Apex legends autoexec

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apex legends autoexec

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As of patch 1. As a result, this config currently won't achieve much anymore. While it is a known issuethe first patch following this only reenabled three commands. If more commands are reenabled that affect FPS, this config will be updated accordingly. If you want to buy me a cup of coffee, I would greatly appreciate it! Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Sign up. A formerly modular Apex Legends config set up. Intended to improve the experience and FPS. Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up.

Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. NotTsunami Small comment update. Latest commit 22b4b21 Dec 24, Drop autoexec. Donations If you want to buy me a cup of coffee, I would greatly appreciate it! Join us on Discord. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session.

You signed out in another tab or window. Quality of life updates. Aug 11, Small comment update. Dec 24, First of all you need to have started your game, then put everything to low. Disable anything that can be disabled and put the rest to low, set target framerate as 60 if your FPS is terrible, if its OK but you just want higher, set the max to whatever u want. If you set it too high, your pc will run hot. Now save and close, then right click videoconfig.

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HOW TO: Make Apex Legends Run Smoother With Launch Options and Autoexec.cfg

We got you covered. First of all, make sure your graphic card drivers are up to date. Be sure to set the lowest resolution because it helps a lot. Create autoexec. Then replace everything in videoconfig. Unless you want to push your FPS even higher? If so, take a look below! How many FPS did you gain?

Got some other great tweaks?

Apex Legends FPS stuff and such.

Share your results below! Want to play with a friend whos got a potato PC? Share this guide! This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Privacy Overview. Necessary Always Enabled.We will go through how to optimize your settingsfor Apex Legends, in order to bring your A-game.

If you would like to dive straight in, head on down to step 1. There, we are encouraged to play within the Battle Royale game mode, whilst enjoying a first-person shooter perspective.

Therefore we will try to cover as much information for each platform to truly optimize your settings in Apex Legends. Already guessed it? Well, Apex is a battle-royale game, and yes, we already said that.

The whole point is to survive as long as you can. With this many players in the same place, things can get hectic and your fps might take a hit. Which is one of the reasons we made this guide for you. Nevertheless, each team's composition consists of three individuals.

The BEST Settings for Apex Legends (Season 4)

Before you even start the match, Apex lets you choose between eight characters which each has different skillsets and ultimates. This game has really cool graphics but to get the full experience you'll need to optimize your settings in Apex Legends as good as possible. By now, there is a lot of information going around, but the easiest way to find out how Apex works is by just playing it!

Yes, exactly. The same one that Valve uses for pretty much everything they make has now returned -- but wait! A modified version of the source engine has now arisen, and Apex has it. Even though it seems like the game itself runs pretty smooth, there are always things to enhance.

Shall we go through all the things needed to make the experience even better? As simple as they may seem, this game does require newer computer specs.

apex legends autoexec

This is where it gets kind of rough. In order to have a comfortable gaming experience on Apexwe'd recommend the following:. It will scan your pc and tell you if you can run the game or not! There are many reasons that your game may appear to be performing poorly.

First things first, get your drivers together.Apex Legends has been released just one month ago and it is one of the most played video games at the moment. Apex Legends is built on a Source engine, so the game is very optimized. However, like all the shooter video games, Apex is not only about skills and reflexes, but on how well the game runs for you. Firstly, you need to meet the minimum system requirements in order to play Apex Legends.

However, in order to have a smooth experience in Apex Legends, you need to meet the recommended system requirements. Here are the minimum and recommended system requirements, and as long as your specs are somewhere in this range, you should be good to go.

After that, you need to navigate through the settings tabs and look for the video tab. Here are the video settings we used for the best performance in Apex Legends:. Set Display Mode to Full Screen. Set V-Sync to Disabled. Set Texture Filtering to Anisotropic 4X. Set Ambient Occlusion Quality to Low. This setting has a very high impact on performance. Set Sun Shadow Coverage to Low. Set Sun Shadow Detail to Low.

Set Spot Shadow Detail to Low. Set Volumetric Lighting to Disabled. Set Dynamic Spot Shadows to Disabled. Set Model Detail to Medium. Set Effects Detail to Medium. Set Impact Marks to Low. Set Ragdolls to Medium. Then, you need to create autoexec. Microsoft Cert Exam Microsoft Cert Exam The other four major bandits are old earthworms, earthworms, pure earthworms, and earthworms.

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Betting real money hides risk of losing your budget.I see people using autoexec file to remove all kinds of stuff in game Go to Solution. May - last edited May.

Source: EA User Agreement. Found a cool post? Was it the solution to the question? View in thread. There's a bunch of programs, doing a bunch of stuff, and so if you set anticheat parameters too high you'll have all kinds players getting banned for nothing at all.

I'd suggest finding a way for the servers to perform file checks on a connected clients game files but the servers are clearly overburdened enough. The should be doing file checks. The only PC game I play does this. Any changes to files that should be static causes th game to abort with a warning and the server is notified.

To many attempts at modifying files and you get banned. Granted, this is a subscription game so it costs money tpo play every month. Gross oversight on Respawns part not ot have somethng in place at launch.

Not they are stuck playing catch up to the hackers. Not an easy task. This widget could not be displayed. Help us improve Answers HQ! Take Survey No, Thanks.In this article, we are going to explain how you can tweak your graphics settings in Apex Legends to get more FPS. There are three places in Apex Legends where you can customize your settings: launch options in Origin, your autoexec.

We will guide you through them one by one. Autoexec is the additional file that can force some settings not available from the game. You can plug it in the Launch Options see above. Then you can open it with a Notepad and add any commands you want. Many sources on the Internet recommend adding video settings there. Below I will explain how to do it.

To edit the settings, find that and open it with a Notepad. Before you start editing, you need to find out whether your CPU or Graphics Card is a bottleneck in your system or are they equal. If you are not sure, try searching rating for CPU and the Graphics Card and find out which one evaluates higher.

If you are still not sure which one is weaker, you can set everything to the lowest possible settings and then see how does change of the different settings affect FPS. Commands for Videoconfig. But you will need to do more testing to adapt it for your particular system.

That is a powerful feature Apex Legends introduced. What it does is changing your resolution to get the target FPS value. But if not, it can help. So what will be happening, the game will switch to rendering a lower resolution and then tight it to the actual resolution of your monitor.

So, you will see a blurred picture, but it will be smoother because of the higher FPS count. I will just see a blurred picture with the same FPS count, which, obviously, makes zero sense.

There are researches on the Internet that show that Nvidia graphics cards give significantly higher delay under a full load. However, funny thing is that those limiters add a delay too because they pre-render frames before sending them on a monitor. Still, the best limiters, such as in-game options or Riva Statistic Server, have less delay than an overloaded card itself.

On the other side, having the same or fewer FPS than your monitor frequency is crucial not to have picture tearing. You also have to have it if you use G-Sync, G-sync compatible, or Freesync.

However, I must say that I have never seen tearing on my Hz gaming monitor. Then, there is one more interesting thing with Apex Legends.

apex legends autoexec

Players with strong computers report that when they have more than FPS, they see the other players freezing severely, making them impossible to hit. It seems that the game has some built-in limitations in its engine.Those are meant for the Origin Apex Legends launch options.

Thanks for your question! Actually he technically has. No pro players will ever touch windows mouse settings. Back in the time people learned to play by themselves, not by watching other Guys. I never watch streams, cause its Just boring for me, but i can say you there are better people than shroud or whatever their names are. To use Options they use in their Game, is dumb cause you learn other peoples Options to play with.

You need your own. And honestly, i play Games for fun, when i see this Options with everything turned off, its just… Meh. You are absolutely right, but you know what I just discovered thanks to this, that Im a wrist player, this sens is just perfect for me, I was using dpi with 3. Finally a good sens to work on. If you want to be the best, you learn from the best.

This has always been true even for video games. People generally use game settings of other players as a starting point and tinker with it to make it your own. Could you link a clip? The last time his mousepad was visible he was still using the Logitech G How can we have lower details like those players, even if we drop all the video settings to low, the details are pretty big, but they play with verry low details.

Do you have any evidence of him using the Logitech G mouse recently? Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Subscribe Now. Trending News. Apex Legends. BRSettings 69 1 min read. Twitter Youtube Twitch. Fun Facts:. He has a history in playing games such as CS:GO.

His following on Twitch. DPI Dizzy Apex Legends Video Settings. BenQ XL Check Price.

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