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Welcome to the new blogspot about the Doors Bootlegs. You can download Bootlegs and Live Concerts. Great One! Posted by coltturkey at PM 3 comments:. San Francisco, Winterland Remastered. Very good for such an early audience recording - a bit distant, and people nearby talk not too intrusively for much of the show, but clear and undistorted. Cool Edit Pro 2. It's not noise reduction in the usual sense, and the treble has emerged largely unscathed. Several other edits have been made - 1.

Back Door Man - there was an initial spike in volume and levels were reduced quickly - the volume has been normalised to the rest of the song.

A dropout in the left channel at this point was corrected sound from right channel used. The first chords of the song were missing, and have been substititued using the same notes from shortly afterwards. Break on through - a brief volume fluctuation occurred after the start - the volume was raised to compensate though the fault is still audible 3. When the Music's over - the taper's appreciative yell during the applause has been reduced in volume so it's not so intrusive. Fromthe right channel's volume reduced markedly - this has been corrected 4.

Close to you - nothing! Mannish Boy - a continuity break at tape flip has been smoothed out it's still noticeable. Light my Fire - from a different source; volume normalised and a repetition at the start edited out. Abrupt cut at end given a minor fade KB - Mb - 47m 10s - 06 tracks Download.

Posted by coltturkey at PM 2 comments:. Live at San Diego int. Sports Arena Tracks 1 to 5 came from the first source most complete source and the 3 last tracks came from the second source better sound source from LP celebration.

Download Artwork. Posted by coltturkey at PM 1 comment:. Jim shares a lot of interesting information and is more conversational than in earlier interviews. This comes from the best low gen source available for this recording and is split into 35 tracks.

bootleg zone

Also heard on the tape are photographer Andy Kent and the Elektra publicity rep who set up the interview, Pat Faralla. Regarding the date: The article this tape originates from was printed on January 15, As a result, it was long believed the interview dated from early However, Chorush recently stated in an email that he remembered conducting the interview in early December Also, during the interview, Jim asks if the movie "Gimme Shelter" had been released yet, to which Chorush says he isn't sure but thinks it will be coming out soon.

The movie originally premiered on December 6, across the country. This all adds up to a possible date in the first week of December for the interview, a month earlier than previously thought. Friday, November 9, Isle of Wight Posted by coltturkey at AM 6 comments:. My newest Video from youtube. Hope you like it.The Beatles.

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BootlegZone Closed Permenantly. Posted by: mikeh. I just discovered that the BootlegZone site is gone for good. There's a brief message saying that it's closed for good, and to not bother emailing, 'cause thier email addresses are either closed, too, or never checked. It was a great resource for boots, especially track listings and recording details.

Oh well, maybe there's another similar site out there. I thought you would like to know about this. Re: BootlegZone Closed Permenantly.

I wonder what the deal is? Yeah, I wonder what the deal is, too.

bootleg zone

I was just there yesterday and I didn't see any notices that they were closing, or anything like that. To just suddenly go down like that, without any warning, is strange. And, I agree that they were one of if not THE best boot resource out there.

If I find out any more about this, I'll let you know.

bootleg zone

Edited 1 time s. Last edit at by mikeh. Posted by: Argentino. That news is a bad news, bad luck for all of us, one resource left!! Posted by: monkeyman Hiyou can get many many and almost boots with info and some dvds at www. You can buy them or only get info from this site. Posted by: No Expectations.

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Joe Maloney. Mike Millard. Satanic Pig. Spirit Of Boots. A Clear View 2xCD. A Great Day 2xCD. Absolutely Years 2xCD. Ahoy Mate, It's 2xCD.Stand On It! Bruce Springsteen June S M T W T F S 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 The Beatles.

Bob Dylan. Bruce Springsteen. Eric Clapton. Jimi Hendrix. Led Zeppelin. Paul McCartney. Pink Floyd. The Rolling Stones. Crystal Cat Records. Empress Valley Supreme Disc. The Godfather Records. Kiss The Stone. The Swingin' Pig. Trade Mark Of Quality. Vinyl Gang Productions. Yellow Dog. Dan Lampinski. Dub Taylor. Joe Maloney. Mike Millard. Satanic Pig. Spirit Of Boots. A Family Affair.

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More Info. Anim pariatur cliche reprehenderit, enim eiusmod high life accusamus terry richardson ad squid. Suspendisse et porttitor lectus, quis imperdiet mi.The Beatles' bootleg recordings also known as "Beatlegs" are recordings of performances by the Beatles that have attained some level of public circulation without being available as a legal release. The term most often refers to audio recordingsbut also includes video performances. Starting with vinyl releases in the s, through CD issues in the late s, and continuing with digital downloads starting in the mid s, the Beatles have been, and continue to be, among the most bootlegged artists.

Bootleg recordings arise from a multitude of sources, including radio and TV broadcast performances, live shows, studio outtakes and session tapes, alternate mixes, test discs, and home demos.

The s saw the first Beatle bootlegs issued on vinyl records. The first Beatles bootleg was Kum Backissued around January in a plain white sleeve with plain white labels and no mention of a record company.

Other notable bootlegs to appear in the early s were Yellow Matter Custardcontaining 14 BBC Radio performances fromoriginally these tracks were thought to be from the Decca audition of Januaryand Lennon himself told McCartney about the album [4] and Sweet Apple Traxa two-volume four-disc collection of songs and jams from the Get Back rehearsal sessions first issued in EMI had planned to release an album of alternate takes and previously unreleased songs by the Beatles in called Sessionsbut the Beatles objected after it had been compiled; by the end of the year, bootleg copies were widely available.

The late s also saw the emergence of Yellow Doga label specialising in Beatles studio outtakes, who released the CD series Unsurpassed Masters in quality similar to Ultra Rare Trax ; Yellow Dog, like Swingin' Pig's parent company Perfect Beat, was registered in Luxembourg, which had the most liberal copyright laws among EU countries. The official Live at the BBC and Anthology releases in — covered much of the highlights of previously bootlegged material, in sound quality that most bootlegs could not match.

However, new bootlegs continued to appear, with bootleggers including the word "anthology" in the title of many of their collections. Starting inSilent Sea issued a series of CD-Rsfeaturing recompiled studio outtakes with commercial-quality packaging and liner notes. The availability of high-speed Internet has transformed the bootlegging industry. The Purple Chick label has assembled and digitally fine-tuned many comprehensive themed packages, including individual studio album sessions, the Get Back sessions, and the BBC performances, all distributed free through various fan trading sites online.

Several books have been devoted to comprehensively documenting Beatles bootlegs; the following is a list of some of the most common or notable bootlegged recordings by the Beatles. Other than the commercially released songs with Tony Sheridan issued on In the Beginning Circaonly three recordings made by the group prior to have become public. The Beatles performed fifteen songs that were recorded at their audition for Decca Records on 1 January three Lennon—McCartney compositions and twelve cover versions.

Five of these songs were included on Anthology 1. Fourteen of the fifteen tracks appeared on a series of coloured vinyl singles with picture sleeves, released in on the Deccagone label through Strawberry Fields ForeverJoe Pope's fanzine. The following year, all fifteen tracks appeared on the Circuit Records bootleg album The Decca Tapes.

Due to the questionable copyright status of these performances recorded prior to the group's EMI contractthe Decca audition was commercially distributed in various configurations starting in ; some of these " grey market " albums omitted the three Lennon—McCartney songs.

On August 22,a crew from Granada Television shot footage of the band performing live at the Cavern for use in the television show Scene at ; the crew filmed two takes of the band performing " Some Other Guy. The shoot constitutes the earliest professional film footage of the Beatles, and would have been the Beatles' first appearance on television, but the footage was shelved for over a year, and was first broadcast after the Beatles had achieved nationwide success.

The video has been seen on The Beatles Anthology and other documentary sources, and audio from both dates have circulated amongst bootleggers. As the Beatles were concluding their final two-week Hamburg engagement in late Decemberportions of their performances were taped by Star-Club stage manager Adrian Barber; the tapes were acquired by Ted "Kingsize" Taylor, the leader of KingsizeTaylor and The Dominoes at the club. The liner notes for the initial release falsely implied that the recordings had been made in the spring ofprior to the Beatles' EMI contract, on a night when Ringo Starr happened to be sitting in for Pete Best.

In commentary for a lawsuit to block the album's release, John Lennon wrote, "the sleeve note, apart from being inaccurate, seems to have been written with a court case in mind. The thirty songs contained on the initial releases were re-licensed over the following two decades to multiple record labels, most notably Sony Musicwhich packaged the songs in CD form in although the product was withdrawn the following year as legal action was pending from the Beatles.

After another lawsuit by the Beatles, Lingasong agreed in to hand over the original tapes and stop all sales. The sound quality of the tape is poor, with the vocals in particular sounding "muffled and distant" at best. While the Beatles would later record many of the thirty songs in the studio or perform them for the BBC, nine of the songs would never be officially released in another version.

It was not the BBC's practice to archive either the session tapes or the shows' master tapes, but many good quality distribution copies were found in various BBC departments during research for BBC radio specials produced in the s. Increasingly comprehensive collections of the BBC performances were bootlegged in the s and early s.

bootleg zone

The set included 30 of the 36 songs that the Beatles never performed on their studio albums, plus 26 other songs and dialogue among the group members and the radio hosts.

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