A programme for the new network industries

An award-winning team of journalists, designers, and videographers who tell brand stories through Fast Company's distinctive lens. The future of innovation and technology in government for the greater good. Leaders who are shaping the future of business in creative ways. New workplaces, new food sources, new medicine--even an entirely new economic system. Not only has my professional network helped me to build my current business; keeping in touch and maintaining contacts has become my business.

The key to succeeding at these events is your mindset. Is this relevant to your business? Do you want a new job? A strategic partner? An investor? Define your value : Key to networking is reciprocity, and knowing what you can offer potential connections from the get-go sets you up for success.

Take your time and pay attention : Networking is not a relay race; each person you meet deserves the entirety of your attention. Engaging someone beyond talk of children, sports, and weather can be difficult but, since you did your homework, know your value, etc. Impressions are key at this stage in your relationship, and this always makes a good one. And we expect you to do the same.

People forget, so be sure that you reach out quickly after an event via email and LinkedIn referencing the specifics of your conversation and that you maintain an, at least, twice-yearly schedule of chatting, sharing value, and exchanging favors.

And remember: networking is a journey, a marathon, an investment. No matter how things seem initially, everyone you connect with has something to offer, and can help you in some way at some point in your career just as you can for them. Keep this in mind as you nurture these relationships over the years and, guaranteed, opportunities will start to present themselves.

a programme for the new network industries

Deloitte Honeywell Lenovo. Events Most Innovative Companies Summit. Follow us:. By Manoj Ramnani 4 minute Read. Here are some small steps to ensure you are making the most of a networking event:. During the Event Take your time and pay attention : Networking is not a relay race; each person you meet deserves the entirety of your attention.

Design Co. Design L. This park is helping recapture it Co. Work Life Work Life Quitting can be a good thing.Digitalisation is transforming network industries. The new data layer on top of infrastructures and transport services improves efficiency in the management of traditional networks. However, traditional network managers can be disrupted as their infrastructures and services become intermediated by digital platforms in situation to create more powerful network effects by coordinating previously fragmented or isolated infrastructures and services indirect and data network effects.

As a matter of fact, digital platforms present the transformative characteristics of network industries: network effects, efficiency, scale, concentration, market power, etc. You will find…. In this special issue we explore the links between infrastructure sectors, especially in terms of regulating interfaces between the different sectors….

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Join for free.Danish energy companies and regions from western Denmark are teaming up in supporting a new, national cluster organization for innovation in the energy production sector; Energy Innovation Cluster. Seven major energy companies; the three western Denmark Regions; two trade and network organizations and Offshoreenergy. The new cluster will benefit the future participants in the Offshore Industry elite accelerator program. Energy Innovation Cluster will build on the work from current Offshoreenergy.

Energy Innovation Cluster will concentrate on innovative energy technologies and integration of energy in the power grid. The new cluster organizations backers have applied the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science for governmental funding for innovative activities in the period of Energy Innovation Cluster continues the work and organization of Offshoreenergy. Future innovation activities will be coordinated and prioritized closely with the trade and network organizations The Danish Wind Industry Association and Oil Gas Denmark; both organizations joining the strategic development of innovation activities in the innovation cluster.

a programme for the new network industries

Anders Eldrup, Chairman of Offshoreenergy. I am happy to see all important stakeholders fully focused on backing one, strong cluster organization. The goal for Energy Innovation Cluster is to secure world class innovation — a most important need for Danish competition in the global marked. We have to consolidate the industry and the organizations in the supply chain in fewer, stronger organizations.

Energy Innovation Cluster will also work for a stronger oil and gas industry. Troels Albrechtsen, chairman for Oil Gas Danmark, is looking forward to the new cluster organization. Energy Innovation Cluster is expected to be established from January 1. For further information: Press contact Sune Falther, Offshoreenergy. New innovation network for energy production June 28th, Hello Tomorrow partnership ».Please use our online services for submissions until further notice.

Infocomm and media are coming together. Join us as we create a vibrant, exciting sector full of opportunities. We want to develop a vibrant industry where talents and innovation come together.

The aim: Create new businesses and transform existing ones. Understanding and engaging our community, preparing all to be digitally ready is a crucial part of what we do. Globally acknowledged to be the next big leap in mobile and wireless communications, 5G technology is widely touted to enable the development of new business models and advanced applications, fostering business innovation and spurring economic growth. Communities, businesses and industries are expected to benefit from the transformative impact that 5G enables.

Click here 1. IMDA is facilitating the deployment of the commercial network through the 5G spectrum allocation and regulatory framework, a 5G public consultation was launched on 7 May IMDA is focusing efforts to drive industry technical trials to demonstrate the transformative impact of 5G for enterprises, and support the innovation and research ecosystem for 5G technologies and applications.

Working closely with sector leads, telecommunications operators and technology companies IMDA will offer funding support, 5G trial licences and technical inputs to facilitate the development of innovative 5G applications and services in the above six clusters. Companies who are planning to deepen the skills of their employees in 5G and related skills may partner with IMDA on TeSA programmes such as the Company-Led Training CLT programme which is a structured development programme to enable fresh and mid-level professionals to acquire tech skills and competencies for jobs in demand.

IMDA, in partnership with Institutes of Higher Learning, technology companies and other government agencies, will develop a series of open testbeds for both government and industry use. These testbeds will help to foster collaboration and capability development for 5G applications and services, helping accelerate the growth of the ecosystem. IMDA will like to invite participants to propose the required infrastructure and equipment to meet the key objectives required for the 5G Testbeds.

Please write in to 5GSG imda. More research funding to support other areas of 5G research, such as in communications networks, will be announced at a later date.

The objective of the 5G Grant is to work with key industry partners in the above clusters to catalyse the development of 5G through. A programme to encourage corporates from private, people and public sector to amplify digital readiness efforts by helping Singaporeans become digitally ready.

SMEs will be able to access i digitalisation resources via a one-stop self-help web application and ii a shared pool of skilled and experienced Chief Technology Officers CTOs if they need more in-depth digital advisory.

To offer you a better experience, this site uses cookies. Read more about cookies in our Privacy Statement. A Singapore Government Agency Website. Close notification. Who We Are Infocomm and media are coming together. Be part of our team to make Singapore a leading digital economy in the world.

Services 4.This post is a foundational overview of characteristics of network industries. Much of the terminology will deserve deeper discussion, but we have to start somewhere.

The main characteristics of these markets which distinguish them from the market for grain, dairy products, apples, and treasury bonds are:. Shy in explaining each of these characteristics. For a more detailed explanation, read here. Computers are not useful without having monitors attached, or without having software installed…. Complementarity means that consumers in these markets are shopping for systems e.

On the technical side, the next question to ask would be how complements are produced. In order to produce complementary products they must be compatible. Trains must fit on the tracks, and software must be workable with a given operating system…. This means that complementary products must operate on the same standard.

This creates the problem of coordination as how firms agree on the same standard. To date, we have little complementarity, compatibility and standards in health IT. BUT, physicians and patients value complementarity, compatibility and standards — and a primary thrust of the HITECH Act legislation is to bring these characteristics to healthcare. Physicians are looking for EHR systems ; an EHR is an interconnected bundle of components such as a data repository, decision support capabilities, order entry, results management, etc.

PHRSs have already been moving toward complementarity, compatibility and standards. While most PHRs were initially tethered to an employer, health plan, hospital, etc. Google and Microsoft have set the defacto industry standard by offering open, interoperable PHR platforms…and when you add applications from partners — you get a full blown PHRS. The reader should ask herself the following question: would I subscribe to telephone service knowing that nobody else subscribes to a telephone service?

Answer should be: of course not! A good example of this behavior is the fax machine, which has been used since the s by flight service stations to transmit weather maps every hour on the hour this transmission of single page took about one hour at that time. However, fax machines remained a niche product until the mids.

What’s a Network Industry? Is Healthcare One?

One fax machine is useless; two connects you and a friend; a broad network of fax machines connects you to the world. More and more value is created for you as more and more people own fax machines. At some point the market reaches a critical mass tipping point. As shown in the diagram below, a network effect in a market results in the size of the network growing rapidly when critical mass is reached.

Publication of A New Working Paper- A Programme for the New Network Industries

The potential for network effects in healthcare and care management is huge. Physicians would value other physicians and patients being on the same network so that they could share data and coordinate patient care.I barely need to think abou.

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a programme for the new network industries

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Read more Photo credit:Wytse Kloosterman 8. Take a magical stroll by the Landwehrkanal The area surrounding this 10-kilometre-long canal is incredibly scenic and perfect for a quiet walk.

Read more Photo credit: V 9. Find out more about the Nazi regime at the Topography of Terror The Topography of Terror is a free museum that documents the police and state terrors that took place during the Nazi regime in Germany. Read more Photo credit: MrT HK 10. See an abandoned amusement park at Spreepark Berlin From 1969 to 2001 the grounds of Spreepark operated as an amusement park, but due to rising prices and a lack of parking spaces, visitor numbers dropped drastically and the owners became insolvent.

Read more Photo credit: Internauten Basis Hungry for more insider tips.

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