4th gen 4runner leveling kit before and after

Last Updated on April 6, If you want to level your 4Runner without spending an arm and a leg, consider a leveling kit. Before looking into a leveling kit, it is a good idea to understand to types of leveling kit options out there, how much they cost and then weigh the pros and cons of a leveling kit vs.

This is standard on most spacer kits for the 5th Gen. Some leveling kits come with a diff drop. Once you get to 3. This is just like strut extensions, except the spacer in the rear is placed on top of your spring. On top of your rear spring, you have a spring seat. Most coil spring spacers will sit directly on top of this coil spring seat. The benefit of a rear coil spacer is that you can keep the OEM quality ride while giving the 4Runner a better overall stance and slight clearance when needed.

This is what most spacer kit suppliers say, but that is heavily debated. We wanted a lift without spending a bunch of money on coilovers, UCAs, and springs.

This kit was the best option because it came with everything packed in one box ; front and rear spacers as well as the differential drop. We explored many other options in the suspension department and leveling kits.

We wanted to spend money on a suspension system, just because. These systems are all rather pricey. With this kit, it will work for you as advertised and the install is fairly simple. This is one of the largest leveling kits out there for the 4Runner. Any larger than this and you should consider a suspension system. This is the combination that the dealership uses to level out 4Runners on the lot.

This is the leveling kit that we came how with from the lot off the showroom floor. If you want to go with something comfortable, affordable and easy to install, these spacers are a good option.

With all of the leveling kits out there being so similar, it may be hard to choose one. Just use your best judgment and buy a leveling kit that makes sense for your daily driving and Off-Road needs. In the 5th gen world, it is important to understand that everyone has a different application so take everything you read, see or hear with a grain of salt. Each of these is going to feel different with a spacer kit.

ICON Stage 5 Install on 05 Toyota 4Runner

On the stock SR5, you may feel body roll, nose dive, slight steering wheel shake when braking, and bad cornering again, body roll. This is all normal with the 4Runner.Remember Me? Site Navigation. Just got my 4runner, Looking to start off by getting a lift, wanted to know what lifts yall would suggest. Originally Posted by tyreen. Use that to figure out which type of lift best suits your needs. Once you've done that, post more details about your intended use and we can help narrow down the options.

My two cents. Spend the money on good shocks Bilsteins and adjustable Coilovers ToyTec. The first ones are pre-built, the second ones require your stock setup to be dissembled and reassembled reusing the top mounts. Both are awesome. Originally Posted by Gerdo. Don't let the trolls tell you that you need a super pricey kit. A lift kit is all about what you'll be using your vehicle for. You can tell yourself that you NEED a long travel kit for the mall, but if you know you won't really use it off road there are plenty if in between on this forum.

The best place to look is the picture threads. Find a truck you like and copy. That way there's no guess work. You know what size tire will clear, how much trimming, and most of these guys if you ask will be happy to tell you cost info.

Edit- I like OME. For a weekender on a budget me and my wife fj have been extremely happy with the kits.Last Updated on April 20, This Pro Comp level kit is one of the largest leveling kits that you can get.

Any larger, you would want to upgrade your suspension. For now, we are running with a simple leveling kit on our SR5 mostly roaming around town.

This kit will live on this 4Runner for quite a while. Big Thanks to Jimmy at SnailTrail4x4. Good times, good laughs and a whole lotta fun. This is an optional step, but it helps to determine if you executed the spacer kit install correctly. Measure the height from your hub to the body on the front and rear. Note these numbers as you will measure again after the lift is complete. Make sure that your numbers match up with your leveling kits numbers.

This should be an obvious one but we will throw it in. Crack your lug nuts before lifting your 4Runner. If you fail to do so, your wheel will spin when you try to remove the wheel. After you crack your lug nuts, lift your 4Runner with a Jack and then place Jack Stands under your frame. You will want a decent amount of room to work with underneath so try to get your jack stands as high as possible.

You want to loosen most bolts on your front strut assembly for this leveling kit install. We started with the top and worked our way down.

Toytec Level Kit 5th Gen 4Runner

Start with the top of the front strut bolts by loosening them. Removing skid plate requires the removal of 6 bolts. There are 2 10mm bolts, 4 12mm bolts, and one plastic cap. Unscrew these bolts and remove the skid plate. There are two tabs on the skid plate that lock into the frame. This will take some skill maneuvering through this but if you have two people, it should go quicker. Place your skid plate to the side.Remember Me? Site Navigation. With my GYSA s, the "squashed front" look is much more pronounced.

I was thinking more of a leveling kit that puts a 1" spacer in the front. I really can't do any more than that or anything in the back otherwise I cannot get int the garage with a kayak or a ski box on the roof.

Leveling Kits & Spacer Kits

Will that 1" spacer do the trick? How will this affect ride comfort? Does it reduce travel? Top end vs preload spacer? On road handling? Off road visibility? How much will it cost or can I do it myself?

Any recommendations on which one to get? Last edited by Summit; at PM. When buying spacers understand a 1" thick spacer will yield about 2" of lift. Most people who leave the back end stock like " of net lift. It depends if you load the back a lot, like a little rake etc. Drive quality is basically unaffected. Perhaps a tiny bit more tippy in turns due the higher CG. Most prefer how it drives with a small spacer lift. In theory a preload will ride a hair stiffer.

In the " net lift range you'd be hard pressed to notice IMHO. A top spacer will increase the travel by allowing the wheel to drop a bit more. Some will argue this stresses ball joints and other components. My guess is a top spacer that yields 1. Brands: Cornfed and Daystar are very popular as is the Toytec. For a good how-to look at J. Oh yeh, here's the 3rd cent, get some FJC springs.

Even if you are super-sensitive, you will not notice any difference in ride or handling with such a small lift. I have the same lift on my 4Runner and it seems to behave exact like it did before installing the spacer.

You can do the job yourself if you have some basic mechanical aptitude and the right tools. I actually did mine alone in a few hours, which was pretty good since I didn't have an extra pair of hands to help me out at the time. Daystar doesn't make them. This is a top out spacer right? Find More Posts by lbrunner. ToyTec Lifts. If you are just looking for a small lift for the front I would go with the Daystar Budget 1" lift.Last Updated on April 5, The 4Runner on the right has a Toytec 2.

The SR5 on the left is stock for now but awaiting its Pro Comp leveling kit to be installed here in the next couple weeks. Remember, 1. If you are looking for a front leveling kit only, you would want a 1. We also put together a good overview on leveling kits so if you want to read about the different types of kits and other options, check that article out.

Also, I think Toytec discontinued their leveling kit because all of their links stopped working and it kept saying out of stock. The Revtek is a very comparable option. Check out the front option only, below. We decided to purchase the Icon stage 2 over the Icon stage 1 because of the extended travel coilovers. If you have not seen that suspension, you should check it out.

5th Gen 4Runner Lift Kits & Leveling Kits

This is not going to help the body roll, nose dive or cornering but at least its a mod. For the sake of the blog we wanted to do a step by step install on the leveling kit.

It is a very simple level kit and a simple install process. We do not have the step by step install on this kit but we should have another one coming up soon so stay tuned.

We will keep you informed on other level kit installs. The latest in new 4Runner parts, products and gear. You also get a leg up on vendor specials, free gear, giveaway notifications, and more.

Our newsletter is pretty much the best thing you'll ever read! I just bought a SR5 4runner and am completely new to all of the different mods that I can do to them.

Love the website by the way, it really gives me a lot of ideas. My first question is, i want to get a leveling kit for the front. Mainly to make it look more aggressive and get rid of the rake. It is all personal preference so a leveling kit in the front only would look nice if you want to burn through your factory tires before you upgrade. There is nothing wrong with that. But, if you go 3.

4Runner Spacer Leveling Kit Install

How would the wheels and tires look on their with just the 2. Thanks in advance for your help!

4th gen 4runner leveling kit before and after

What size tire can I run on a trail 4 runner with the stock wheels? I wanted to get a front and rear one but reading this made me wonder if just the front one would do the work and still look good.

Thanks and great work on the website, love it. I was Thanks, Brenan. Spacers should help, yeah. It is hard to make any guarantees as every situation is so different. I would say you should be good with this setup as the stock tires should be Remember Me?

4th gen 4runner leveling kit before and after

Site Navigation. Despite lots of searching, I haven't found any meaningful discussions on the impact of having a 3rd row when choosing a leveling kit. I'm trying to decide between a 2. Should I factor in my 3rd row about lbs. Would not be cool to end up with reverse rake after all that money. Thanks in advance!

Member's Picture Albums. Originally Posted by Rogue-Runner. Originally Posted by Rack.

4th gen 4runner leveling kit before and after

I also have a spare under. Truck seems level. Originally Posted by daytonaviolet. You fit RGs on there too? That answers another question I've been researching on here. Granted, I'd still need to account for my SR5 suspension. You've got my dream setup though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

Definitely 2. If I were to do spacers again, I would actually get 2. Attached Images. Originally Posted by BIGpharma. Jason B. Find More Posts by Jason B. BB code is On.Last Updated on March 23, Below is a compiled list of links to other lift kit pages on the site. This is not everything but we do try to update it often.

If you see a link on the site that needs to be updated here, let us know. When it comes to a 4Runner, it only looks right with a lift or leveling kit. There are a few different options available. Deciding on a suspension or leveling kit is a big decision because there are so many options. In the details below, we only cover the top or most popular options.

This is not every option out there. If you know of a kit that needs to be mentioned below, please comment and let us know. One of the most important factors when lifting is wheels and tires. So, please read those posts before asking that question, please. If you add a leveling kit or lift kit with stock wheels and tires, your set-up might not look balanced. With a 1.

If you go any higher in the front, for example, a 3. Depending on the kit, your wheels and tires may look pretty small with the added height, so this is something to consider.

The next level would be a little more involved. Body lifts are a touchy subject among many people in every automotive circle. Enter into a body lift at your own risk. A really good option out there would be to upgrade your suspension. The next option is going to be your leveling kit. You really just want to level the front.

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