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Last Updated on February 18, The tiny home movement has taken off significantly in the last decade. At or less square feet, tiny home living allows individuals and families to save money, live more environmentally friendly, and simplify their life. With the rising popularity of tiny homes, including television shows and tiny home villages sprouting up around the country, it is no surprise that there are more tiny home builders around the country than ever before. We researched extensively to create this list of the best tiny home companies in each state.

Some states, like Oregon, Colorado, and Tennessee have significantly more options than others. This has to do with a combination of local laws embracing tiny home living, a landscape that lends itself to exploring the great outdoors, and a population eager to live with more freedom.

The tiny home builders included in this list cover nearly anything you could be looking for.

magic tiny houses

Although many builders offer pre-made models, just as many will personalize or completely custom design and build a home suited to your needs. The builders on this home create everything from mobile to stationary homes, those specialized in off-the-grid living and green building techniques, homes built specifically for the physically handicapped, to super luxurious homes, rustic hunting cabins, funky urban caravans, and more.

Want to know who the best tiny home companies are in a specific state? Jump to see any state by clicking the link below. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work. Timbercraft Tiny Homes of Guntersville is a tiny home builder advocating minimalist living and sustainability.

Owned and operated by Doug Schroeder, their luxury tiny homes on wheels are high-quality and affordable. In addition to the four models listed on their website, Timbercraft Tiny Homes will brainstorm with clients and research products and materials to design a completely custom home.

Many green features are available, such as solar panels and a composting toilet, to allow you to build a completely off the grid home. Their models include the impressively creative Retreat, which is a towable home suitable for six people. Their lead construction professional has over 20 years of experience and can complete any kind of custom home you want, in a wide range of styles and sizes. They have three models shown on their website β€” Freedom, The Dreamer, and Trinity, which you can adjust to your specifications, but typically they draw up custom plans with each client to suit specific tastes and needs.

All homes are built on mobile trailers and can be completed in 16, 18, 20, 24, 28 and 30 foot long designs. Harmony Tiny Homes of Oxford are experienced builders trying to help others enjoy the flexibility of the tiny home movement. The company is run by Bryan Booth, who has over 17 years of residential construction experience.

All of their homes are built on wheels and are designed to be energy-efficient, low maintenance, and comfortable for full time living.

Their homes make creative use of space and are exceptionally beautiful. Harmony Tiny Home loves to upcycle and repurpose items in their builds and can work with a range of sizes and pricing. They can build from pre-existing plans or collaborate with clients to design a one-of-a-kind tiny home. Atkinson Homes and Cottages in Childersburg, Alabama is committed to introducing people to a whole new living experience with their tiny homes.

These homes have all the comforts, convenience, and luxury of a traditional home, with less cost and hassle. Clients can browse their model tiny homes, or work with their team to design a custom home for their specific needs and style preferences.

Their custom-designed authentic cabins can be designed to comfortably fit a family of six. Tundra Tiny Houses is the first tiny home company in Alaska. Run by Coley Foster, each home is unique and custom built.You can share this using the e-mail and social media re-share buttons below. Thank you!

These 35 Enchanting Tiny Houses Look Just Like Real Life Fairy Houses

She has awesome ideas for storing all of her items in her closet loft! Great ideas! I like how she chose the gray color for her home! Her place is bright and airy!

I like her hanging shelf for storing her dishes! Great idea! The butcher block counters and table go really nice in there. I like her storage couch, and all of her underneath storage under the stairs! Awesome lights in her bedroom loft!


Thank you for inviting us in to tour your adorable Throw! Love your dog! Super great Thow β€” she did a terrific job on the design and thought of just about everything β€” good sized kitchen and bath β€” hooray a closet loft β€” it is bright, airy and open. Everything is very functional and no wasted space.

The name of her Thow is catchy and fun and if you watch her video you will find out how it came to be. The name is a play on words as you shall see. Great layout, very functional kitchen and bath but I especially like the way the couch faces the doors.

Not an afterthought tucked away in a corner somewhere but a real, comfy lounging area with a view. There is no similarity to Harry Potter in that TH, not that I see of it, unless of course I am missing something here.

But there is a lot of gray. The outside paneling, the pillows, the door, even the hat… all gray. I take it the owner likes gray? Feel like I just ate a whole tub of cake icing or something. Anyway, congratulations on creating your beautiful little abode, Genna.

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To keep costs to a minimum, the homes are sold as customizable DIY kits that can be put together in as little as three days. Greg Parham founded the Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses company to help others embrace the outdoors and live simply. His tiny mobile homes are often priced below market value but still boast a beautiful contemporary aesthetic with quality and often reclaimed materials. The company offers a feet-long and 8.

Prefabrication can dramatically lower the cost of a home, which is why the tiny DublDom homes are so attractive. Each cozy home is clad in timber and double-glazed windows, and can be easily assembled in just one day. Looking for a tiny home option that steers away from the conventional look? Green Magic Homes offers hobbit-like homes that let you live in harmony with the environment. The company sells their green-roofed homes as DIY kits so that anyone can build their homes at an affordable price.

Authorized Green Magic Homes Distributors can also assist in the assembly, however. Remember Me. By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policyand to the use of cookies as described therein. Here's another cool one: The Tiny Solar House www.

It's owner traveled America for 17 months and took it to 27 National Parks! These tiny house prices are about double what they should be, it is a scam. You can buy double wides 20 times as large that are better built. Are you dreaming of a tiny house to call home? Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses offer affordable bespoke homes Greg Parham founded the Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses company to help others embrace the outdoors and live simply.

The tiny house company offers a feet-long and 8. Affordable DublDom home can be assembled in just one day Prefabrication can dramatically lower the cost of a home, which is why the tiny DublDom homes are so attractive. Green Magic Homes offer affordable hobbit-like living Looking for a tiny home option that steers away from the conventional look? I agree to receive emails from the site. I can withdraw my consent at any time by unsubscribing.

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magic tiny houses

Connect with:. Facebook Google. Signing Up. News Design Lifestyle Environment. Continue reading below. This 74K tiny home has an incredible interior that's larger than life. Carbon-neutral home in Australia conceals its energy efficiency with minimalist design.

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Email: info saferoomdesigns. RV Trailer Gallery. Lake Martin Model. Skyview Model. Hawaii Container Model. Pensacola Model. Selma Model. Franklin Model. Thomasville 2 Model. Egg-Shell Model. Key West Mobile Design. South Beach Baldwin Design. Brentwood Model. Spring Hill Modualr. Salem Model. Key West White Model. Vermont Model. Spring Hill Modular.

Lakeland Model. Nawlins Model. Thomasville Model. Riedsville Model. Container Home on Piles. Hotel Glass Pool.A green living technology that integrates residents with the surroundings, fostering environmental awareness and appreciation of nature while offering significant technological advantages that deliver an unparalleled unique living experience.

The structures are covered by soil and rich greenery, making them energy efficient and energy saving while keeping a temperature balanced interior that fosters restful sleep and rejuvenation. Embrace an innovative lifestyle that calms your senses, fills you with energy, joy, and inner peace while keeping you connected to your external environment.

Alabama Tiny Homes: What You Need to Know

Its interior is the ideal growth ecosystem with cool temperatures, balanced airflow, and the optimal CO2 concentration to maximize plant growth, increase yield and reduce the chance of plant disease. A smaller area above and around the plants to light, heat, and humidity reduces operating costs per plant and creates an airtight, controllable, non-stressed envelope to grow produce.

The units maintain optimum and stable growth conditions and provide consistent plant development throughout each cycle, maximizing yields, streamlining processes and driving more value from crop cycles. The technology allows the creation of aesthetically beautiful structures that blend with nature and provide a light and tranquil environment for the discerning traveler, with high vaulted ceilings, clean lines and an abundance of natural light that reflects off the smooth curved interior surfaces.

The exteriors are lush and vibrant living landscapes that blend in perfectly with the natural environment. These are some upcoming residential communities and hospitality projects across the world that are being created with Green Magic Homes technology. These projects are all innovative, sustainable, regenerative and healthy while saving energy and water to become net positive for their residents and the earth.

The Green Magic Homes technology is the embodiment of a profound ancient philosophy that connects our living environment to our personal wellness. If you are a builder or construction company who wants to be involved in exciting new Green building projects, we invite you to become a Green Magic Homes Certified Builder and a Supplier of GMH technology in your area.

The Best Tiny Home Builders in the US

GMH Technologies are patented. Press enter to begin your search. Modular Construction. Natural Environment. Enjoy an environment of flowers, fruits and greens around your house and feel nature like never before.

Water and Corrosion Resistant. Our water and corrosion resistant structures are shielded with two layers of waterproofing elements to prevent infiltration and prolong the life of the units. Energy Efficient. Antibacterial Reflective Inner Coating.

The walls of the structure are glazed with a state-of-the-art antibacterial coating composed of glass and silver that eliminates pests, mold, and fungi. Electromagnetic Spectrum Lighting. Lighting system emits deep penetrating wavelengths that excite molecular activity providing an efficient way to affect grow performance and maximizing photosynthesis without heat.

GMH Agrotunnel Structure. An insulated parabolic structure with optimum internal cool temperature, antibacterial internal walls, and fully sealed to provide controlled moisture and an ideal CO2 concentration. Symbiotic Support Systems. Systems including water purification, biodigestion, organic nutrient generation, CO2 supplementation, HVAC, and moisture recovery. Speed of Construction. Modular panels manufactured with advanced composites require minimum maintenance and upkeep when compared to standard construction and provide increased lifecycle cost savings.

Unique Experience. The exterior elegantly integrates with the nature for low visual and construction impact in surrounding eco-system which makes it ideal for eco-sensitive areas.

Easily Customizable. The volumes are self supporting so the internal layout can me modified freely as needed. Any myriad of combinations are possible to satisfy most spatial needs.Kristie Wolfe simply made her fairytale dream come true.

Her adorable DIY hobbit hole house has a million-dollar view in a perfect location β€” a small community of Orondo in central Washington.

I wanted the house to be buried, to be as authentic as possible. We could have mixed it by hand, but it would have been really difficult. Does it look authentic? For gardeners tired of the noisy commotion of suburbs it offers a host of benefits. One of the main benefits would be its remote location. Finally, you may stop dreaming about growing flowers or wild strawberries on your roof! Modular units can be interconnected creating luxury Hobbit estates. You may plan your future Hole house with confidence!

Its technology meets all international standards and approved to be used for building tiny homes in any country in the world. Green Magic Homes offers an amazing line of prefabricated homes that are about as close as the ones in the Shire. They incorporate all sorts of sustainable living features into their homey, hobbit-y designs.

magic tiny houses

Start living in harmony with nature! This tiny home has a magic power of changing your life. Like Mount Rainier itself, this tiny hobbit-style home is energy-efficient, like most natural things. Mount Rainier National Park with its majestic waterfalls, lush meadows, glaciers, and the volcanic Mount Rainier, is a place of rebirth.

Rainier Studio is a tiny home that brings the simplicity of the outdoors indoors. With only square feet to call your own, this space makes it easy to coexist with the Earth. Imagine your roof covered with flowers during springs and summers!

Sort of like living inside the flower bed. It all sounds really nice but one important thing is missing in this design, in our opinion β€” the cover over the entrance door. So, unless you are ready to dance in the rain as soon as you step out your front door, having a small covered porch is a must. Similar to Earthships, it has to be oriented correctly to catch enough sunlight through the large glass windows and doors.

With eco-conscious solutions, Jasper tiny home leaves a truly small hobbit-size footprint. The last Hobbit house model of Compass Green collection is the smallest one. Compass Green definitely should think of adding some kind of porch cover to all models. Besides that, Hobbiting in this studio i. Oh, yes! Green Magic Homes got it right β€” the entrance cover is included and the cover itself is covered with soil!Tiny houses for sale in Alabama are growing in popularity as more and more people opt to have more by building less.

Still, there are a lot of questions that people looking for tiny houses for sale in Alabama may be asking.

Tiny Homes

With the right layout and design, even a square foot home can feel spacious. Offering beautiful designs and sophisticated charm, these small homes have it all. It can be hard to pare down your belongings; until you start doing it.

Then you realize just how much senseless stuff you own. While yes, moving into a home one-tenth the size of a standard house means keeping only the necessities, it does not mean a return to the days of simplicity.

One look at the luxurious designs of a Utopia Villas home and you might be surprised to discover that they offer the same quality amenities as any normal sized dwelling.

Whatever it is you really want, you can have. Once you figure out what really matters and what you cannot live withoutyou can design a home that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

When it comes to finding a permanent place for tiny houses, Alabama rules and regulations vary. The most common places to put your new home include:. Some municipalities are more tiny-house friendly than others. For instance, while one area may allow any sized house to stay as long as it is permanently affixed to a foundation, other places may require the house to measure a certain size.

Be sure to contact the zoning office of the area you plan to set your house to see what rules and regulations may apply.

magic tiny houses

Consider asking local zoning offices about installing tiny homes in cities across Alabama such as:. Building your own tiny house may seem exciting and a cost-saverbut unless you are an expert in construction, the logistics of getting your house finished without problems are slim.

Of course, you can always look for ready-built tiny houses for sale in Alabama or find a tiny house builder to custom build your new home. When making this important decisions consider:. Looking for tiny houses for sale in Alabama? Check out the tiny home models Utopian Villas has to offer.

Completely customizable, this nationwide leader in tiny home builds offers unsurpassed quality and high end finishes on all of their homes.

Alabama Tiny Homes: What You Need to Know Tiny houses for sale in Alabama are growing in popularity as more and more people opt to have more by building less.

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