Pumat sol cosplay

Last year, that changed when my friends got me into Critical Role. But one day, I popped onto twitter to find my friends had decided to start a game and were mailing me dice that night to get me to join. Rachel, our beloved DM and one of my best friends, walked me through how to build a character, but she told me to watch CR to get an idea of how the game is actually played. Soon enough, I was hooked. Clearly, I needed to make a knitted Pumat Sol. There are none.

I did some major searching and put together a few different patterns that would help me figure out the base elements for Pumat. The Highland Lassie pattern helped me put together his head and body, while the rabbit pattern determined his ears. Link above! The elements that really drove me craze were the hair, the nose, and the clothes. I wanted to avoid doing that as much as possible.

So I spent quite a bit of time experimenting, even putting together this little wig of curly hair that looks a little more like Annie than Pumat. Not only did I do that though — to get the curly hair look, I broke the yarn down to the individual strands and THEN hooked them in. Finally, the clothes. The only problem ended up being the sleeves. I ended up knitting the front and back separately and sewing it up around him. I used the linked chainmail pattern as inspiration, though I went with stockinette stitch instead of garter.

To pick up stitches and knit the sleeves around his arms would have been far more complicated. But I happen to like his sleeveless tunic — he lives with me here in California, after all.

Definitely warmer than in Wildmount! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.We're really big into PC gaming.

Neither of us read much but we both love Critical Role.

pumat sol cosplay

My concern is we will spend a lot of money to attend, but then go and be bored. I have a lot of social problems, issues with meeting new people and being in large groups. I have been trying to find more information about kinds of events are at this convention.

I have been to a few other conventions they were usually panels, shows, shopping, meet and greets, that sort of thing. Lots of sitting and watching things.


So I suppose my question is to previous attendees, what should I expect from GenCon? I am concerned I will feel uncomfortable around many strangers and board games aren't really my thing, neither are one-shots if I am being honest. Many many RPG's offer 'living world' versions. Chances are you'd be most interested in the Adventurer's League dungeons and dragons, but Pathfinder and Shadowrun offer living worlds as well, where you take your same character through adventures.

That said, because of the nature of Gen Con, there will be a lotlotlot of one shots, most with characters already created. It's a time issue. As for people, unless you attend the opening of the exhibit hall, the crush really isn't so very bad since the con is playing games. There are also lots of what you listed, panels, shopping, etc, you can spend an entire day, easily, in the exhibit hall but mostly games. Have you looked at past year's offerings?

That should give you a very good idea of what to expect. A friend of ours just retreats to his room if he becomes overwhelmed, but he's now attended three years and loves it. Gen Con is a large square footage of convention center with a LOT of people. If you do not like being around lots of people in tight areas, then the halls and dealer room will not be the place for you. I play a lot of Pathfinder Society, Starfinder Society, and Adventurers League games because I like to run my own characters and I usually try and have one or more of my friends who attend in a game with me.

Otherwise, I get to know the people that I am playing with in a particular game.

'Critical Role's Matt Mercer Wins Gen Con With Epic Cosplay

Most folks at Gen Con are really nice, but there are always those that, well, you know So, I would recommend Gen Con to everyone, but if large crowds and strangers in games are not your cup of tea, then you may want to avoid it. I always suggest GenCon to all people who love gaming. But there will be a lot of people, even in the RPG rooms, you are at a table with a few people, surrounded by a lot of people doing the same thing.

Depending on the level of issues you have with social situations I would think long and hard about spending the money it takes to go. One thing that might help if you search you Tube for GenCon videos. There are a lot of videos that show all different events and such. That might give you a better view at least of the amount of people.

I have a problem with large crowds and meeting new people. I was kind of freaked out leading up to my first GenCon. At my first convention I had a few jitters in the dealers hall, but in the end it wasn't as bad as I had feared. I think knowing that we are all people who love the same things helps a lot.

Everyone is super friendly and the atmosphere really helps. Where else could this many people be together and not have issues. Sure there is some bumping and congestion, but my experience has always been a quick sorry and a smile and off we go.

My suggestion is avoid the opening ceremony, and give the hall a couple hours to calm down the first day. Sign up for a couple of events that are marked specifically "Learn to Play" in the title. Steve Jackson games have always been good for this.Fan art of Pumat Sol, by Kent Davis. Matching the green-gold velvet that hung from his shop, Pumat Sol was dressed in long elegant robes of deep green and gold. While working, Pumat Prime also wore thick leather gloves with runes on them, as well as a leather band on his head with a large magnifying tool that extended out in front of him.

Pumat has three duplicates or simulacra, provided by the Cerberus Assemblywho mostly run the shop while he does the enchanting in the back room. Pumat commented that they can't do magic anymore, only getting spells once. When he breathed onto Fjord, as a means of casting Prestidigitation to dry him off from the rain, his breath was warm with elements of a herbal scent that immediately is overtaken by a general cow-like scent.

When the Mighty Nein adventuring party met him, Pumat Sol's simulacra spoke slowly but were kind, jovial, and professional. He was knowledgeable about the items sold in his shop. However, Prime Pumat Sol was a bit sterner and more business-minded than his duplicates. Oremid Hass was apparently the main person who helped Pumat Sol hone his craft by taking him under his wing.

Pumat Sol described him as a "real nice beacon of tutelage", and though he was a bit rough around the edges and seemed tough, he was in fact a real softie. Mentioning that Oremid was especially a softie when it came to small critters, Pumat Sol caught himself and seemingly regretting having said so, having a flash of fear in his eyes.

The Pumat Sol staffing the counter told Caleb that his establishment required certain cleanliness and, with a wave of his hand, removed all the filth that covered Caleb and his clothes.

Nott, unsure what had just happened, asked Pumat what he did. Pumat simply patted Nott on the head, much to her discomfort. Upon realizing that there was more than one Pumat Sol, Jester invoked Duplicity to act like Pumat, but when he tried to shake hands with the illusory duplicate, his hand went right through it, remarking, "That's an illusion.

Men's Cosplay Costumes

Getting onto business, Caleb asked Pumat Sol if they sold arcane inks and paper. When Pumat asked about what kind of inks he required, Caleb showed him the spell scrolls he'd desired to transcribe into his spellbook.

Fjord asked Pumat if they stocked any sort of healing potion. Pumat pulled out two large carrying cases of healing potion vials, claiming to have many types. Fjord inquired about greater healing potions but when Pumat told him the cost of one vial gpFjord bought one regular potion instead 50 gp. Pumat then asked for his name and shook his hand.

He then repeated the greeting with Nott. Nott, scared of the enormous firbolg, timidly shook his hand before requesting two healing potions for herself, hopefully with a discount. Although she got the potions, they remained at full price.

Jester then asked whether The Invulnerable Vagrant would be interested in buying Fleshrender [14] the manticore glaive they'd looted from the gnoll pack lord in Alfield. Clearing the counter of all other items, Caleb finally gathered the gp required to pay for his inks and paper, handing them to Pumat in a small sack, at which point Pumat gave him his purchased items.

Pumat claimed he would buy the glaive for gp, but upon Jester tying her horn ribbon to the weapon, Pumat Sol increased the offer to gp. Asking for something to carry their equipment in, Pumat brought over a Fantastic Haversack and asked for Fleshrender plus an extra gp. The description of the Fantastic Haversack was consistent with that of Heward's handy haversack.

Despite this, Jester tried to bargain for another healing potion, but Pumat refused to include one as this was their first time meeting each other. He did agree to Jester's request to make the bag prettier, by having Pumat Sol Prime turn the bag pink in color. Jester happily paid Pumat. With their business concluded, Fjord bought another healing potion for 50 gp, and as the Mighty Nein left The Invulnerable Vagrant, Pumat Sol claimed he is always happy to "sell, buy, trade, and generally help anybody who has money.

Pumat Sol revealed that the Invulnerable Vagrant was an annex of the Cerberus AssemblyPumat Sol in his capacity of a shop owner had worked for them for some time, in enchanting objects, and other tasks.The main characters of the first campaign of Critical Role are the characters controlled by the seven players of the game, plus TrinketVex'ahlia's companion bear.

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pumat sol cosplay

Contents [ show ]. Beauregard LionettHuman Monk. Caduceus ClayFirbolg Cleric. Caleb WidogastHuman Wizard. FjordHalf-Orc Warlock. Jester LavorreTiefling Cleric. Nott the BraveGoblin Rogue. Yasha NydoorinAasimar Barbarian.

Mollymauk TealeafTiefling Blood Hunter. Allura Vysoren. Essek Thelyss. Marion Lavorre. Orly Skiffback. Pumat Sol. The Gentleman. Yeza Brenatto. Yussa Errenis. Grog StrongjawGoliath Barbarian. KeylethHalf-Elf Druid. Percival de RoloHuman Gunslinger. Pike TrickfootGnome Cleric. Scanlan ShorthaltGnome Bard. Vax'ildanHalf-Elf Rogue. Vex'ahliaHalf-Elf Ranger. Taryon DarringtonHuman Artificer. Tiberius StormwindDragonborn Sorcerer.

Bertrand Bell. Earthbreaker Groon. Gern Blanston. Jarett Howarth. J'mon Sa Ord. Kashaw Vesh.A Kenku cosplay. This was my first time ever cosplaying and it was an absolute blast! The whole costume is completely handmade, including the knife, and took about a month!

The lovely DimmerMeerkat was Pumat Sol! Had a blast at Supanova! Much love to echogracee for coming with me as the best Keyleth and taking these pics of my birb child! Currently a work in progress shot of my feet! Excited to start dremeling and finishing them up. I expect to have them fully finished by the end of the week. Thanks rah-bop for your detailed and helpful tutorials. Working on the claws as we speak! Got to wear my kenku cosplay for the first time at the game shop where I play dnd!

Worked on this thing for ages and had so much fun. Also I slayed this furry. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts.

pumat sol cosplay

Grid View List View. Show more notes. Had fun at a cosplay event in an ice-skating rink, super fun! Happy Halloween! Character derpery time! Playing pattycake is so much fun!She is played by Laura Bailey. Jester Lavorre is a blue tiefling with blue hair. She wears a pretty dress and has freckles. She sometimes wore a ribbon tied around her left horn.

This ribbon was originally wrapped around Jester's map of Wildemount, but Jester kept it because it looked "pretty". As of " Titles and Tattoos " 2x84Jester has a diamond dust tattoo covering her upper chest and shoulders, resembling clasped hands. Jester is excitable and eager. According to Molly and herself, everyone tells her that she is pure of virtue, worthwhile, and a creature of some repute. She delights in small acts of mischief and trickery and can be plied with offerings of pastries.

She keeps a sketchbook that she appears to use as a kind of pictorial journal, in part as her way of devotion to The Traveler. Official portrait of Jester, by Ari. It is unclear to what extent her apparent personality traits are genuine. It is possible that her seemingly random mischief is all an act of devotion to The Traveler.

kenku cosplay

Jester is extremely devoted to The Traveler, offering to leave the Mighty Nein early on if he doesn't like her being with a group. The only times Jester seems visibly unhappy are when she is left alone. Jester often uses plural prounouns, [41] [42] seemingly referring to The Traveler always being with her.

Jester grew up with wealth, on account of her mother being a highly sought-after courtesan. This is apparent when she inadvertently dismisses Caleb after he tries to offer her money, and in how much she gives as tips.

When Jester's mother responded to her request for additional funds, it was considerably less than Jester had asked for, and she began to hyperventilate. Born Genevieve, Jester comes from Nicodranas [9]and her mother still lives there [44]. Jester claims to have been an artist for quite some time, a talent for which she credits her mother. Nevertheless, Jester said her mother still loved her and took care of her even though she was very busy.

Jester was forced to leave Nicodranas after she pulled a prank on one of her mother's clients. Using a technique learned from the Traveler, Jester changed her appearance to look like her mother, then tricked the client onto the balcony while he wore nothing but her mother's girdle. She locked the balcony door, leaving the client in public view in broad daylight.

The client turned out to be a powerful lord. Enraged and embarrassed, he ordered Jester to be executed, and the officials consented.Fairly certain this is my favourite pic ever taken by my Prompto Manong brandon This was a candid while i was talking to Kevin Hennequin another wizard who was explaining the science of how his lens aperture worked.

I did ok till he divided by infinity. I really need to listen to that again mate and is completely unedited apart from a crop by me. As if i didn't need anymore reasons to never take gladio off. You've now given me this. From the bottom of my Heart thank you so much.

This one is going to stay with me for a very long time. Let me know if you want to add a watermark mate this was the cheeky raw you gave me. Emma has already been kind enough to share the link to the video but I wanted to share with you that I made a supercut of the Critical Role cosplays featured in You guys really did an incredible job this year and I'm so sad I couldn't be cosplaying with you!! If you'd like to see the full videos they're here: youtu.

I think prime is going to be my main Cosplay I just want to add more and more to him and he gets so much love! Definitely my favourite Matt NPC! You cannot handle my potions My brand new Cosplay for this weekend the one and only or maybe not. Pumat Sol. Cruel, cruel world, I'm moving on I've been living too fast And I've been living too long Cruel, cruel world, I'm gone" We're gonna find out what you need.

Stay with me. Five versus one?

The Mighty Nein meet Enchanter Pumat Sol for the first time [Critical Role 2x08]

I make that Pimm's o'clock Sean - no insta John - clownbabycos King and shield! I had the most amazing weekend, a huge thank you as per usual to everyone I shot wi This video was a bit tricky to fit together, but whether you made it in or not it was awesome working with you and hopefully I'll see you again in the future!

Any questions gentlemen. RDR2 rdr2cosplay dutchvanderlinde javierescuella arthurmorgan sadieadler josiahtrelawny rockstar havealittlefaith tahiti. RDR2 rdr2cosplay dutchcosplay dutchvanderlinde. Start the new year as you mean to continue Everybody be posting their con highlights and I'm just here laughing my ass off at Silmarwen Cosplay taping me and Zak being manly af. Touching tips Tuesday with forgeofthefenix one of my beloved bigswordbros and a guts I aspire measure up to one day!

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