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Clothing powerpoint

All societies observe certain rules, some of them quite strict about The way in which men, women and children should dress How different social classes and groups should present themselves As times change and societies are transformed, these notions also alter Modifications in clothing come to reflect these changes.

From about to the time of the French Revolution inthe people of France were expected to strictly follow what were known as Sumptuary Laws. The material to used for clothing was also legally prescribed. The French Revolution had raised the question of equality and ended aristocratic privileges. Differences in earning, now defined what the rich and poor could wear. And different classes developed their own culture of dress.

Norms of clothing reflected these ideals. From childhood, girls were tightly laced up and dressed in stays. The effort was to restrict the growth of their bodies, contain them within small moulds.

When slightly older, girls had to wear tight fitting corsets. Tightly laced, small-waisted women were admired as attractive, elegant and graceful. Clothing thus played a part in creating the image of frail, submissive Victorian women. Many women believed in the ideals of womanhood. From childhood they grew up to believe that having a small waist was a womanly duty. To be seen as womanly, they had to wear the corset. The torture and pain this inflicted on the body was to be accepted as normal.

By the s, women in England began agitating for democratic rights. As the suffrage movement developed, many began campaigning for dress reform. Womens magazines described how tight dresses and corsets caused deformities and illness among young girls. Doctors reported that many women were regularly complaining of acute weakness, felt languid, and fainted frequently.

What created the pressure for change? Many changes were made possible in Britain due to the introduction of new materials and technologies. Other changes came about because of the two world wars and the new working conditions for women.

Let us retrace our steps a few centuries to see what these changes were.Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials.

cloth ppt

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Art Foot Cloth Background for PowerPoint Template

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cloth ppt

Kente Cloth Designs and Meanings. My 3rd graders made Kente Cloth and we used this handout to create their pieces! There are 20 designs featured here and each design's meaning is included as well. Each design and color is full of meaning and.

Visual ArtsGeographyAfrican History. ActivitiesHandoutsPrintables. Add to cart. Wish List. This worksheet walks the student through the brainstorming process and guides through the making of a kente cloth.

This sheet is a formative assessmen. Not Grade Specific. ActivitiesAssessmentCultural Activities. African Art! Weaving has always been a favorite project for my students! Last spring I introduced my students to African Kente woven fabrics.

Students learned about the symbolic colors and meanings that the designs in these traditional fabrics held.After you enable Flash, refresh this page and the presentation should play. Get the plugin now. Toggle navigation. Help Preferences Sign up Log in. To view this presentation, you'll need to allow Flash. Click to allow Flash After you enable Flash, refresh this page and the presentation should play.

View by Category Toggle navigation. Products Sold on our sister site CrystalGraphics. Title: Yoruba Adire Cloth. Description: The Yoruba people live on the west coast of Africa in Nigeria and Crayon Resist- A substance which protects a surface from receiving paints, inks, or dyes. Tags: adire cloth crayon yoruba. Latest Highest Rated. There are also many Yoruba currently living in Europe, particularly Britain, since Nigeria was once a British colony.

The Yoruba are one of the largest cultural groups in Africa. Currently, there are about 40 million Yoruba world-wide. The Yoruba have been living in advanced urban kingdoms for more than 1, years. They created a strong economy through farming, trading, and art production. Their outstanding and unique artistic traditions include woodcarving, sculpture, metal work, textiles, and beadwork.

During this time, the Yoruba began to use iron to create metal tools and weapons such as machetes, axes, and hoes. These tools made it easier for the Yoruba to farm the land. They planted crops including yams, their staple food. They also harvested the seeds from the palm oil tree. The seeds from this tree produce a vegetable oil that is used for cooking. Kola nuts were also grown and harvested. Soon the Yoruba began trading with neighboring areas for rice and sorghum. Due to increased agriculture, the Yoruba community began to grow in size and large towns were created.

They arranged their communities by clan lines, or extended families.Copy embed code:. Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. URL: Copy. Presentation Description No description available. Subrata Das. By: remasreeja month s ago. And the different design and effect is produced on the fabric with the help for various mechanism which is helpful to from different weaves and lots of design which enhances the look of apparels.

The present paper was aimed at investigating the different types of weaves and also overview the fabrics come under the different weave categories. The way in which the warp threads are laced or woven together determines the structure of the cloth. There are three basic weave structures from which most woven patterns originate. The simplest of all patterns is the plain weave. Each weft yarn goes alternately over and under one warp yarn.

Each warp yarn goes alternately over and under each weft yarn. Some examples of plain weave fabrics are crepe, taffeta, organdy and muslin. A rib weave produces fabrics in which fewer yarns per square centimeter are visible on the surface. These groups of yarns are woven as one, producing a basket effect. Basket weave is the amplification in height and width of plain weave. Two or more yarns have to be lifted or lowered over or under two or more picks for each plain weave point.

When the groups of yarns are equal, the basket weave is termed regular, otherwise it is termed irregular. There two types of weave come under this category i. This is why only basket weavesand exist.

The design is enhanced with colored yarn is strong and may develop a shine. Twill weave is characterized by diagonal ridges formed by the yarns, which are exposed on the surface. These may vary in angle from a low slope to a very steep slope. Twill weaves are more closely woven, heavier and stronger than weaves of comparable fiber and yarn size.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers.

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Phase change materials absorb and release heat in response to changes in environmental temperatures. KF factory inspected extra soft wholesale cotton fabric drawstring bag free sample. Tear-Resistant non woven geotextile manufacturers. PET 90 gsm geotextile polyester needle punched nonwoven felt.Cloth is a very interesting and complicated subject in computer graphics. More accurately referred to as thin-shell material models, the objective is to simulate the motion of thin objects such as cloth, folded paper, clothing, etc.

People have come up with a wide array of cloth models, and no single model has proven itself strongly dominant. In order to compare the existing models, we'll break down the model into five categories: equations of motionintegratorscollisionsimprovementsand rendering. A powerpoint presentation corresponding to these topics can be found here.

The equations of motion for a system govern the motion of the system. One of the first and simplest cloth models is as follows: consider the sheet of cloth. Divide it up into a series of approximately evenly spaced masses M. Connect nearby masses by a spring, and use Hooke's Law and Newton's 2nd Law as the equations of motion.

Various additions, such as spring damping or angular springs, can be made. A mesh structure proves invaluable for storing the cloth and performing the simulation directly on it. Each vertex can store all of its own local information velocity, position, forces, etc. In the cloth structure seen above, the red nodes are vertices, and the black lines are springs. The diagonal springs are necessary to resist collapse of the face; it ensures that the entire cloth does not decompose into a straight line.

The blue represents the mesh faces. Looking at the equations of motion:. To determine M, a simple constant say, 1 is fine for all vertices. X current is just the current length of the spring, and X restthe spring's rest length, needs to be stored in each spring structure. On the other hand, if k is chosen too large, the system will be unrealistically tight retain its original shape. Worse yet, the system will be more and more "stiff" the larger k is chosen; this is a mathematical term for explosive.

cloth ppt

Without careful attention to the integration method, the system will gain energy as a function of time, and the system will explode with vertices tending towards infinity. The mass-spring model above has several shortcommings. Mostly, it is not very physically correct, so attempting to use physically accurate constants is generally unsuccessful. Furthermore it requires guessing arbitrarily which vertices should be connected to which by a spring, and choosing k such that increasing the resolution of the grid leads to a system with similar characteristics can be tricky.

cloth ppt

A more accurate model, based on integrating an energy over the surface of the cloth, consider energy terms such as:. We imagine a giant vector, S, representing every important variable in the system position and velocities of all the vertices, although potentially there could be more degrees of freedom. Given energy as a function of the current state of the system, E Sthe equation of motion for a single vertex at position x, y, z is then rather simple:.

Evaluating this, however, is not so simple. Generally this derivative must be computed analytically. Suppose we attempted to compute the derivative numerically; we consider the state variable constant, reducing our energy E s to E x. We then say:. But evaluating the energy E S takes a long time; we must iterate over all the vertices, faces, and edges, summing the energy of each one.

But we might notice that the effect of x on the energy depends on a very local region all the incident edges and faces, called the one-ring of the vertex. So to keep our algorithm O n when doing the derivative numerically, we must make sure that we compute E x by only considering the energy of the one-ring of the vertex in question.

In general, this method can be very challenging to implement, and although it is physically much more sound, in practice the results are in some ways better and in some ways worse than the mass-spring model. This method of cloth animation, including the derivation of the energy terms, is discussed thoroughly in this paper. After we decide on the cloth model, we need a method to integrate the equation of motion.You have not viewed any products yet. Start browsing our template library and here will be stored your history of viewed products.

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Experimenting with 3D Printed Fabric

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