Garmin uhd vs humminbird mega

You will harvest a lot of fish if you pick the best side imaging scan fish finder. In fact, you will get the most experience catching fish if your fish finders are among the best in the market. To help you make the right decision on which fishfinder is among the best in the marketwe have undergone an in-depth research and have come up with the 5 best side imaging scan fish finder to make your fishing hunt a breeze.

Simply put, side imaging fish finder is a sonar device designed to make your time on the water productive. This sonar technology offers advanced features to capture improved pictures of underwater structures and to help you locate more fish.

Side imaging fish finders use two sonar beams, which are located on both sides of the boat. The two sonar beams are positioned in a right angle direction of the path of the boat to cover about feet of water roundabout. The majority of SI sonar could be operated at two frequencies of kHz and kHz.

And will look down beneath the side of the boat and projects up to feet with foot photo-like coverage across the water bottom. Due to the potency of side imaging scan fish finders, they aren't affected by light, darkness or even mud and silt. With the best side imaging fish finders, natural structures, automobiles, submerged wreckage boats, and even schools of baitfish, will all show up in clear and clean detail.

In addition to this, you can run your side imaging in both fresh and salt water; in deep and shallow water that is as low as three feet. You are looking out for fish, which is the sole aim of buying the SI technology.

garmin uhd vs humminbird mega

The sonar technology essentially will point out a lot of fish from the bass of the river, which will appear as white dots or obscure shapes on the screen.

While you may see some as shadows, indicating these are more or less above the undermost part of the river, this in general, tells you that the farther the fish shadow is cast, the higher in the water queue is the fish. For example, Baitfish will show up as cloud shapes. Drops and ditches will look like dark shapes or lines on the side imaging screen. Rocks, grass, trees or any structure at all can immediately be identified.

Best Fish Finder – Lowrance vs. Humminbird vs. Garmin

From your screen view, your boat will show in the center of the image. It will appear like a small arrow-like shape and create turbulence bright-white line. However, whatever fish or structure are exposed in these dark bands, they are generally viewed in the water column beneath the boat, or on the left or right side of the boat, different than down imaging.

My bet is that you are going to catch more fish if you use the Hummingbird The reason is that the Helix is packed with a lot of high-end features to make your fish hunt a breeze.LOG IN. I have narrowed it down to the Garmin echomap 73sv or the Helix 7 si combo. Has anyone had experience with either of these? Struggling to make up my mind on which one I want.

Sort by date descending Sort by date asscending. I have a number of Humminbirds. I also have anand two Onyx's, can't forget the two Ice 55's either. Love all my birds. Read Pro Staff Bio. Goosecaller, "if you are more concerned with the imaging etc. I have a Helix 7SI and I really like it. I too was heavily considering the Garmin, but after much investigation, it seemed as though, if you want the best GPS on your locator, get the Garmin, if you are more concerned with the imaging etc.

After reading multiple forums and seeing the comments on here. I am going to try the Garmins. They seem to be pretty nice. Besides can't beat the price.

The Garmin comes with several features that the Hummninbird does not. The Garmin also comes with Contours HD mapping that draws high definition maps in real time. No additional down loading to a computer. You can add a degree transducer to the Garmin, not an option on the Helix. My new boat is going to have a helix 7si on it once it gets shipped from Missouri. I went with bird mostly for the lakemaster chip.

garmin uhd vs humminbird mega

I've used lakemaster for the last 4 years. I do think Garmin sonar is superior to bird though.Log in or Sign up. Garmin vs. Feb 7, 1. Messages: Alright guys I'm in the market for a new fish finder. Thinking the Garmin echomap 93, my friend has one and when I've got to play with it, I can't seem to find a bottom lock on it, when causing I'm mainly targeting blues so I prefer to only see the bottom 15' or so.

Anyone have any experience with the Garmin for cat fishing? Currently I have a humminbird helix 5, kinda thinking about the new hummingbird helix 9 mega. Feb 7, 2. PanOptix is great to see "how the fish reacts to your lure" - but that's it. With you can watch fish move in and out of areas which is why I want it.

So until Rock's learn how to move you can use it to see "stuff" Frequencies - MEGA is new, and in my opinion worth it.

Garmin vs. Humminbird?

Mega is 1. So it gives much more detail especially in units that have good processing like the Solix best processing capability and Helix good processing capability. With Mega you can tell Rock, from Mud, weeds from Mud, and how big the rocks are C Screen size - 12" seems to be what all the serious nutz are picking up.

If you use your want it big so you can watch the blips move around from where you are sitting. Things they don't do well - PanOptix is NOT a structure thing - it's only a lure thing, as in are they coming up from the bottom, then not grabbing it thing - doesn't do that.

But you can see fish move away, and where they moved, which you can do with abut not the PanOptix. For me right now I'm saving my pennies and thinking helix or solix 12 with a In the mean time I'm going to get a "directional transducer Gunner mounted rod" and I'll move my SI transducer from my trolling motor to it.

This way I can sweep objects and get a view of what is there in HD, with a fish alarm function so I can see and ID that sucker with a processor This will work until I have enough saved to get a setup, frankly I'll keep the SI rig even when I get the Years ago I had a Humminbird wideye that had side view, and I used to troll down the bank and ID bass and hit them all the time.

When my hand was on the sensor moving it and the ID when off I knew exactly where it was pointed I just told the kid - cast right by the left side of that rock, and BOOM! Good luck, I hope this may help you save some pennies.Shipments are on pause. Learn more. We apologize, but shipments are on pause due to a shelter-in-place order for the state of AL. Click here for more details and options. Shop Shop. Johnson Outdoors Family. Need something extra for your fish finder?

Find top-quality transducers, mounts, cables, carrying cases, batteries, and installation hardware to help get the most out of your equipment. Humminbird's vast cartography options allow you to plan out your fishing trip with unrivaled accuracy.

Using Side Imaging and LiveScope TOGETHER

Find the best fishing spots in freshwater or saltwater and don't waste your precious time in unproductive waters. When the equipment on your boat all works together, you spend less time adjusting and more time fishing. From your trolling motor to your fish finder and shallow water anchor, we created the One-Boat Network to help you do more of what you love to do.

Explore all of our imaging innovations. Get the detail, accuracy, and innovative, one-of-a-kind features you need to eliminate unproductive water and find the best fishing spots faster. We'll stop at nothing to take you places others won't - or can't. Explore our solutions to help you position your boat quickly, simply, and accurately.

Surround yourself with more detail than ever before with. Shop for transducers, mounting hardware, cables, cases, covers, and more. Take the lake home with you, and make software updates easier with the. Get tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Humminbird in our. Show More. For over 40 years Humminbird has operated with one goal in mind: create difference-making days for anglers out on the water. Email Sign Up Find a Dealer. Minn Kota. Old Town.Help Crappie. Forum Rules.

Remember Me? Forum Main Crappie. Results 1 to 5 of 5. Thread: Garmin ultra HD. Garmin ultra HD. I'm going to buy a live scope setup and I was wondering if it is worth the price to get an ultra unit?

How good is the uhd compared to the HB mega as they are both in the mhz range. For the extra money if the uhd is close to the mega I wouldn't have to buy a mega unit to,Thanks.

Best side and down imanaging IMO. I have a Garmin Ultra unit on the bow with Livescope. If I could only have 1 unit on my boat it would be this one. Gamechanger At first I had a Garmin 93sv plus unit, a nice unit for the price but very hard to see in the sunlight. I don't have this issue at all with the Ultra A friend of my has the Garmin UHD transducer for side and down imanaging.

It is good but not close to the images that I get from my Birds. Garmin Livescope - seeing is believing. The best of both worlds, IMO. I can cruise around in idle and find structure, brush piles etc using the 'bird SI, then when I find a spot with fish, move to the bow and use the LiveScope.

The 93 is a little small, so I am considering getting a Em Ultra 12" for the bow. Sent from my iPad using Crappie. USS Intrepid CVS Helicopter Squadron-3 "I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them. Roy thanked you for this post. Tags for this Thread buymegauhdultraunit.

All times are GMT The time now is AM.Ryan Moody 4 Comments. This will allow you to make an informed decision as to what unit you need for your own applications.

One of our Barra Basics students has captured some great shots on a recent trip where he took a two mates and caught 3 barra over a metre, as you can see in the following pics. Great effort Clint, great to see you putting your mates onto such good fish and thanks for the pics!

Putting your mates onto big barra is the ultimate thrill. When we took the unit for a run last week we picked up a nice metre plus barra in about three casts in the Hinchinbrook channel. The video is below.

Click the button below to get started - it's cheap as a takeaway lunch at the moment, only takes about 40 minutes to watch and also includes as a free bonus our sounder interpretation presentation. And if you'd like still more free fishing tips plus a chance to get in the draw for a charter with Ryan, simply enter your name and email below. Ryan Moody started his fishing career on the reef boats before catching bucket list marlin for the likes of champion heavy tackle angler Johnno Johnson, INXS and the King of Sweden.

Branching out in the late 80's to guided barramundi fishing, Ryan has made a name for himself as a Big Barramundi specialist and to date has put clients onto over metre plus barra. That is over 2 kilometres of metre plus barra!

Hi Ryan, A great write up indeed. From what i can gather from your review that its better suited for shallower water, maybe less than Ft? A Bargain! Im saving up for your Sounder Skills 2 Course. Regards Terry. Hi Terry, Cheers for your comments about Sounder Skills 1. Gald you enjoyed it mate! Never seen any high mega hertz frequency reach those distances. Hope that helps Cheers.The market of fish finders is truly wide, with many brands pushing their latest models. It can be truly difficult to know which brand to choose since each of them seems so similar at first glance, but they become very different once you start digging and seeing what they offer and what they specialize in.

garmin uhd vs humminbird mega

All three of these brands have shown that they can create amazing fish finders for various buyers and needs. From high-end units that have half a dozen imaging types to small units that you can use by yourself on the weekend with a tiny boat, they serve multiple markets. Be sure to give each brand a shot and look at everything they offer before making a final choice. This will give you a better idea of what each brand is and why they offer what they offer. Lowrance opened its doors in and has been a leader in marine technology since its inception, creating many fish finders and related sonar units.

They have adapted to new trends and imaging techniques, such as side imaging StructureScan and down imaging DownScan with ease. Perhaps their biggest innovation in the market came in when they were the first to introduce an HD multifunction screen.

They continue innovating and making products that anglers the world over love. Humminbird started in and has been marked by homegrown roots and innovation from start to present. Beginning in a small garage in Alabama, Humminbird started a trend of being the first to produce or use new technology. They were the first to introduce a waterproof depth sounder, one of the first to use LCR screens which later evolved into modern LCD screens and they were the first to use degree sonar technology.

From anglers to large boats, Humminbird is a company marked by unique products and a willingness to try new technology.


Garmin has different roots than Lowrance and Humminbird, but their commitment to their fish finders and products, in general, is definitely top class.

Starting inGarmin started and is currently a leader in GPS technologies. They have adapted their GPS units to work with automotive, marine, aviation and outdoor needs, plus they have created many types of wearable tech. Though their fishfinder lineup is limited, it has a serious following because the Garmin brand is all about quality. It also means that there will be more options and the ability to work within your budget or preferences.

Lowrance has the most products overall. They have more series, more screen sizes and more overall options than the other two brands. Due to their commitment to anglers, you will find many products that are smaller and meant for personal use, but they also have larger and professional units that will work for your needs.

Humminbird has fewer series than Lowrance, but the gap is very small. They offer nearly as many products, but their offerings go in a different direction. Humminbird, as you can tell for their brand description, concerns itself more with new technology. Garmin seems stretched a little thin here since they currently only offer several types of fish finders.

At the highest level, all of these brands offer nearly the same features.

Garmin UHD transducer best in the creeks

Garmin is the easiest to sort out since they only have a few series. Here you get units between 4 to 9 inches. The 7-inch and 9-inch models also offer SideVu. Lowrance has a wealth of features. Their products range in size from a small 4 inches to a huge 16 inches, and you get all sorts of features depending on size and model.

In general, their smaller units have down imaging and CHIRP, while larger units are equipped with side imaging and other features. Most models have button-based interfaces, but some of the higher-end models have touch screens with surprisingly wide viewing angles. After that, you start seeing the same features, just with larger screens. While there are a few units only with down imaging, most have side imaging and other advanced features.

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