired of their fuel injection not working as it should and just want to enjoy driving their car. Simple to use and eliminates all stock sensors and replaces them with easy to find modern sensors.

This kit is designed to be used with your stock fuel injectors and replace all of the components that run the injectors. Simply input the engine data on the handheld touch screen and the ECU does the tuning. Typically within 50 miles of driving the engine is fully tuned.

This sytem is also capable of being run with larger cams, larger injectors, headers or any engine mods, will support up to HP.

Installation time is about two hours. This is a fuel management system only, the stock ignition system will not be effected. If your car is not equipped with an oxygen sensor the kit includes a weld in bung which will need to be installed in the exhaust system. This system is not for turbo cars. Brand: vendor-unknown Part : Availability: Out of stock. Related Products Viewed Products. Your Account. Your Dashboard Your Orders.

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Not Forgotten. Description: There are no better 4-barrel manifolds made than these by Clifford, the leader in the industry. They know what they're doing! Here is why Clifford manifolds are better than the imitators: The Clifford manifold has a wide, properly placed hot water jacket to atomize the fuel immediately upon exiting the carburetor, before moving through the runners.

Without this and sufficiently sized hot water connectionsyour cylinders will receive an uneven amount of fuel The Clifford manifold has an open plenum. That means there are adapters available for more than just a Holley 4 Barrel carburetor. See in Related Items below for Motorsport Auto's exclusive custom cable assembly, which will attach to your original Z throttle pedal without modification!

For Use With Our Headers: If you are going to run this Clifford manifold with one of our headers, there will be a small area of interfere between them. Slight modification grinding is required to the mounting flange to allow proper clearance. The small amount removed will have no adverse effects on the install, the manifold, or the header.

Related Item s. All rights reserved on all content. Images used may not exactly match your specific application. Prices are subject to change. More information. Nissan, Datsun, and all other manufacturer names mentioned throughout this website are registered trademarks of their respective companies, and are used solely for descriptive purposes.By Neveragain55July 21, in Fuel Delivery.

This is my intake manifold write up gang. This is merely meant to show a pictorial progression of how a stock manifold was transformed into a smooth butterfly minus all the emissions crap. These next two pictures were taken after the EGR was hacked off.

I cut out just what I needed from the sheet and then folded up all four of the corners and stuck it into the square hole you see.

280zx turbo intake manifold

This area was also filled in with that same product, and it sealed it beautifully. This picture was taken after the AAC was hacked off and all the surrounding area was sanded down smooth.

This picture was taken after steel bolts were screwed into vacuum holes, hacked off, and ground to just below the surface. If you look closely, you can see the outline of the bolts. That dremel you see laying in front of the manifold was the primary tool used to do almost all of the work. Here you can start to see the end vision taking shape. The only thing left that had to be hacked off at this point was the large threaded hole where the ERV resided.

A close up view of the bolts ground down. I gave up on filling in the holes with brass plugs after looking all over the world seriously.

I had the threaded end after it was cut welded on the bottom. I screwed it back into the hole it came out of, and cut off the raised surface area flush with the surface.

280zx turbo intake manifold

Here is another view of the weld material from the other side. Lab Metal to cover everything else. These pictures were taken after the plug was cut down. It sealed very well and I was really happy with the way it came out. These next few pictures are of the intake manifold covered in High Temp. These are pictures of the intake after the Lab Metal was baked and then sanded down.

Once they were in place I applied the Lab Metal. The aluminum pieces prevented the Lab Metal from just pouring into the intake.

This is the finished product minus the Pallnet fuel rail and injectors which are coming in the very near future. The intake manifold looks amazing, what type of wrinkle paint did you use on the manifold if you don't mind me asking. I plan on wrinkle painting my intake manifold too, but I'm worried that the paint isn't going to hold up to the amount of heat.

This is exactly what I used Looks familiar Glad you got it finished, I've been patiently waiting to see your finished product.

Now to see how it holds up longterm Your intake looks great from what I can see and you can always smooth her out in the future if you want, maybe during your next overhaul or major tune up.Exhaust Home Exhaust. Shop By Category. Front Brakes. Rear Brakes. Master Cylinder.

280zx turbo intake manifold

Wheel Related. Drive Shaft. Ignition Switch. LS V8 Swap. Sending Units. Engine Rebuild. Cylinder Head. Sheet Metal. Rubber Grommets. Fuel Injection. Fuel Tank. Fuel Sending Units. Fuel Pump. Stainless Fuel Lines.

Dashboard Parts. Floor Mats. Carpet Sets. Pedal Pads. Door Parts. Interior Panels. Body Kits. Front Suspension. Rear Suspension. Bushing Kits. Model s. Datsun Z Z Z. This EGR plate will fit Datsun Stainless steel exhaust manifold stud kit for L series enginesin 8mm.

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