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It seems like this announcement is out really early, but the full preview of the February BurdaStyle Magazine is already on the German site, with garment previews up on the Russian site. After the glitzy holiday party looks in the past two issues, this month feels refreshingly everyday and practical. I think the designs are still far from being dull or boring, though perhaps nothing is a real stand out for me either.

I find there are a lot of things I think I might like to sew, but nothing that is grabbing my attention immediately. It feels very classically tailored, with simple details and a nice clean line. This is more of a sweatshirt than a jacket, but I think it still works in this category. As a bonus this is the Step-by-Step design for the month.

I really like this stylish looking jacket. The hood is a great feature. I also really like the shaped hem, and the elasticated sleeves mean that the only fussy bit of sewing would be the collar and button placement. The sleeves add just a hint of fun detail here, without being too over the top. Another simple style that has just a hint of detail in the sleeves.

I could see how this might be a great wardrobe staple sort of look; it seems very office appropriate, but could also be very fun in a bold, splashy print. Burda seems to be covering all the basic silhouettes in this issues. I love the collar and the sleeve tab details. I really like this basic button up shirt, even though it is just a basic button up shirt. It has nice classic details at the collar and cuffs, and I think the styling shows how well this pattern could work with both solids and more wild prints, and how versatile it could be in a wardrobe.

This top has a similar silhouette, but I love it so much more! I really like the color contrast and the draping of the high low hem. It looks like it is intended to be worn as a loose work out top, but I could see it looking cute over a pair of skinny jeans too.With scheduling out of the way, on to the August Burda!

I definitely feel like it is less of a fashion forward issue, and more of a fashionable everyday wear sort of issue.

Which can also be good, but is just less exciting at first glance. I like this faux wrap shirt dress quite a bit. I even find it grows on me the more I look at the images. I do very much like the design and styling of this dress though. Another dress win for me. I love the neckline and raglan sleeves, and the overall style looks pretty comfortable.

I really like the relaxed fit for the top of this dress. The style lines on this jumper are quite pretty, but the styling is so 80s.

I mean, it is a good way to showcase a ruffle blouse, but it also looks really dated. The matching lines of the sleeves and hem are a nice touch, and the garment really comes to life on the model. Part of me is excited by the innovation, and part of me thinks it is a total miss. Of all the looks, this one leaves me the most conflicted. This makes me think of a tailored kimono, which feels oxymoronic, but there it is.

I love the collar and the slightly puffed sleeve. I think this is a great jacket for fall; not too heavy but enough of a cover for when that slight chill hits the air. Looks like a super simple project, and really cozy style. The blouse version of the neon orange leopard dress. I like this top. Well, the model photo is anyway. The overall effect is stunning. I think this could be nice in a lighter fabric with some drape.

The yellow variant just looks super stiff and uncomfortable. A nice halter for those last days of summer. Top version of the dress from above. The sleeves are more subtle in a print, here they almost look too heavy in proportion to the rest of the outfit.

The pocket details on this skirt are actually pretty cool. Plus, having somewhere to rest your hands is great. Enough to honor the trend, but not so much as to have the look consumed by it. Hard to tell if it is a bow detail or a welt pocket detail, but either way, these are pretty cute capris. Love the waistband detailing here! Might have to steal that and put it on a few other trouser styles from previous months…. Love this blazer!Happily, unlike last month, it seems the accessibility of Burda will be a bit more predictable.

In the meantime, BurdaStyle German has posted the preview of the July issue.

burda magazine 2019 pdf

Every year it feels like there is one summer issue that just feels far too basic and dull. Unfortunately, it seems like it is the July issue this year. I like this blousy jacket. It makes sense as a lightweight cover that could be used for a cool, but not necessarily cold, summer night. It has a deconstructed bomber jacket feel, but with the hint of a more formal collar, so it could actually be a bit more versatile than it at first appears. Obviously, it lacks a lot of yummy detail and tailoring, but I can appreciate it from a practicality standpoint.

I think it looks really cute as a beach cover up, but it could also be a great pattern to use for the transition to fall if it were made in a heavier fabric. This maxi dress is actually pretty cute; the proportion of the large top ruffle creates a nice effect. It feels simple enough for an easy summer style, but with a hint of detail coming from the ruffle. It also looks to have an elastic waist, which is a nice feature to keep it from being overwhelmingly voluminous.

This dress is another with minimal details to comment on, though I will say the neckline is more practical than the floral one above. I hesitate to call this a dress; it is really more of a swimsuit cover up, but it has the appearance of a dress, so here it is. I do like the bold print Burda has used, but it does make it a bit hard to judge how the hem detail reads on the body.

I think Burda has done a nice job of styling this top. It has some cute details with the ruffles, and the mix of fabrics is also interesting. I really like the look of this top. The asymmetry gives it some interest, yet it also looks like it would be very easy to construct.

Seems like a great summer project! It looks like it could be easily worn under a jacket as part of a more formal look, or as part of the more casual looks seen here.Maybe that is why it feels so refreshing? First up are the jackets. I love it! The angled front zip, sleeve zips, and metal rivets or snaps? And the seam lines are a thing of beauty.

burda magazine 2019 pdf

This is so cool! I love the mix of hard and soft elements, and the unexpected lightness that the chiffon sleeves add to this jacket. It feels very unique and original, especially after scouring the internet looking at indie patterns the past few weeks.

burda magazine 2019 pdf

I am probably least excited by this jacket, but only because the other two are so good! The seam lines and angled pockets are a nice way to introduce subtle shaping into this design, while still having it be simple enough to use with a wild print as shown. Another style I love! This is not a style I would wear personally, but I do actually really like this design. The use of the sequin fabric and hem ruffles creates a really spectacular dress, even though the design itself is quite simple. I love the way the simple white shirt is styled with the leopard skirt too.

This top is a bit less exciting to me. It just looks so fun! I really like this top. It is very pretty and would be a great use of flowy stash fabric. The neckline looks a bit low on the model, so that might be something to consider, but overall the style has a really pretty effect.

I even like the cuff bows here! They feel cohesive with the whole look, and not like something that was added on just to be part of a trend. This is the third top pattern that is pretty basic, and yet I still like it! I feel like the length might be a bit short for me, but that is easily adjustable. Also, it looks really comfortable. Also, also, I actually really do like the sleeves on the green top — they are a very cool detail!The October BurdaStyle Magazine is here! Love this! I really love all the seam lines in the jacket, and the extra seam that creates that really strong shoulder is an interesting feature.

Another great blazer! If the first pattern was a bit too harsh for your taste, this one has softer lines and a much easier to sew shawl collar. And here is a more relaxed blazer. Burda is really covering all of its bases here. I think I would have passed by the line drawing, but I really like the way this looks on the model. Also, my new office is really cold and I feel like this might be a socially acceptable way to wear a snuggie in an office setting.

I really love the structure and shape of this design, and I think it looks equally great over the sleek turtleneck and the softer blouse. The collar is a great shape and the many small buttons are also a great detail. I love how much Burda has embraced the super structured silhouettes with lots of seam lines in this issue. The silhouette rides the line between being fitted and relaxed, and I think that will appeal to a lot of people.

The neckline treatment is so cute! And I really like the angled hemlines. I actually really like this dress. I really love the styling of the plaid version, and I think it could be a really versatile piece in a fall wardrobe. I find the tops this month to be decent, but a bit less inspired than the jackets and dresses…. This top looks way more voluminous on the model than it does in the line drawing.

I do think the cuffs and neckline are nice details though. And the yoke seam could allow for some very nice mixing of fabrics or playing with prints. This could be a good basis for a woven t-shirt pattern. It has just enough darts and shaping to prevent it from being too boxy.

I think it could probably be a bit better with a bit more length. Or maybe without the bow. But the bones of the pattern are good. In contrast to the other top, this one looks like it should have move volume based on the line drawing. Perhaps Burda has just used very drapery fabrics?

Either way, I like it! I wish we could see a photo of the back yoke detail on the model, but maybe there will be one in the magazine. Maybe this top requires that your friends always walk in front of you with a wind machine so you can always look amazing? From the front this top is pretty basic, but the back has an interesting almost cape-like effect. I do really like this top pattern. The thick collar is a really nice detail. I feel like this could also be an upscale version of a sweatshirt if it were make in the right kind of fabric.

Sort of like office appropriate athleisure if the styling is right.I think this style has that nice balance of being casual but also polished, and I really like the relaxed fit of the shoulders and the seam lines on the sleeves.

It has this interesting mix of being a long jacket but also having a vaguely cardigan-ish feel.

It looks super cozy in both of these images, but I could imagine styling it with fancier outfit and it would still look pretty sharp.

The pieced shawl collar is an interesting detail, and I like the overall shape of the piece. On me, the seam line and pocket placement would definitely look weird, but I think this could look really stylish on others.

I like the collar top stitching detail here, and I think Burda did a nice job with the styling. I like the back flap, and the streamlined fit and waist tie detail. The two-way zip is a cool feature, and I like the elastic cuffs as well. Also, I always appreciate a high collar because I hate when my neck is cold.

The neckline detail is subtle, but really pretty, and I love how this dress looks great in a solid and in a print. I also think this could look super cute with short sleeves for the summer months as well and that would be a super easy modification to make. I think the neck flap is an interesting detail, and it could be a really cool way to play with pairing different fabrics in a fun way. I like it, and it would be a great way to stash bust some of those small but special scraps that are so hard to get rid of.

I think the blue version looks a bit stiff, but the rusty orange looks really cozy and relaxed.

Burda Style Mars 2019 - TENDANCES DE SAISON !

On the one hand the draping details are really pretty, but on the other hand it looks a bit voluminous and overwhelming on the model. I really like the belt loops and fabric belt tie, and I think the pleats are a nice detail. I also think Burda has done a great job of styling the navy version as well.

burda magazine 2019 pdf

I mean, I like the potential for swooshiness, but, like, what is up with these prints? The extreme shoulder pads and retros vibe is coming back strong in fashion at the moment, and I think this jumpsuit captures the essence of that trend perfectly. And I think it looks super cute in that print fabric too! I think its the sort of subtle detail that adds a really nice touch of interest, but still keeps it feeling modern and chic. And with that it brings us to choosing the first Best of BS for the start of the s!

It was a difficult choice because there were a lot fo good patterns this month, but nothing that was an amazing stand out.The year feels like it is flying by too fast, but the September Burda is already here! We are heading into fall, so that means we should be getting some good jacket patterns this month:. Ok, so I feel like I should find the longer coat a bit bathrobe-ish, but I really like the way Burda styled it!

So chic! The shorter version is quite interesting with the different fabrics on the front and back. It definitely looks like it could be very warm with the fleece trim! This casual jacket looks like it could be a good layering piece for the transitional weather in fall.

I also really like how it is shown in a very casual style and a more sophisticated look. I think the details get lost a bit, and the overall shape is not anything particularly noteworthy. I love the monochromatic look, which just a slight color emphasis on the vest.

So stylish! It looks like we might also get a designer pattern. I really like this wrap dress. The style is super sleek and I like the options for the sleeves to be rolled or fastened at the cuff. I also really like how the pocket details are smaller and a bit streamlined. I think some people may not like how much the skirt can open up see the first model imagebut overall I think this is a really cute dress. There is quite a bit of shaping on this dress, and I think this could be a really good option for someone who really likes this 60s-ish mod style of dress but has problems with them fitting poorly.

The belted grey dress especially looks super stylish. I love the way the sleeves look and the extra wide belt is a nice feature. The tops this month are all feel somewhat basic, but would be good for mixing with assorted bottoms:. The model images are really selling me on this top. The fitted sleeves are an interesting detail, and the sleeve seems are a really interesting shape. I also like the slit at the neckline — it keeps it from being too covered up, but is really a very modest cut out.

Love this top!

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