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Android Auto coming to Audi dashboards, no phone required

Cookies Snack. Mirror Link your phone onto your MMI???? Right folks im interested in doing this mirror link thing thats been done loads over on Audizine, the thread starter is below, but with it been an American site i was wondering if anybody in the uk has done it? If yes did you use a similar setup to whats listed below? Im on Android Galaxy S7, so just need slightly different wiring to make it work.

Heres the tread and whats needed I installed this on my B8. I wrote this for mirroring my iPhone 6S, but it will work with any phone that has a video out adapter. Car: B8. Praise Jebus for Waze. What it will do: Mirror your phone screen to the MMI screen.

This kit ports the video AND sound to your car, so for music you have to also run music off your phone. Which is fine by me since I usually stream internet radio in the car recommend Radioparadise. With both of those, the phone will charge while you mirror the screen. Plug the Apple Lightning-to-HDMI adapter into your iPhone, or what I did was install a Lightning extension cable, so you can then run the extension cable behind the glove box and down into the center console.

I have my cable coming up into my ashtray so I can leave my phone there to charge while I use the adapters. Once you have it all plugged in and powered, go into the Settings menu while in Mediaand scroll down for the options to switch the input to NTSC vs.

PAL and aspect ratio. In my experience, the phone mirror function would not work when I used PAL and the screen would be compressed if you chose ratio. Here are the wires installed in the glove box: If successful, you should now see this new menu option in the Media Source menu: Here is the phone mirroring Waze: Here is the phone mirroring the web: You can still make and receive calls as if the phone was directly connected to the MMI via the AMI Phone cable or as if the phone was connected via Bluetooth: One part of the install you can't see here is the iPhone cable I have running up through the roof of the glove box, under the center console and into the ashtray.

Next step is for me to install a power source in the glove box so I do not have to run the 2 charging cables and dual power outlet into the ashtray power outlet. I'll get to that in the near future. Additional notes: - This setup requires that both sound and video be utilized from your phone, which means that you can't listen to XM while mirroring your phone. For me, I run Waze while also streaming music off my iPhone at the same time.

Just bumping this up I've also read that you can do this wireless using a wifi hub in your car???? I only get a black screen with no video or audio. Nathan WolfeMar 2, I gave up to it as I couldnt get it to work.

And you never got it to work? Hopefully you find this helpful. I will just post the pictures up. Pretty straightforward. Buy screenbeam mini 2.Of all the car brands out there, Audi is known for offering one of the most expansive and integrated information and entertainment systems you'll find in a car. Audi MMI - short for "multimedia interface" - is a general term that's used around a range of Audi technologies related to the in-car information and entertainment system.

At its core, MMI is the user interface and the controller that works with it. Where this was once a dial and a display, there are also touchpads, touch-enabled dials, buttons, voice and steering wheel controls, all feeding into the same system. The car model you choose changes the MMI experience you'll get, but the experiences are broadly aligned across cars. The position of the screens is different, there are different levels of features available in packages and individual upgrades, but much is presented and operated in the same way, from the A1 right up to the R8.

There are essentially four different types of driver display available. There are the analogue dials with a small digital window in the centre, there are analogue dials with a much larger central display, a digital display showing those dials on the new Audi A1 and then the full Virtual Cockpit.

The digital parts of Audi's driver display is divided into four sections: car information, music, phone and navigation. So whether that's the 3. Audi's Virtual Cockpit is a fully-digital driver display. The We love Virtual Cockpit, because it brings a lot of flexibility and it's one of the most techy interfaces you'll find on any car.

The display as standard will show you speed and RPM dials, but you can change the size of these dials with a press of a steering wheel button marked "view"making them smaller and letting more of your other information get displayed. The Audi R8 also has a performance mode with a central rev counter, flanked with other customisable details, like torque and power meters.

The big thing here, in reality, is navigation. You can have full navigation mapping spread right across Virtual Cockpit for a wider view than you'll get on a standard central display - it's also closer to your eye line, so very easy to follow.

Audi offers a range of central display options and almost all are mounted toward the top of the dashboard. Such screens, as shown above, don't offer a touch interface, instead using the centre tunnel-mounted MMI controller and various buttons to navigate the user interface.

At a basic level it uses a radial design, letting you use the navigation wheel to rotate around the icons and make your selection, be that to change the media source, setup a new Bluetooth connection, alter the interior lighting or turn up the bass. But Audi is in the process of change, with a fully integrated MMI Touch system now available at the top-end of its ranges, which has almost "invisible" screens, finished in piano black, which only illuminate with their touch-based icons after turning the engine on.

There's no physical controller to the centre tunnel, instead you'll tap the controls you wish to adjust, with haptic feedback provided to confirm and help you not take your eyes off the road for too long. The systems offers a degree of customisation, letting you add some shortcuts to the bottom display.

This might be an address of your favourite radio stations, ideal for one touch access. This is really easy to do and gives you a method of making the system your own.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Audi Configurator CA. The Audi Configurator App lets you design your very own Audi. Audi Konfigurator Deutschland. The official vehicle of Audi configurator. Audi Configurator IT. Set up your Audi with the Audi Configured app. Audi Configurator. Configure your personal new cars with the Audi Configurator App.

audi mmi android

Audi HR. Audi A3 e-tron connect. Audi connect services specially developed for the e-tron.

Install Apple CarPlay/Android Auto To MMI 3G Plus

Audi Configurator application, you can create your own Audi. Get your Audi. About 50, young Audi used at a click - the Audi Get your app! Correction of errors and adaptation to legal requirements. Audi Events. Audi Events — live and digitally. Audi Configurator JP. Configure your personal Audi with the Audi configurator app. Audi Configurateur.

audi mmi android

Configure the Audi of your choice through the application "Audi Configurator". Universal Traffic Recorder. Head-up Display. This app is an extension for the Audi Entertainment mobile. Audi Configurador. With this application you can configure your Audi. Audi Configurator Norway.We recommend using latest version firmware audi mmi firmware update device.

audi mmi android

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LINK Customers can always be certain that gadgets capabilities can be increased by downloading and installing upgraded firmware, whereas in this article we will explain how to do it.Despite technology under the hood that is improving actual driving performance, the state of infotainment in the cabin is still in varying states of disarray.

Even a high-end brand like Audi has struggled to find a way to close the gap. But does it actually do that? I took it for a weeklong test drive to find out. What stays the same, regardless of the model, are the three distinct components that make up the whole system.

The Multimedia Interface MMI manages media, navigation and phone capabilities via a 7-inch display in the middle. The voice activation button on the steering wheel is a shortcut to both, though it offers no integration with Siri, Google Now or any other voice activation app.

Audi has always eschewed the use of a touchscreen, relying instead on a rotary dial in the centre console to navigate. The four surrounding buttons Nav, Tel, Media and Radio act as shortcuts to move quickly between them. The Touch Pad to the left is usable for handwriting letters, numbers and symbols with a finger to input a name or address. This is a proprietary plug Audi uses in lieu of a USB 3. That means the cables connecting to it are also proprietary, and they come separately sold.

Take that for what you will. Pairing a phone to the MMI system via Bluetooth is easy, where it also syncs over contacts. Up to eight phones can be paired with the system, but only one can be actively connected.

Both phone calls and music work flawlessly, with metadata showing up onscreen but no album artworkwith playback controlled from the steering wheel or rotary wheel.

audi mmi android

Only the music stored there is searchable by voice. Another oddity is that playlists will only appear onscreen when the phone is plugged into the AMI input, not when streaming via Bluetooth. I tried a makeshift workaround wherein I used the built-in MMI navigation map, muted its turn-by-turn directions and used the audio cues from Waze or TomTom for directions instead.

Smartphones and Audi’s MMI system

This odd hybrid worked better than I expected, though I found it to be a real microcosm for the disjointed MMI-smartphone integration. This is a problem of app integration, something Apple, Google and aftermarket manufacturers like Pioneer and Kenwood are all trying to solve.Thanks to FuChengWu on Youtubeshowed me how to do it with the hid-multitouch. You need the latest zbox.

Touchscreen for A8 D3 Installation. If you can find a thin screen, just mount it outside the original frame, if not, a thick one like mine, just let the MMI sit in the open position and disable the switch for the motor from opening and closing. It will have a little gap but with a nice black or carbon fiber tape, it will look nice. No more gearing problem, noise and stuff from the motor. You do need the touchscreen for CarPlay and Android Auto. This video shows how to remove the display screen very well.

Apple CarPlay is a great program for car iOS devices. If the App can access the iMessage data and work like the original Apple CarPlay, it may worth the money, but without the iMessage hand free feature, it defeats the purpose. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Search for:. Toggle navigation. VIM must be enabled to watch videos on the go. MMI software version must be at least This is the Android Box I used 3 — they work well.

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