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guajira son tab

Sweet Child O Mine. Nothing Else Matters. Jason Mraz. I'm Yours. Eagles The. Hotel California 2. Led Zeppelin. Stairway To Heaven extended Solo. Stairway To Heaven. Green Day. Master Of Puppets.

Cuban Guitar Lesson - Concept 3: Son Neutral - Jesús Hernández

Iron Maiden. Fear Of The Dark. Hotel California. Fade To Black. Lynyrd Skynyrd.La Guajira Flamenco is one of many styles that can be played on the Spanish Guitar. It is happy medium tempo style that evolves from Caribbean Rhythms and melodies brought to Spain and Andalusia by sea farers. The name of this style defines a specific rhythm, a tempo and a specific melody to be hinted or played.

The Rhythm. I have had of lot of nice smiles from customers when we perform this style at spanish music events here in Melbourne. And I would like to share with you all some insights on this style, some music appreciation to help us all understand a bit more what flamenco is from the perspective of a Western Culture guitar player.

I believe the explanation can be simplified as music is only a simple reflection of human emotions. Flamenco as all styles of music has a specific pulse, a heartbeat that we communicate on and with. All music is constructed in phrases which are based on questions and answers. All guitarists should consider incorporating these concepts into their regular playing. The Guajira like most flamenco has a question of two bars in length and an answer of another two bars in length.

Santana - Guajira Lyrics

Flamenco is about questions with strong accents and answers with also strong accents. Flamenco is similar to all other styles of music on the planet in the way melodies are constructed. Similar to the written language questions and answers form phrases. Phrases form sentences and sentences form paragraphs. In music they are generally all symmetrical in length. We have now constructed a full sentence.

Thus try the above exercise a few times until you start getting the feel of silence, of passion and express yourself with the rhythm. This is the tricky part which confuses most western musicians. This section will be useful to fellow guitarist.

La Guajira starts on the dominant chord. Most western music starts on the tonic. This following suggestion can be appreciated not only by guitarists but by all music lovers. La Guajira flamenco has a specific melodic line.

La Guajira Flamenco Spanish Guitar

Listen to Guajiras and try to figure out what this melodic line is. You may learn more on flamenco guitar through my dedicated guitar lessons site called the Creative Guitar School. Post Series: Spanish Music Flamenco. The Rhythm I have had of lot of nice smiles from customers when we perform this style at spanish music events here in Melbourne.Both of these things are necessary for any good protest song and that is exactly what it became famous for.

The tune has evolved through the years and used in struggles for peace and justice across Latin America and the U. One artist named Roland Alphonso even recorded a ska version. So, what is it about this Cuban patriotic folk song which has become so universal and pervasive across the world?

Originally, the lyrics to " Guantanamera " had a romantic spin and a love affair gone awry. It was a story of a woman who gets fed up and leaves her man after being mistreated, possibly in the form of infidelity. Those lyrics quickly fell by the wayside as the song evolved to one about national pride. After all, the first verse of the song was taken from a poem by Cuban freedom activist Jose Marti. The adaptation cemented it for future use among freedom activists and others struggling for some kind of justice.

Later, there's a verse which speaks of choosing to cast one's lot with the poor people of the land. No doubt, it's this verse which catapulted the song from being one about Cuba where the palm trees grow to a universal song about class equality and freedom for the poor. The United States has long maintained a military base at Guantanamo in Cuba. This makes the U. It's typically sung by freedom activists who would like to see that military base close for good, though they don't usually employ the song to that end.

In America, " Guantanamera " has been used during anti-war demonstrations, union strikes, marches for an overhaul of the US immigration system, and civil rights for immigrants.

In more recent demonstrations, it was sung at Wall Street and around the country where folks were commenting on the balance of wealth. When employed in the United States, the verses sung tend to remain concise - sticking to the verse about being an honest man. This states "My verses flow green and red" and references blood on the land - an allusion to revolution, though it's almost never used to incite violence in the US.

The final verse speaks about casting one's lot with the poor. The chorus, "Guantanamera, guajira Guantanamera" simply refers to singing a song about Guantanamo Guantanamera is the feminized version of the name. Kim Ruehl. She is also the Community Manager for the folk music magazine NoDepression. Those lines which open the song translate roughly to English as:.

I am a truthful man from this land of palm trees Before dying I want to share these poems of my soul. While you may be familiar with one of the English versions, it is a simple song in Spanish:. Chorus Con los pobres de la tierra, Quiero yo mi suerte echar, Con los pobres de la tierra, Quiero yo mi suerte echar, El arroyo de la sierra, Me complace mas que el mar.GruveRecords gruverecords Record Description.

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"Guantanamera": The Famous Cuban Folk Song

Picture sleeves and LP inner sleeves will have some slight wear, lightly turn-up corners, or a slight seam-split.Ina version by American vocal group the Sandpipersbased on an arrangement by the Weavers from their May Carnegie Hall Reunion concert, became an international hit. The four verses of the song were adapted from four stanzas of Versos sencilloseach from a different poem. They are presented here in the original Spanish poem:stanza.

Given the song's musical structurewhich fits A—B—A—B sometimes A—B—B—A octosyllabic verses, "Guantanamera" lent itself from the beginning to impromptu verses, improvised on the spot, similar to what happens with the Mexican folk song " La Bamba ".

guajira son tab

Through this use, "Guantanamera" became a popular vehicle for romantic, patriotic, humorous, or social commentary in Cuba and elsewhere in the Spanish-speaking world. Additional verses commonly sung are:. Some [ who? The recording is described by Stewart Mason at Allmusic as the "definitive version" of the song.

He urged that people sing the song as a symbol of unity between the American and Cuban peoples, and called for it to be sung in Spanish to "hasten the day [that] the USA The most commercially successful version of "Guantanamera" in the English-speaking world was recorded by the easy listening vocal group, The Sandpipersin In addition to the group's vocals, the version includes Robie Lester on background vocals and narration by producer LiPuma.


She recorded it on at least different records, [13] her earliest commercial recording being on the Mexican label Tico Records [14] in She mentions her special memories of singing "Guantanamera" nine times in her posthumous autobiography. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Guantanamera disambiguation.

Cuban folk song. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Versos sencillos. Financial Times. Financial Times Ltd.

Retrieved May 22, Public Radio International. Retrieved September 16, Archived from the original on December 19, Retrieved September 29, Pop Chronicles. Retrieved April 29, Billboard magazine. Retrieved June 14, Top Pop Singles — 1st ed. Complete UK Hit Singles — 1st ed.

London: Collins. Retrieved March 19, The Guajira is a music genre derived from the Punto cubano. According to some specialists on this theme, [1] the Punto cubano was known in Spain since the 18th century, where it was called "punto de La Habana", and by the second half of the 19th century it was adopted by the incipient Spanish Flamenco style, which included it within its "palos" with the name of Guajira.

Two years later, inthe Cuban composer Jorge Anckermann inaugurated a new genre with his song "El arroyo que murmura", the first Cuban Guajira. This song became a model that was adopted by many other Cuban composers at a later time, and was frequently included in the Cuban Zarzuela and vernacular theater.

Its form usually alternates a first section in minor mode, with a second section modulating to its direct Major relative. Its lyrics frequently refer to rural themes in an idealistic and bucolic way, and generally evoke the goodness of rural life and romantic love stories.

This is nothing but another case of synonymy within the Cuban popular music, because in spite of being named as Guajira, the style of his songs was nothing else but the one of the Cuban Son and Bolero -Son; although their lyrics were always related to rural themes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see Guajira disambiguation. Latin American Music Review, volume 25, No. Editorial Corripio C. La Habana. Cuban musical forms, genres and styles. Music genres in the Hispanosphere. Tbal Mvet Tam-tam. Latin music Music of the Philippines. Categories : Cuban styles of music. Hidden categories: Articles with hAudio microformats. Namespaces Article Talk.

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guajira son tab

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