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blog design

Are you designing a blog? Daniel Spatzek Newsblog. Carlos Molina. Industry West Magazine. The Dowse Art Museum. Taste of Sundays. Beyond Blog. The blog of Travis Ladue. Terra Nullius.

The Mixd Blog. Anchour Blog. Scottie and Russell. Mammoth Media Blog. Wray Ward Blog. InVision Blog. Good Morning. Urban Influence. Metaverse Blog. Made Publishers. Industry Standard. Minimal Monkey.

A Chronology. Grovemade Blog. The Airbnb Blog. Dribbble Blog. Eight Arms.Even the most unique blog designs usually follow, at least in part, some sort of predefined or established style. Whatever your personal style, there are design patterns out there that can be adapted to suit your own aesthetic ideal and the needs of your site. And often working within a predefined pattern can enhance your creativity by helping you focus. Figuring out how to make your own unique mark on a widely-recognized style can prove to be a creative challenge for nearly any designer.

Read on for inspiration and ideas for your next design projects. Hand drawn blogs are all over the place. Some of these designs are very doodle-esque, while others are more like fine art. The illustrations used can really reflect the style of the owners or writers. Minimalist designs can be some of the hardest to pull off well, despite their simplicity.

When less is more, every single element becomes vitally important.

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Some of the hallmarks of miminalist design are lots of white space or negative spacesimple typography and few images. Grid and magazine-type themes have also been around for a few years now. But they also leave plenty of room for creativity, as is illustrated in some of the designs below.

Collage styles are as varied as the blogs they style. Basically, these are designs that take a number of elements often photographs or realistic illustrations and combine them to form a background that might resemble a bulletin board or messy desk. Many blogs that focus mostly on text are using gallery layouts for their home pages, as a way to fit more information in a smaller space and leave things looking uniform and organized.

Of course, there are plenty of sites out there using gallery layouts for what they were originally intended: photos, illustrations, and design work. Excellent typography can really set a blog apart from its competitors. Not only is it more aesthetically pleasing, good typography also makes your blog easier to read. Unique combinations of textures and patterns can lead to a very creative and exceptionally beautiful theme.

There are thousands of textures available out there, many free for personal or commercial use, so this style is largely accessible to all sorts of designers. Bold illustrations and graphics can make a big impact on blog visitors.Marketing software to increase traffic and leads. Free and premium plans. Sales software for closing more deals, faster. Software for providing first-class customer service.

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You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. For more information, check out our privacy policy. Written by Lindsay Kolowich. According to a recent U. That's right -- bloggers are trusted more than celebrities, journalists, brands, and politicians. But how do you get people to fall in love with your blog in the first place? Aside from remarkable content, of course. Well, just as your website homepage is like the front door to your business, your blog's design -- much like a welcome mat -- is the front door to your business blog.

If you're not attracting people visually, how will you get them to take the next steps to actually read and, hopefully, subscribe to your content? Images, text, and links need to be shown off just right -- otherwise, readers might abandon your content, if it's not showcased in a way that's appealing, easy to follow, and generates more interest.In this age of internet, blogs are considered as one of the best ways to convey your ideas or share information on any topic with millions of people in an organized manner.

There are different types of blogs that we follow on the internet. However, blog designs are equally important like the general web designs. Your blogs also should have elements to attract visitors or else the very purpose of blogging goes ashtray. Being an owner of blogs, your first aim should be to get more and more viewers and readers who would read your blogs, understand them, make comments and want to revisit them again, asking other to do the same. It is obvious that to get regular visitors to your blogs you have to have great quality contents, but at the same time the design of the blog should be appealing to the readers.

blog design

Otherwise viewers may not show their initial interest in reading them. Once they start to developing a liking about your blog design they will feel the urge to read the content and if you are able to produce them informative, unique and interesting contents then the success of your blog becomes all the more evident. Hence a perfect combination of amazing design and good content can create popular blogs.

There are some commonly used designs which are often seen in the modern blogs. But just because they are common it does not mean they should be ordinary. In fact, they should be filled with enough creativity and uniqueness to attract visitors. Before you hire a professional blog designer and ask him to create a fantastic design for your blog, make sure that you have a clear idea about what should be the exact theme of your blogs.

Blogs can be of anything; they can be about movies, about sports, about recipes, or about various fields of profession. It is easy to understand that one design will not fit for all these varieties.

In that case you have to have a clear idea about what type of blog you are launching, state that idea clearly to your designer and then only he or she will be able to produce the perfect design for your blog. The matching of blog designs with the theme of the blogs is very essential otherwise visitors cannot see the connection between these two which may irritate them and force them to leave the page.

Since blogs are one of the best mediums of making people aware of your individual thoughts or about the endeavor of a company so try to get the best designs for them. With Postcards you can create and edit email templates online without any coding skills! Includes more than components to help you create custom emails templates faster than ever before. With Startup App and Slides App you can build unlimited websites using the online website editor which includes ready-made designed and coded elements, templates and themes.

Table of Contents hide. Blog Design Ninja. The Netsetter. Super Girl. Rogue Dolls. Jayme Stone. Darwin Foodies. The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely. Duirwaigh Studios. Mark Forrester. Francesca Battistelli. Crayons Life.

20 Excellent Examples of Blog Designs

Douglas Menezes Design. Online Email Template Builder.More posts from this category. More Posts from this Category. Are you concerned about business continuity during this period of uncertainty? We are here to assist. If you are a past or existing client and would like a branded web banner for your blog or website, please feel free to email and we will do our best to assist.

Additionally, we have been working on creating free downloadable instagram templates that anyone can use for chic, attractive brand announcements on social media. You can view them all by clicking the button below and we are working to update these daily so you will have a wider range of styles and colors to choose from.

Custom blog design, website and logo design: do you need a chic, sophisticated custom blog wordpresswebsite or logo design? Select your design package below, or just enjoy browsing our inspiration boards. To start, just click to select your design package:. Thanks for stopping by to visit Little Blue Deer! I started my lifestyle blog back inand it was so well-received that shortly thereafter I started to receive requests for custom blog design and logo designs.

My first project was a trade for throw pillows from a now-famous textile designer, and my business grew from there.

50 Beautiful Blog Designs

Our goal is to provide chic, sophisticated WordPress and Blogger blog, website and logo design at an affordable cost. As a graphic designer of course I have my own favorite vibes, but my goal is to create a custom web presence or brand tailored to your own personal style, taste and content. These blog designs include installation of the Genesis theme, custom header and graphic design, basic plugin configuration and loads of extras!

Need a full website? We specialize in interior design websites, but can develop almost anything. And we pride ourselves on offering these chic, unique design packages at an affordable fee, perfect for start-ups or the more established blogger or designer that just needs an update.

blog design

Ready to get your chic on? Select your package above, each package clearly outlines simple fees and 3 easy steps to get started! Need Hosting? Get on the List E-Mail Address. On Instagram I got a little weird pushback when I posted abt pa. Solitude is good, isolation is bad. What are YOU.

Feeling so inspired by everyone who is putting the. More FREE instagram story templates, photos includ. How is everyone today?! I am very well but am taki.No creative can exist in a vacuum. We all need to keep in touch with the latest trends, and check out the work our fellow professionals are producing. Mirador is brought to you by Say What Studioa graphic design duo based in Paris. They curate the most inspirational works out there and share them through this collection of projects. Most of us have used the file sharing service Dropbox at some point in our lives, but did you know it has a blog too?

Abduzeedo is a collective of individual writers sharing articles about architecture, design, photography and UX. It continues to bring you high quality, well-written news and inspiration across graphics, branding, interiors, digital, product, furniture and more. And the same high-quality journalism that informs it carries through to its website, which features a range of news, reviews and features from the creative world.

50 Beautiful Blog Designs

For anyone working in packaging design, The Dieline has it all wrapped up. Eye Magazine, the international review of graphic design, is a quarterly print magazine on graphic design and visual culture. It, and its associated blog, features a range of critical, informed writing about design and visual culture. Underpinned is an online platform of tools and services for freelancers and its associated blog has an array of articles about all aspects of going freelance.

Topics range from tips on chasing payments to how to make your photography stand out. This clean and elegant blog by David Airey is a showcase of the best brand identities from around the world.

Shillington is a network of colleges offering an innovative approach to design education based on short, intensive courses and practical, industry-focused learning.

Under Consideration is a graphic design firm generating its own projects, initiatives and content, while taking on a limited amount of client work. Its Brand New blog is well-known for chronicling, and providing opinions on, corporate and brand identity work. Another great blog from Under Consideration see aboveArt of the Menu catalogues the underrated creativity of menus from around the world. They welcome and encourage suggestions and submissions, and readers are free to comment too.

The brainchild of Parisian art director Martin Joubert, Print. Medium-based blog UX Collective pulls together an array of insightful articles from designers working at the coalface of user experience. The Dsgn Blog is all about visual inspiration. InspoFinds is both a website and limited-edition book that aims to promote and celebrate the latest design work, up and coming designers and the design community.

Design Clever is a collaboration started by Jonathan Ring and Bethany Baker, two aspiring graphic designers with a passion for everything design-related. This blog was created to showcase talented designers all over the world, and they encourage creatives everywhere to submit their work to it.

Grain Edit is focused on classic design work from the s to the s, as well as contemporary designers who draw inspiration from that era. Fonts In Use is a public archive of typography indexed by typeface, format, and industry. An independent project led by Sam Berlow, Stephen Coles and Nick Sherman, it documents and examines graphic design with the goal of improving typographic literacy and appreciation.

Looking for inspiration from real-world projects? Masterpicks has you covered. This image-led blog presents you with a new, hand-picked design project every day, across UX and UI design, illustration, animation, 3D art, graphic design, branding, industrial design and photography. Jumping between the internet, design, writing, music, film, self-development and work culture, his posts are beautifully written and always relevant.Vin Gaeta. July 5th, min read. We all know how important content is to any marketing campaign.

The blog, for example, has become the cornerstone of any successful website; guiding users in with targeted, relevant, and engaging content and ultimately delighting with them so much they convert and subscribe to get more.

blog design

But what if your blog design is missing the mark? When it comes to blog design, there are a variety of different factors to look at, including font sizes, hierarchy, calls-to-action, and text width, among other things. With so many things to take into account, it can be nerve-racking to take on a new blog design but of course, we can help you with that. What you view may change based on your screen size. It should be a consistent user experience screen to screen.

The biggest piece of advice I can give when designing your blog for users is make it readable. What do I mean by that?

Simply put, legibility and digestibility. Use clean fonts, headings, and put the focus on the content. Wistia does a great job of this on its blog. Notice how there are 4 topics --not This streamlines the user experience and gets them the content they care most about easily and takes the guess work out of navigating.

There has to be a better way! Wistia also gives you all the information you need to evaluate the post before clicking -- the category, a clear headline, plus a great excerpt that makes you want to read more.

It also highlights the author and when it was published, which may seem like a small thing but is actually very important.

These visuals really bring the excerpts to life and grab your eye. Wistia also has a super clean and legible article design that puts focus on the content and the content alone. The use of font hierarchies to break up the sections makes it easier to skim and the lack of a sidebar really helps the visitor zero-in on the content, not get distracted.

Giving some guidance on the amount of effort your user will need to contribute is a great way to improve readership.

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