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By cybertronJuly 25, in shippers' paradise. Son Yejin and Hyun Bin's agencies responded to the rumors. There were also reports said that the two are meeting Son Yejin's parents, talking about their serious relationship. However, soon after the rumors spread, both agencies of the two actors quickly denied it. She likes to travel alone. Son Yejin's parents are currently in Korea. The rumors started as the two have recently starred in box office 'The Negotiation.

Source 1. Hyun Bin pushes the cart while Son Ye-jin looks at things. However, the two sides denied that it was "absolutely not". Let's reminisce Hyun Bin's type of woman for the past couple of years! Hyun Bin's interview after KSS drama. Hyun Bin: The girl I like, she'd have to understand the nature of my job, and she'd have to have a healthy appetite. Age doesn't matter, as long as she's not older than my mother.

Would you fall in love with a year-old woman in reality? Hyun Bin's answer "If I really like her, if my mother doesn't disagree, why not? When I set the first look on a girl, and when I'm speaking to them, I do not look at her face. The first thing I'd look is her hands. I think I could see whether a girl is capable of becoming a good wife through her hands.

He said, " Actually, I don't care much about the appearance, the most important thing is having a kind heart. If I really like a girl, I'd want to be a man who could understand her and take care of her. Don't all girls like this type of guys? Relationship that my parents disapprove of is an absolute NO.Son Ye Jin has starred in a number of Korean dramas.

However, her popularity hit a new high when she starred in Crash Landing On You. Son Ye Jin starred with Hyun Bin. While the series was popular in South Korea, the K-drama drew viewership from across the globe as well. While the fandom for the series has increased with the popularity of the show, Son Ye Jin has also witnessed a change in the number of likes on her posts on Instagram.

When we stalked the actress on the social media platform, we realised that the likes on the initial few posts were comparatively lower than the ones she has been posted in the last two years. The actress currently has over 3. The picture has over 1. Note: These posts exclude professional photos shoots and videos.

The data has been accumulated as of October 1. While these might be Son Ye Jin's most liked posts, we love her Instagram handle for it truly gives a glimpse into her life. The actress allows fans into her life with her friends, family and she gives us a sneak peek at her work via goofy videos and prep videos.

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Click here. You may like these. Add new comment.Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin officially denied the rumors they were dating with the intention of marriage, and the ' Crash Landing on You ' co-stars are reported to be filming well despite the speculation on their relationship. We ask for fans to aggressively send in malicious rumors they come across about the actors to the label.

Log in to comment. Misleading article. Plus, they were referring to rumors involving all actors under the agency—not just Hyun Bin. Seriously I usually have very good reading comprehension skills but the information in this article seems lacking? All it references is rumors of them dating - and nothing regarding any breakup is mentioned that was written in the headline.

Night Mode. Posted by germainej Tuesday, January 14, Share this article. Hyun Bin Son Ye Jin. Krystal leaves SM Entertainment and signs with new label. Luna takes to Instagram to cheer on f x groupmate Krystal after news of her leaving SM Entertainment. NCT's upcoming 2nd album reach over 1 million in physical sales. Netizens are in love with BTS Jin's two contrasting hairstyles displayed in a single day. BTS V captivated fans with his unique vocal tone and soulful voice and even became fashionista and entertainer for fans on MOTS:ONE second day and once again attracted people attention.

Jae apologizes for his comments on neurodiversity and passing them off as sarcasm. Netizen photoshops arched brows on female K-Pop idols with normally straight eyebrows.With 'Crash Landing On You' turning as one of the most popular, much sought after Korean dramas, dating rumours about the lead cast Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are making rounds despite clarifications. As reported by KoreaBoo, Kim Jung Hyun gave details of behind the scenes of the popular drama series.

10 Behind-the-Scenes Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin Moments That Will Give You the Feels

He said that both are amazing when they act. He refuted the claims made by reporters about a rosy picture of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin while rehearsing. Instead, he said that there was no pinky atmosphere during the rehearsals as both the actors behaved professionally, discussing and contributing to each other's scenes.

But he also said that as soon as the camera starts rolling both are nothing but a couple completely in love with each other. When they begin shooting, he looks at her with so much love, and I was amazed by it, said Jung Hyun. They're the people you call "professionals", he said. Speaking about how they made it easy for him with their down to earth nature, Jung Hyun said that they are the most considerate and talented seniors. Even though they have been in the industry much longer than he has been, they gave him the same respect and opportunity like a colleague, he said.

jin hyun bin

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are comfortable with each other as they are not only actors but also friends. Even off-screen clippings show that both are considerate towards each other. But there is no need for rumours to fly as both Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are sweet towards other characters too as can be seen laughing and making jokes in the behind the scenes videos.

Recently, a photo of Son ye Jin holding a hand was making rounds and there were reports that she was holding Hyun Bin's hand. But Hyun Bin's agency issued a clarification that there is nothing going on between both the actors and Ye Jin was holding her own hand and it has nothing to do with Hyun Bin.Forgot your password? Remember me?

Hyun Bin to take legal action against marriage and breakup rumors involving Son Ye Jin

Be warned, though—spoilers lie ahead! While romantic and moving, the scene before cameras rolled could not be farther from that. It got the two debating which hand and as usual, the two end up laughing. Their moving hospital scene may have had you clutching your heart, but the two were pretty chill before the cameras rolled. This behind-the-scenes take starts at shows how the two actors practiced their first onscreen kiss and it will have you shipping the actors beyond their roles in Crash Landing On You.

Couples may get into big fights, but they also argue over the smallest things, sometimes just for the fun of it.

Hyun Bin Son Ye Jin Net Worth - Hyun Bin ❤️ Son Ye-jin - 현빈 ❤️ 손예진

In this scene starts at where Captain Ri and Se Ri are having chimaek or chicken and beerSon Ye Jin and Hyun Bin patiently wait for the food props to arrive on their table. Once the fried chicken is placed before them, Hyun Bin pokes the wing and asks if he should angle it differently. The two bicker over whether the wing should be up or down, and the two trail off into laughs.

When it was time for the Ri-Ri couple to part ways at the demarcation line, goodbyes were said and lots of tears fell.

jin hyun bin

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jin hyun bin

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Log In using Facebook. Log In via Email.Having a male lead with facial hair can add depth to the character's personality. Let's explore drama world on search of such rare appearances. An article focusing on what we know so far about the upcoming Korean drama "Crash Landing on You".

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jin hyun bin

Favorite Actors people loves 7. From dramaland to real life - acting couples people 15 loves. Best of Most Popular Time Travel Dramas. Hottest Airing Dramas. Light and Fluffy. Top Manga Adaptations. Interspecies Romance. Alphabet Game Food 52 seconds ago. Like, Dislike, Ehh, or No opinion 3 minutes ago.

Which drama from the above user's 'Last List Updates' would you pick? What was the last song non Asian that you listened to? Ri Jung Hyuk Main Role.

Ri Jung Hyuk. Yoo Jin Woo Main Role. Kim Joo Won Main Role. Han Dong Soo Main Role. Jung Ji Oh Main Role. Jung Ji Oh. Hyun Jin Heon Main Role. Hyun Jin Heon. Kang Kook Main Role. Kang Kook. Himself Main Role. Im Chul Ryung Main Role. Lee Chung Main Role.By ChocolateAugust 22 in Laissez Affairs. However, it was reported that they often met for meals and drinks, together with the Director, to discuss their ideas for the movie and to build rapport. During an interview, HB said it was a pity that filming was mostly done via a monitor.

There were things we knew without having to talk to each other It was great. As a result, we have many things we can talk about and we share similar views about a lot of things. She took great care of me. I think it would be nice to have more of a scene like this. Credit: Binnie Jinnie Couple on facebook. First the cast introduced themselves.

Ye Jin greeted Director but Hyun Bin. I found it odd, as normally she should have greeted and asked all. Scene when Chae Yoon negotiated in English, Ye Jin said she practised with English teacher to have precise pronounciation, but compare to that, now hers is better, such a pity. All laughed. Thailand car rushing scene, Bin said it was so hot. Ye Jin laughed so hard. Scene after Chae Yoon showering, her colleague came to her house. I have no idea why they laughed so hard at this joke.

Hyun Bin had never forgotten how Ye Jin could film in a huge, clean, neat space. Monitoring scene between them was filmed in a month. She said for all that time, they just acted through the monitors.

The first scene when they met through monitors, he threatened to shoot but there was no bullet until the third try, Hyun Bin giggled then Ye Jin asked why. The commentary is sound only, invisible.

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