Can i put vicks on my cat

Search for similar questions: Popular questions Time for euthanasia? My 19 year old cat has been ill for some time. For many years I have had to help Staggering Rottweiler I have a nine month old female rottweiler mix.

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I would like to have her Cat howling at night. Our 25 yo orange tiger stripe male developed kidney failure and we had to make the Is ketoconazole safe? I've been told Are these lymph nodes? I noticed about 2 days ago my 4yr old cat looked like a chipmunk.

I felt around her Dog has a bald patch over eye. Hello, I have a miniature Dashchund which is 5 mnths old and she is in perfect Chicken jerky from Thailand. We hear about the chicken jerkey from China, how about the jerkey from Thiland. Cat can't poop. Dog ate moldy corn. My 4 month old, 20 lb. Urinating in house. Bella has started urinating in places other than her litter box.

She has not been Sneezing, vomiting, coughing. Oozing boil on dog's paw. My dog has a sort of woozing boil on her paw and all around it there is hair loss Damaged intestines?My mother just put Vicks BabyRub on his nose, and I wanted to make sure it was safe. It's possibly treating a symptom runny nose and maybe not even that. You want to treat what's causing the snot Please seek medical attention asap.

Please take your cat to the vet to be properly treated. Sounds like an upper respiratory infection. If your cat has an overwhelming amount of discharge, then your cat is sick and you need to take responsibility and get your cat to the vet, have your cat properly diagnosed and treated, for whatever problem the vet finds wrong.

There is nothing funny about this, as you say in your first sentence. Nothing you do at home is going to help your cat and by pretending you are a vet and trying to treat your cat yourself, you will be doing your cat more harm than good. Take the poor cat to the vet. It contains camphor which is toxic if swallowed or absorbed into the body and the manufacturers do in fact warn that VapoRub should not be applied in or near the nostrils and not used on children under 2 years of age In so far as the baby rub it contains rosemary and lavender again can be toxic to pets and is purely sold as a cosmetic product you would not put it on the nose of a cat.

No, no, no! This happened to my cat and I had to take her to the vet right away. They gave her saline and I had to feed her from a syringe for like 2 weeks. She lost a ton of weight and was in bad shape. Cats don't breathe through their mouths voluntarily and she was only able to breathe this way until I got her in which was as soon as I saw her doing this. I'm glad you took him in - hope he's doing better now!

RESCUED Ginger Maine Coon SICK KITTEN With Cold

Yeah she's meowing away as I type :. Trending News. CDC adds new signs to list of virus symptoms. FDA warns of dozens more hand sanitizers to avoid. Photo of Ted Cruz on a plane with no mask goes viral. Will trademarking possible D. Inside Lisa Marie Presley's close bond with late son, Black residents oppose Trump's visit to Jacksonville.

All eyes are on Disney World following its reopening. Naya Rivera's selfless last act: Saving her son's life. Answer Save. As safe as antifreeze in the dinner bowl. Kiss Me Kate Lv 7. How do you think about the answers?At my shelter we use Vicks Vaporub for cat upper respiratory infections. When they don't eat, one time use of this opens up their nose and allows them to smell and eat again.

In a shelter we do what we can do to save the cats. I have been using it on the chin for a long time, but people say the cat actually has to lick it for the vicks to take effect? That is not true is it? Disclaimer: Vaporub is not dangerous to cats, the eucalyptus oil does not make up enough of the product ingredients to cause any real damage.

We use one small dab per cat. It is for external use only, and NOT to be taken internally at all. The instructions say:. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

While I understand that shelters are on a very tight budget, I'd be very hesitant to use anything on a cat that wasn't meant to be ingested. Vaporizers: At home, some badly congested pets respond well to being put into a small room such as a bathroom with a vaporizer.

If needed, a little Vick's Vapor Rub or similar on the nose will open up clogged up nasal passages which is important in cat's because they won't eat if they can't smell, but cats hate vapor rub and will probably salivate like crazy it they lick it. Use very little. I found this website. I never used on my cats either, but I would talk to a Veterinarian. Going to see her today in fact, Jackie's getting his ears looked at, and on his birthday too!

Poor baby, he's 8 years old today. No vicks toddler rub is for infants 3 months and up or perhaps then you extremely ought to be careful becaues the vapors would reason respiratory issues interior the destiny. If the cat licks Vick's, it is ingesting mainly petroleum jelly - the same stuff as Vaseline. Only the vapours have any effect and via inhalation.

can i put vicks on my cat

Too much will cause them to sneeze and build up excess mucus and have the opposite of the intended effect. Hey dummies People are assholes and they get all giddy when they think about how at least one dumbshit will accept what they say as being fact. So, just in case, I tried it in my own eye first.

It was excruciatingly painful! But instead I told her I was putting it in my eyes twice a day and it was helping with the pain of staring at a computer monitor for any length of time.Coming soon to the internet's top social site Facebook! Check back soon to follow us and connect with our community members. Coming soon to Twitter. Check back soon to follow our tweets.

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It does not make sense. Consumer Electronics. Local Businesses. Cats Dogs. Social Science. Q Is vicks vaposteam safe for cats? Is it ok to use vick vapor rub pads around cats. Top Solutions. Hmm, when my baby sister was little and used to get sick my parents bought her the vicks v My babys 7 months and my health links and doctor told me not to use baby vicks run on him Add your answer.Search for similar questions: Popular questions Chihuahua has back problem.

One of my four chihuahuas, Ginger, has been having a back problem for a while Guinea pig losing teeth.

How to get Rid of Ear Mites in Cats Naturally and Fast

Breeding big and small dogs. My little girl--weight 11 lbs-- got possibly impregnated accicdentally--he broke Is my cat pregnant? Black spots on belly and chest. Hello, About a month ago we noticed these black spots on Xander's belly. There were Dog or cat pooping in house. Everyday — twice a day — morning and when I get home from work — Vomited up chew toy. My dog had diarrhea and threw up last night. She's crated at night and when I got Vomiting pregnant cat.

Cat died suddenly. Feline leukemia contagious? I'm feeding a neighbor's cat that has feline leukemia. I have cats of my own. Is it Small Russian Blue Cat. I have a Russian Blue who has recently turned 4 years old we have had him since Very sick kitten.

Diarrhea and not eating.

Vicks Vaporub for cats - how to apply properly?

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can i put vicks on my cat

Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Vicks Vapor Rub Sort by reaction score. Thread starter Deannep36 Start date May 12, Deannep36 In the Brooder 10 Years. May 12, 60 9 HI all, I'm new here as of today. I'm also new to raising chickens.

I have 24 chickens that are 7 wks old, and we put them outside a few days ago. Yesterday, I went out to feed them and found 3 that were wounded from other chickens pecking at them. We brought them back in the house and they are healing. My question is, I was doing some research last night and read somewhere that if you pick vicks on the chickens that are being pecked at, the peckers will stop.

Does this work? Thanks for the help Deanne. ArizonaNessa Joyfully Addicted 10 Years. Apr 7, 1, 40 Texas. It works well for me. I put a big glop on the wound and put the bird back. The pecking bird will get a taste and stop it. I have seen people on here say it does not work but I swear by it. Mar 11, 45 5 22 Rossville, Ga.

I sure didn't know this, but it doesn't taste good so i guess this would work.

Does Vick's Vapo rub help cat's breathing?

Dang, i learn something new everyday. Thank you so much.While cats cannot catch the same virus that causes human colds, they can catch different types of respiratory illnesses that seem like a cold. Symptoms of these illnesses present themselves anywhere between two days and two weeks after the cat is exposed to the virus.

The "cold" usually begins with sneezing and progresses to conjunctivitis, eye and nasal discharge, and in severe cases even mouth breathing. According to writers at the website www. Veterinarian-prescribed antibiotics are often used to treat cold symptoms in a cat. While antibiotics have no effect on a viral infection, your cat's illness is probably accompanied by a slight bacterial infection as well, which is what the antibiotics will treat. Antibiotics can be administered via injection or given orally.

If your cat's illness is caused by a fungal infection considered very rareanti-fungal medications are administered. Finally, antihistamines are useful for treatment of cat colds. Never give your cat any medication without first consulting your veterinarian.

can i put vicks on my cat

Vaporizers are very helpful in helping humans deal with congestion, and they are equally useful for cats. Simply close off a small room for your cat, like a bathroom or bedroom, and run a cool steam vaporizer in the room. Make your cat a comfortable bed and provide him with food, water, litter box, etc.

Allow the vaporizer to work its magic on his breathing. Ask your veterinarian which treatment would be best for your cat. Medications work wonders toward getting your cat on the mend, but they are only part of the process. Make sure the cat stays warm and comfortable.

Treat any secondary symptoms of the illness diarrhea, etc. Ask your veterinarian if you should place your cat on a special diet until he recovers, and be sure that your cat eats and drinks regularly.

Foods with strong smells such as tuna fish are a great way to get a cat with a stuffy nose to eat. Finally disinfect your cat's environment regularly.

Wash his dishes and bedding to prevent further spreading of the illness and to speed his recovery. Home Learn Health. Show Comments.

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