Bob marley best reggae songs

Last week, Buju Banton released Upside Down β€” the first album from the Grammy-winning reggae icon in a decade. To celebrate the long-awaited record, we asked Banton to share his favourite tracks in honour of International Reggae Day today, with a stellar playlist featuring everyone from Bob Marley to Burning Spear.

To discover even more great music, head over to GQ 's Verowhere Banton has chosen five more reggae tracks exclusively for our channel. They enjoyed it and I know they walked away with a different insight and a whole different direction on the way of life.

bob marley best reggae songs

This is also a party starter, if you know what I mean. When this plays, the dance is going to be off the chain. The vibe is going to be just one of a kind. This is the essence of what music is about. Other things are going on around you, other people are messed up, so to speak.

Because I love my herb. When you have your kaya in your hand and you're listening to this, it's a different feeling, man. I mean, Peter Tosh absolutely killed it. Head to GQ's Vero to see Buju Banton's full playlist, featuring five more reggae tracks chosen exclusively for our channel. Follow britishgq on Vero for exclusive music content and commentary, all the latest music lifestyle news and insider access into the GQ world, from behind-the-scenes insight to recommendations from our editors and high-profile talent.

Upside Down is out now. The 15 Bob Marley facts you need to know. British GQ. Edition Britain Chevron. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Culture Music Vero. GQ Recommends. By Thomas Barrie 14 August Bob Marley is one of the most covered musical artists in history, but very few non-reggae artists seem to cover his songs, and when they do, it's often unsuccessful.

Occasionally, though, a gem has broken through, and the resulting song is pretty extraordinary. Here the ten best Bob Marley covers ever recorded by non-reggae artists. When Eric Clapton, who had previously been best-known as a blues guitarist, recorded Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sheriff," it quickly zoomed to the top of the charts, where it became Clapton's first 1 hit.

The popularity of this cover song actually helped propel Bob Marley to international fame, and ultimately became a pretty important point in reggae history. All of the historical stuff aside, though, Clapton's version is amazing and holds true to the song itself while highlighting Clapton's brilliant guitar skills. Legendary Brazilian musician and Brazillian tropicalia master and, incidentally, Brazil's Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil put a bossa nova twist on this sweet Bob Marley song.

It's a logical combination and one that ultimately worked spectacularly. The softly plunking banjo and twangy country vocals work surprisingly nicely with the freedom fighter focused lyrics.

Keith Frank, one of zydeco music's reigning kings, medleyed the upbeat classic "Three Little Birds," which Bob Marley recorded both rocksteady and reggae versions of, with another cheerful little gospel tune called "No Need to Worry.

You take one of the best songs ever written by one of the best songwriters in history, put it in the hands of a country legend and one of punk rock's greatest innovators. What could possibly go wrong? Nothing at all, my friends. Nothing at all. Johnny Cash's husky baritone pairs perfectly with the rugged vocals of The Clash founder Joe Strummer, and the overall effect is pretty much outstanding. This group of hot pickers, who have all since become musical gods to many, completely redefined bluegrass music with their innovative and outward-reaching uses of their traditional instruments.

This song is just one among many examples of their creative boundary-stretching, and it's mighty fine, indeed. If you made a Venn Diagram wherein one circle was "People who Love Bob Marley" and the other was "People Who Liked the Movie Serendipity ," there might be five human beings on earth who fell into the little overlapping region. That said, many people first heard this song in that movie. And everyone was thinking the same thing, "Wow, that Annie Lennox song kind of reminds me of that Bob Marley song I think it is that Bob Marley song!

Someone passed me this CD by Montreal-based singer-songwriter Julie Crochetiere at a conference last year, and it immediately went into the "To Be Listened To" box, and I only re-discovered it a few months ago. As it turns out, I wound up being furious at myself for not listening to it sooner - she's a little bit Norah Jones, a little bit Carla Bruni, and maybe a little bit Feistand her sexy, soulful version of "Mellow Mood" is pretty hard to resist.

Ken Emerson is a Hawaiian slack key and bottleneck blues guitar player who explores the common threads between each genre and occasionally ties in other genres as well. That's the case here, where he gives a light, jangly touch to a fairly intense song. It's got a nice vintage feel, and, for obvious reasons, has a great island-y feeling. Things no one should ever grow out of include strawberry milkshakes, mittens, and the mid-'90s ska -tinged punk band Sublime.

Their body of studio work was cut abruptly short when their lead singer, Bradley Nowell, died in at age Since then, several albums of non-studio tracks have been released This version of "Zimbabwe" is essentially just Nowell and his guitar, and though it's an odd juxtaposition Southern California skate punk singing songs of African liberationit works, mostly because of the sheer earnestness in Nowell's voice. By Megan Romer. Updated March 07, Johnny Nash, a singer-songwriter and performer of the million-selling anthem I Can See Clearly Now, has died at the age of Nash, who had been in declining health, died of natural causes at home in Houston, the city of his birth, said his son, Johnny Nash Jr.

Nash rose from pop crooner to early reggae star and was in his early 30s in when I Can See Clearly Now topped the charts. He had already lived several show-business lives. In the mids, he was a teenager covering Darn That Dream and other standards, his light tenor likened to the voice of Johnny Mathis. A decade later, he was co-running a record company, had become a rare American-born singer of reggae and helped launch the career of his friend Bob Marley.

Nash, also an actor and producer, was among the first artists to bring reggae to US audiences. Born John Lester Nash Jnr, he grew up singing in church and by age 13 had his own show on Houston television. Mash also had roles in the films Take a Giant Step, in which he starred as a high school student rebelling against how the Civil War is taught, and Key Witness, a crime drama starring Dennis Hopper and Jeffrey Hunter.

It also turned up everywhere from Thelma and Louise to a Windex commercial, and in recent years was often referred to on websites about cataract procedures. He rarely made the charts in the following years, even as he released such albums as Tears On My Pillow and Celebrate Life, and by the s had essentially left the music business.

His last album, Here Again, came out inalthough in recent years he was reportedly digitising his old work, some of which was lost in a fire at Universal Studios in Los Angeles in Nash was married three times and had two children. He had loved riding horses since childhood and as an adult lived with his family on a ranch in Houston, where for years he also managed rodeo shows at the Johnny Nash Indoor Arena.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Music. Reggae Jamaica Bob Marley Americas news. Reuse this content. Most popular.He's one of the most legendary artists of all time, and helped bring reggae music to the mainstream.

His inspiring music lives on nearly 40 years after his death, and these are just a handful of his very best for a perfect Bob Marley and The Wailers playlist.

Bob Marley – Best Of

Marley wrote this song with Peter Tosh while touring Haiti, after being deeply moved by its poverty and the lives of Haitians. The song was often performed at Marley's concerts, and was usually the last song of the night.

It was also the last song Marley ever performed on stage, on September 23, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Although this eventually became one of the most popular Marley songs, it was actually a fairly unknown track during his lifetime. Only two live performances are even documented. The song found a new lease of life when it was sampled by Funkstar Deluxe in a successful dance track in The story of this song is told from the point of view of a man who admits to having killed the corrupt local sheriff, but was falsely accused of having killed the deputy sheriff.

This song featured on Marley's Exodus album inand was a mild hit in the UK at the time.

Johnny Nash, Who Sang β€˜I Can See Clearly Now,’ Dies at 80

Originally recorded as a ska song init was later reworked and became one of Bob Marley's biggest hits in the s. The original version didn't credit Mayfield's song and was simply titled 'One Love', as copyright law was not enforced in Jamaica at the time.

When the more famous version was released init was retitled and credited Mayfield. When he wrote it, Bob Marley had been diagnosed with cancer.

According to Rita Marley: "he was already secretly in a lot of pain and dealt with his own mortality, a feature that is clearly apparent in the album, particularly in this song". This classic Marley track did not appear on a record until the posthumous release of Confrontation.

The title and lyrics refer to the black US cavalry regiments, known as 'Buffalo Soldiers', who fought in the Indian Wars after Marley compared their fight to a general fight for survival.

This celebration song contains the line, "No bullet can stop us now". On December 3,Marley was shot by unknown gunmen who had broken into his home, but he soon recovered.

bob marley best reggae songs

Stevie Wonder later released the song 'Master Blaster Jammin' ' as a tribute to Marley and this song in particular.Poster icon, inspirational figure, messenger for Rastafarianism, eternally young hero… Bob Marley born 6 February ; died 11 May was all those things and more.

Musically, however, he truly delivered, and the best Bob Marley songs range from spiritual ballads to political statements, sexy serenades to declarations of love. These 20 songs reveal exactly why.

Let us know in the comments section, below. It has worn well, still sounding fresh and buoyant. A Buffalo Soldier is what Native Americans termed the black cavalrymen they fought in the second half of the 19th Century. Bob extended the imagery further, using it to take in the fight that black men faced simply to survive as the sons of slaves in America and the Caribbean.

Another song built around a long-standing Marley concept. The song had a masterly touch, its relaxed, assured attitude establishing it as an anthem. The song found the mass audience it deserved when it hit the Top 5 across Europe. Classy and sweet, and a UK Top 10 hit, too.

Deliberately left spartan for extra impact, every part of the song has an intent; its handclaps coldly remind you of a flashing whip. Never was a song about being deceived so sultry and sexy.

Once heard, it was never forgotten. Magical β€” and, yes, deeply mystical β€” who else could have delivered a record like this in β€” or indeed, in any year? A lovely simple concept with a message that became an anthem in One of the keystone Marley singles, with the most straightforward sentiment: listen to nature, accept the world, and things will be alright.

Its positive vibration was a hit inand remains much needed. It goes without saying that this anthem for the life of the poor and suffering remains deeply moving and uplifting. Looking for more? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Search uDiscover Music. Features Latest News. Share Tweet. Related Topics Format: UK English. Click to comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

You may like. Don't Miss.UMe and Tuff Gong announce three new and exclusive limited-edition collector series coming later this year, with special limited edition Jamaican pressings of Bob Marley albums on vinyl and premium half-speed mastered Marley vinyl both set for release during November and December. On November 20, the twelve Bob Marley albums will also be available on premium half-speed mastered vinyl. This specialist artisan process results in a more detailed representation of the original sound source cuts, with a far superior high-frequency treble response, and richer and fuller low to middle frequencies.

The Complete Island Recordings CD boxset will include the 11 albums packaged in CD wallets, housed in a brushed silver clamshell box that simulates the larger hinged lighter from the LP set. The 2LP also features a newly discovered, unreleased performance. Listen to the remix HERE. Uprising Live will be available for the first time on vinylwith black vinyl 3LP and highly-collectible, limited-edition colored vinyl 3LP. In this digital era, Bob Marley remains one of the most followed posthumous artists on social media, and MARLEY75 will serve to bring his music and message to the digital foreground, reaching new audiences and perspectives with innovative content and groundbreaking technology.

The half-speed mastered editions of the Bob Marley albums will be released on November 20 and can be pre-ordered here. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Search uDiscover Music.

Features Latest News. Share Tweet. Click to comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You may like. The Ultimate Mixes. Don't Miss.He was He also sang on Mr. Nash, who sang in a clear, smooth, emotive high tenor voice, was signed to ABC-Paramount Records and initially marketed as a crooner in the Johnny Mathis mold.

He recorded several albums of lushly orchestrated standards, but they met with only modest success. ByMr. When Mr.

bob marley best reggae songs

He recorded at Federal Studios in Kingston, bought a house in the city and one night inat a Rastafarian ceremony, met a young Bob Marley and heard him sing.

Nash and Mr. Sims were so impressed that they signed Marley and his group, the Wailers, to their label now called JADwith the idea that he would write material for Mr. Nash to sing. Farley quoted Marley as saying. Nash and for reggae in the United States. Nash, that had the biggest impact by far. It spent four weeks atop the Billboard Hot singles chart and, according to Ed Hogan of allmusic. John Lester Nash Jr.

bob marley best reggae songs

At 17, he was introduced to Mr. Godfrey through an audition arranged by a man Mr. Nash caddied for at a local golf course, and he performed on radio and TV for several years. Throughout his career, Mr. Nash was a hard artist to categorize, a pop chameleon who kept a low public profile. Afterhe released only one more album, inand after that he largely retired from the music industry. A horseman who owned a ranch, Mr.

It closed in Nash was married three times. In addition to his son, he is survived by his wife, Carlie Nash, and a daughter, Monica Dixon. In the years since its release, Mr.

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