Real dogman photo

Is this a real photo of a werewolf? The creature has been spotted roaming the northern forests of Wisconsin and Michigan, often near fresh kills. It has been spotted by a number of different people who claim it is not a hoax, but a real unidentified creature.

Supposed real werewolf photos. Tags: bigfoot dogman eyewitness account photo of real werewolf sightings yeti. Do you love werewolves? Do you turn into one? Do you know when they transform? Learn all About Me! Or even better Link To Me! June 17, August 13, August 6, You are such an idiot!

What the h — e — double hockey stick! Open your eyes! Are you going blind?! Unknown : no it looks more like a baboon to me since it has the dog like face. Unknown : HEY! Maybe in some case this is just an undiscovered species of the ape family. If you would look closely at the picture it looks like it was carryind something like a skull or what. To me the picture is not scary but what made me frightened was the it is holding.

Um well guys obviously its a ape of some kind and its holding a possum. In my opinion, that is an ape. It looks to be holding something, like a rock or an albino animal. This is called the Beast of Seven Chutes, in Canada. The photographer didnt see this figure til later when heviewed his photo, the figure is in the the lower left of the shot.Reports of Dogman sightings and encounters have seemingly been on the rise over the last few year and interest in the elusive cryptid has definitely grown.

The majority of the sightings of dogman have come from Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin although encounters from other states have also been documented. The most frequently asked question in terms of the Dogman is what kind of creature is it exactly. It has been described by many as a large humanoid creature covered with hair with large pointed ears and a long pronounced snout traveling on two and four legs.

According to Dogman researchers and enthusiast, the creature is also often mistaken for the other popular cryptid known as Bigfoot. Sightings and reports of both creatures often contain similar details but the two creature are not one in the same. It is believed some sightings of the Dogman may mistakenly be reported as Bigfoot as both creatures can physically resemble each other with Bigfoot being much more popular and well-known of the two.

This makes mistaking the Dogman for Bigfoot a rather easy misidentification to make for witnesses. More efforts are being made to investigate and research the Dogman phenomenon including various things like online podcasts and Youtube channels Dogman encounters Youtube is a great one which are dedicated to the elusive creature and there was even a recent Dogman symposium. Although many people believe the creature to be real skeptics are quick to point out the lack of scientific evidence to prove its existence.

As is the same with many cryptids all of the Dogman evidence to date consists mostly of controversial photos and videos along with years of eyewitness accounts. Skeptics believe the creature is nothing more than a myth and legend brought to life by a song made back in Some other even believe it may be some kind of paranormal or mythical beast. Dogman has been a subject of various investigations over the years and some of the evidence including dogman pictures and dogman videos were featured in some interesting and entertaining programs.

Here are a couple of dogman videos which examines and investigates some of the possible dogman proof discovered through years that you may or may not have seen. Modern day dogman sightings and reports of this mysterious bipedal creature are becoming more mainstream and may hopefully shed some light as to its existence. We will continue to follow the search for dogman and try to feature as many new sighting reports and possible evidence as it becomes available. Dogman is a cryptid with sightings and reports dating all way back to which continued to surface over the years.

Known to many as the Michigan Dogman because the majority of reports and sightings including the first ever were from Michigan mainly the states Lower Peninsula. Perhaps one of the lesser knowns of the cryptids the creature has been described as having a human-like body with the head of a dog or wolf. It has also been described by witnesses as looking somewhat like a bear but with pointed ears and shoulders which are not characteristics of any known bear species.

Some believe the creature may actually be a werewolf. According to many Dogman sightings and reports, the creature is much more aggressive when encountering humans than say Sasquatch.

Many believe that the Dogman is nothing more then a legend and point to the lack of any concrete evidence to prove its existence as is case with all crytids.These real cryptid encounters have left zoologists baffled.

From skinwalkers and dogman sightings to a run in with a demon-like creature in a backyard, here are some fascinating real cryptid encounters caught on camera.

In latea hunter in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada captured an encounter with an animal so gigantic it left zoologists baffled. The short clip, captured on phone, shows a white dog named Trigger barking at something lurking in the grass. You can see a black head peek over the ridge. It looks like a big dog or wolf. Suddenly the creature lunges at the white dog which retreats with a yelp. The black, wolf-like creature is enormous. It looks to be more than twice the size of the white dog.

The mysterious thing is that dire wolves were thought to have gone extinct in the early Holocene period, more than years ago.

Could this video show a dire wolf that has somehow managed to survive deep in the canadian wilderness? Since there have been reports of a giant serpent-like creature swimming in the waters of Lake Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada. One of the most famous sightings of Ogopogo occurred in when Vancouver local Ed Fletcher took this striking photo.

Fletcher was with a group of friends enjoying the scenery when he spotted a giant serpent creature undulating through the water.

Real Cryptid Encounters Caught on Camera

He took a snap with his camera. The photo would become legendary, one of the most significant pieces of evidence that a cryptid could be swimming in Lake Okanagan. Indigenous tribes of Canada believe there was once a man that lived by the lake who was possessed by a demon.

real dogman photo

The demonic influence took hold and went on a murderous rampage. The creature was forced to swim in the lake for eternity. In memoriam, the lake was named after the old hero who was slain by the demon. This photo is just one piece of evidence in a long line of real cryptid encounters that have taken place by Lake Okanagan.

Could there really be a giant serpent creature hiding in the deep waters of this ancient lake? Since there have been stories of a werewolf-type creature stalking the woods of Michigan. The beast has become known as the Dogman. Over the years there have been numerous sightings of an enormous dog-like creature that is capable of walking upright on its hind legs.

They say they were reversing down the driveway in their minivan when a gigantic creature appeared out of the darkness. The youngest son, sitting in the back of the van, took out his camera and captured this astonishing photograph. The famous cryptid photo shows a dog-like beast.

It has a strong, muscular torso, thick neck and fierce illuminated eyes. It looks to be a hybrid blend of lion, dog and bear. Numerous experts have analysed this image and are at a loss to explain it. Some have noted there appears to be faint brush strokes or touch ups around the right arm of the beast.

However, others have defended the image saying that the blurriness is caused by the motion of the animal leaping from the shadows. Why are there so many specific reports of the Dogman coming out of Michigan?

Could there really be a species of giant dog or wolf that has yet to be classified by modern science? The first clip is very brief but shows a very large, bipedal creature walking among the brush. The Bigfoot-like animal sits by a tree for a second then seems to pick up a rock and throw it through the air. One of the campers noticed a strange, black beast lurking on the ridge of the hill and started filming with their phone.

The footage is a little blurry and unstable but does capture something unusual.Texas— A man has released the image of an unknown animal roaming the woods of eastern Texas. The eyewitness, who requested to remain anonymous, sent the picture Wednesday to Dale Boswell, a musician from Phenix City, Alabama. The picture shows an ape-like brown animal with short hair and a long snout that resemble a baboon, holding what looks like some sort of medium-sized prey.

But recently I was told the man is a hunter in East Texas. He said he took only one photo because he was frightened by the creature, and high-tailed it out of the area. Or is it digging it for a side dish? Others are not so sure that the sighting has an easy explanation. Bevan Pacholko believes the animal could be a Bigfoot holding a wild boar on its shoulders.

Boswell is known for writing a highly acclaimed song titled My Soldier Prayer in Thank you for the kind comments.

It is rare that my interest in Bigfoot, and my music career are mentioned in the same article! I apologize for the late reply, I was unaware of any questions pertaining to the Bigfoot photo. This pic really creeps me out, I see it differently than other people do though. Other people say they see it with a deer or pig draped across its shoulders with no head visible. I would have to agree with you. Had an encounter Jan Your email address will not be published.

Fill out our report form and share it with the world. A Milwaukee student says he saw a creature he believes to be a Bigfoot. The year-old, who provided a full A woman in Florida says she and her family saw a big-sized bird she believed to be a pterosaur.

The newly released video of an alleged Bigfoot and its baby in Canada appears to be a hoax, according to The woman, who provided a Connect with us. Share Tweet. Author Recent Posts. Cryptozoology News. Cryptozoology News brings you the latest in cryptids and the strange.This was one of the best still captures from the back trail footage.

The Dogman is standing behind me in extremely thick foliage. It is approximately 8 feet tall. This is the long nose or Anubis type.

real dogman photo

Click Here to read the article The article is not entirely accurate concerning my reaction and the exact events surrounding the capture of the video. Below is the complete encounter with detailed video analysis. I am standing on the shore of the lake using my mono-pod mounted video camera to search the small island approximately sixty feet off the main land.

The foliage on both sides of the trail is extremely heavy. I actually have over hanging limbs touching the top of my head. I am in deep concentration slowly filming the adjacent shoreline looking for a possible Bigfoot.

The creature has risen up only four feet behind me in the midst of a small Cedar tree. The Dogman is on the right side of the trail and my back trail camera is mounted on my left shoulder.

I do not capture any footage of the creature while I am facing forward. When I decide I am done filming the island I start to turn to my left. I turn about forty-five degrees then stop for approximately six seconds. During these six seconds the Dogman is being captured on my back trail camera.

After the six second pause I turn my shoulders further to my left and the Dogman ducks down into the heavy foliage but does not retreat. I pause again for approximately nine seconds then complete my turn. Once I complete my turn I get the strange feeling I am being watched. I pause momentarily and look in the exact area where the Dogman has just ducked down.It can also be helpful to read guides on topics you already know to refresh your memory.

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real dogman photo

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Real Dogman Photo?

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REAL Dogman or Werewolf Sighting Caught on Camera. Real or Fake? Lycan in real life

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Werewolf, Dogman, or Yeti?

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