M40a1 stock for sale

This includes other manufacturer's components not listed such as Accuracy International's Remington folding stock, John Plaster's stocks, any McMillan tactical or target stock, and other manufacturer's actions and barrels. We also install any parts you may have acquired for your custom rifle.

Pricing is negotiable and depends on material costs, availability, your parts contribution, and required shop time. Credit will be applied towards your purchase if you provide an action regardless of whether the action is used or not used for your rifle.

TBA will also take other rifles in trade. Some of the custom gunsmithing work available includes action truing, rebarreling, bluing, moly-teflon coating parkerizing, restocking wood or synthetic stocks, recoil reduction, pillar bedding, auto pistol accurizing, scope mounting on rifles and pistols, adjustable sight installation on auto pistol slides, trigger jobs, wood and metal checkering, and military rifle sporterizing.

General gunsmithing work includes repair, refinishing, check safety, functioning, testfire and accuracy. Please ask if you have a special gunsmithing need. Customize your rifle:. TBA is a full custom shop and has always offered to the customer any addition, deletion, alteration, or substitution of any specification or component at the customer's request. Package prices with base and rings but does not include telescope sights unless noted click through to see more descriptions per rifle.

Left Hand for all centerfire Remington models. Chambering available in. Remington Accurizing Package: any caliber and model including wood stocked and sporter weight barrels complete action and barrel truing, PPG Palma rechamber for.

Finally got a Unertl 10X scope for a prospective M40A1 replica

Many of the following options and accessories may already be included in the rifle configuration prices. Pricing does not include installation cost for most items listed. Stainless Steel Remington Barreled Action add. Clip slot receiver to Remington factory specification. Early Type pre Short Bolt Sleeve. Badger Ordnance Tactical Bolt Handle installed. Dakota M Bottom Metal Assembly. Tubb Recoil Lug.

McMillan Stock, any style, any color. Accuracy International Chassis System for Remington adj. McMillan thumbwheel integral adjustable cheekpiece for any stock installed.

Speedlock 3-Way Adjustable Buttplate installed. Decelerator Butt Pad. Texas Brigade Armory, N. All Rights Reserved.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Welcome to the world of custom stocks! We have designed this entire business around promoting the safe use of firearms by enhancing the enjoyment the average person can expect to receive from getting more involved with his or her rifles and shotguns.

Everything we sell is designed to be installed in an evening or two at home with very little, if any, difficulty for the average hobbyist. With the hundreds of choices available at Stocky's, how can you make sense of them all?

Read on and you'll be amazed at just how easy it can be. This page will be updated frequently as we gather new material from specific vendors. Replacing your old, worn or otherwise undesirable factory stock with a new Stocky's stock: Professionals worldwide agree it's the simplest and fastest way to not only improve the appearance of your rifle, but also results in at least 5 very important improvements.

The birth of the modern tactical rifle can be traced back to the year Today, McMillan is the most-issued tactical stock in the world. The McMillan tactical series are a combination of benchrest accuracy, battlefield ruggedness, superior ergonomics and specialized design. There is indeed a difference between professional equipment and look-alike equipment. When that difference matters to your job performance, demand McMillan. It can be used for either short or long actions, as well as ADL blind magazineBDL hinged floorplateand most detachable box magazine systems.

It will take any barrel contour up to a 8. This stock can also be used for most Remington, Winchester, and Savage actions. Available in right and left hand. Different models will be warehoused with varying options based upon factory popularity. For example, the A-4 will be stocked with the aluminum saddle adjustable cheekrest and extra flush-cups for varying your carrying sling mount configurations in the field.Login or Sign Up.

Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. Random Guy. I should have posted this pic last autumn, but anyhow, here's Ed Land's M40A1 with a smear stock and Weaver T10 scope, as used by him at the Sept vintage sniper match at Quantico, and I think the same rifle was used by his son during the April match. I didn't take a picture of the other side it might be "US" marked, but can't recallregardless, you can clearly see the stock pattern and scope mounts.

Its a neat rifle, just an fyi pic for anyone interested Tags: None. That's a great rifle. Thanks for sharing! The stock is a semi-smear pattern. Its actually harder to find than a smear. I think they made fewer of these. Comment Post Cancel. Are those the stocks that you find the initials KM on? But they would never find anything to beat the old Springfield Beside it, the M1 looked like a fat old man puffing with a lack of training MescaBug commented.

I wouldnt know, never heard about it. Do you have any info about the KM initials? There are early stocks that while being produced Kelly McMillan finger painted in his initials. I've seen pics of the stocks and its plain as day. I just wasn't sure if it was full smear or semi smear that had it.

From the looks I'd say it was semi smear. Fact I didn't know there was a smear vs semi smear type till now. I'll do some search. I was pretty sure it was for 'Kelly McMillan'.

m40a1 stock for sale

Game Warden. Removed by poster. Last edited by Game Warden ;PM. From this picture it looks like a Redfield 40x base but what rings are those? Doesn't look like 40x mounts to me. Looks more like a sa mount on the front?

Warhammer commented.Shortly there after Gale passed away and like Gale, the M40A1 has now moved on and can only be found in the hearts and minds of those who relied on them. In appreciation of this relationship, McMillan is recreating a limited edition of this very same M40A1 in exacting detail.

All that has been left out are the multiple layers of camo paint that had been applied through out the service life of the original rifle. Each element of the rifle is historically correct down to the Wichita sling swivels and brown Pachmyer recoil pad.

m40a1 stock for sale

The stock is molded from the same contract mold and is built to the same specs as those delivered by McMillan to the Marines Corps. The action, barrel, bottom metal, and trigger are all hand crafted in the same fashion as the original with correct serial number and proof stampings.

To top off the rifle is the last of the available US Optics MST 10X scopes, mounted in the historically correct clip-slotted base and rings. The remainder of the barrel is free-floated. Socket Cap bolts, not factory slotted guard screws hold everything together. Like the originals, the BDL magazine box is welded to the receiver. The last 4 digits of the serial number are stamped into the bolt handle, bottom metal including both the door and trigger bow, scope base, and barrel.

US Optics picked up the scope contract after it ran out with Unertl and performed all upgrades and refurbishing, as well as suppling new optics.

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Total Awards : 4 Total Points : The 3 hardest parts for such a project are the Unertl scope available but priceyUSMC return stock rare and priceyand original Unertl scope mount really rare.

I told myself if I can find one of those three parts, I will undertake such a project. As far as I can tell, there are about 6 U. US Military issued: 1. These seem to have serial number range of "5XXX" - but I have not studied this in depth. One source says scopes were ordered. The range markings extended out to yards for the 50 BMG, instead of yds on the original scope for the M40A1.

They improved the seals and made a few minor improvements to make them more durable in the field. I think these had the upgraded coil springs rather than the original leaf-springs in the turrets. I am not sure about serial range, but they seem to fall into the 2 to 3k range USO Optics made a slight design improvement and used coil springs instead of leaf spring in the mechanism, and the finish was also improved somewhat.

M40A1 For Sale

Foreign military issued: 7. Canadian issued military scope marked "C3 Sniper. I am not sure how many of these scopes were made, but they are quite rare. Non-issued Unertl scopes sold commercially in the early s, after the original company had been acquired. That scope is what I now have. I am not sure how many were made. I decided that a "T"-prefix scope would be fine with me given the condition it doesn't need work, and it came with some goodies, as seen below : Tools: Left is newish US Optics tools for MST, and on the right is a vintage set probably from the ss.

The large flat tool was used to adjust the parallax on the front the scope's objective, manual recommended this be done at yds. As I noted on my thread re the history of M14 military optics, the Unertl 10X was not intended for the M14 - but it was a revolutionary scope.

It was the first scope to use a Mil-Dot reticle - and that reticle design concept has impacted all subsequent U. It was also somewhat advanced with a BDC ballistic drop calculator built-into the elevation dial for use with M match ammo, marked from to yards. Here's how the marking on the turret correspond to the trajectory of M ammo: Here's the coarse turret setting at yards: Lastly, I will mention one "urban legend" I heard at Quantico regarding the Unertl 10X sniper scope.

Supposedly back in the late s or very early s when John Unertl was working with the USMC sniper school on his scope, he wanted to demonstrate the strength of this all-steel scope. It weighs in at a chunky and robust 2 lbs 3 ozs. The scope got scratched up, but it reportedly drove the small nail into the pole, and the glass did not crack and the scope was still functional even after this abuse. Obviously I can't validate this urban legend, but I found his story interesting and kind-of humorous, so I thought I would share it.

Anyhow, I consider this my Christmas present for Happy Holidays! I have a few friends with them, but they were all built into rifles and none are currently for sale.It can be used for either short or long actions, as well as ADL blind magazineBDL hinged floorplateand most detachable box magazine systems. It will take any barrel contour up to a 8. This stock can also be used for most Remington, Winchester, and Savage actions. The M40A1 is available with or without texture on the forend and pistol grip.

Available in right and left hand. For the finest presentation-grade surface, we suggest a painted finish. Six solid paint colors are available. A new speckletone granite finish is also available. Choose any solid base coat color and specify either one or two speckletone paint highlights to create an attractive custom finish. When you order any paint finish, the underlying stock is hand-sanded, primed, and painted to eliminate all surface imperfections.

This is the finish most manufacturers specify for the McMillan stocks that are sold with their custom shop rifles. The paint we use is an industrial grade, non-slip pebble finish similar to that found on power tools, office machines and industrial equipment. This polyurethane paint is the most durable we can find and is suitable for conditions found from the Arctic to the tropics.

However, any painted finish will scratch when dragged over rocks, limbs and other hard surfaces. It is impervious to most gun cleaning solvents, but harsh solvents should be wiped off immediately. It is currently available in four different color schemes. Desert Ambush is the first offering of the Ambush series. The color pattern was developed for the desert terrain and foliage of the Southwestern United States.

Molded in colors are the most durable finish we offer. With a molded finish, the color is impregnated into the gelcoat, or exterior surface layer of the stock.In this post Rifleshooter. The M40A3 underwent a mid-life upgrade in when the D. Ross hinged floorplate system was replaced with a Badger M5 detachable magazine system.

The rifle built here is based on this later, post version of the M40A3. Unlike sniper rifles used by other services in the U. Prior to building a replica of a military rifle, you need to find the parts. This can be the most difficult step in the process. Note: Rifleshooter. I would suggest reading the series if you are considering building a M40A3 or M40A5 clone.

McMillan Adjustable Game Warden Stock Review

The M40A3 uses a lug slotted receiver to receive the optical platform scope base. Lug slot? Lugged base? You can find a copy of it here. The contents of Rifleshooter. Any modifications made to a firearm should be made by a licensed gunsmith.

Failure to do so may void warranties and result in an unsafe firearm and may cause injury or death. Modifications to a firearm may result in personal injury or death, cause the firearm to not function properly, or malfunction, and cause the firearm to become unsafe. For use in this project, the following items were ordered from Brownells :. Parts in hand, I am ready to start working on the rifle.

m40a1 stock for sale

The optical platform used in the M40A3 is shown above. Note the two lugs that protrude beneath the base. These lugs provide added strength to the mount. Talking to Dan Ross D. I took their advice and made the drawing of the mount above. The action is secured to a v-block and secured in the milling machine vise. The first cut plunges into the front of the receiver, this will accept the front lug of the mount.

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