Removing 29f4 and 29f5 codes with tunerpro

Moderators: Mangusrobertisaardex. Privacy Terms. Quick links. I have an 89 IROC 5. I am using the Arap 6E. I have been successful in connecting to the car and reading data and everything seems to accurate but I have a couple questions. I currently have 3 error codes and while connected I try to send the clear trouble codes command and it says "command sent" but the codes do not clear.

BMW Oxygen Sensor Replacement

My packet error count does climb per 5 seconds. Not sure if this is normal, I would guess that if I have the correct info, there wouldn't be any errors but I don't know what to expect. So since I am so new, I have the typical newbie questions, do the above files look correct, how can I confirm? My goal for now is to start small and use it for some diagnosing and eventually work in to making mods so if I can do this accurately without jumping in and buying a lot more, it would be great.

I appreciate the help and look forward to your response s. I did have to play with that to get the data flowing at first. It seems data flows in just fine other than a slowly rising error countI just cant send the clear codes command. Do the files I am using seem correct?

Is there any special procedure for clearing the codes with the software? My guess is that it doesn't work. I don't see it happening.User Name Remember Me?

removing 29f4 and 29f5 codes with tunerpro

I installed c4tless d0wnp1pes 2 days ago and since have been getting 29F4 and 29F The car is running flawlessly, no rough idle, no startup issues or any boost problems. How do I get rid of these codes? I thought Jb4 had a built-in fix? Every time i clear the codes they pop back up with an SES. Thanks for any help! Originally Posted by MSully Do NOT install a fix, it will mis-calibrate your primary O2 sensors.

They are bad news! The JB4 does not clear those codes. Click on our banner to visit our website! For track use, you can get a combination of extenders. Would love to see someone's confirmed working setup for my track only car Terry BMS.

BMW Check Engine Light Codes

Inside USA it's illegal to disable them. Find all posts by Terry BMS. Thread Tools. Contact Us - N54Tech. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. MSully96 Junior Member. Send a private message to MSully Find all posts by MSully Send a private message to PawlyGuNNz.

Find all posts by PawlyGuNNz. Posts: 18, Join Date: Oct Car: i. Nanometer Senior Member. Posts: Join Date: Jan Car: i, Send a private message to Nanometer. Find all posts by Nanometer. Terry BMS Tuner. Posts: 30, Join Date: Jan Burger Motorsports Home of the JB4 the worlds most popular turbocharged tuning system! It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and installer of any BMS part to employ the correct installation techniques required to ensure the proper operation of BMS parts, and BMS disclaims any and all liability for any part failure due to improper installation or use.Remember Me?

I get fault codes 29F5, 29F4 every km after I delete them. My car currently has 6,km on it. I've cleared it multiple times but they come back. After resetting the adaptation values they came back after km. I've Cleared all codes. Turned the battery off for 15min. And check all the connection but everything seems to be good.

I haven't yet pulled the O2 sensors out yet. What available actual values should I be looking for in the BT tool to torubleshoot the problem.

What voltage or other values should i be looking for to see which O2 Sensor it is or even worse which Catalytic converter it is. No Warranty, I bought it on Auction it was hit in the back quarter panel. It's a brand new car. Appreciate 0. Good Luck. Does it say what the threshold values should be? Nope, no values.

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Are these codes usually because of bad catalytic converters or bad O2 sensors. The car wasn't driven for 6 months before i bought it. Can new catalytic converters go bad so quickly? Last edited by cezary; at AM. I guess the first thing I should to is get an emissions test done. I get those codes now after going catless dps. Not sure if that helps.

Do you get the Service Engine Soon light? Second Lieutenant. Check the rear O2 sensors for both pipes as these are the ones that measure emissions.

Does the vehicle have a completely stock exhaust system? And what do you mean when you say brand new cats? As in the car is brand new, or it has had cats replaced? It has a completely stock exhaust. They were never replaced. I check the Actual Values for "Voltage lambda probe front catalyst 1" 1. Attached Images. Last edited by cezary; at PM.The E61 wagon followed shortly there after. View My Garage. Hey guys; I scanned my car for codes today and found an interesting code 29F5 - catalytic conversion 2.

Quick search does not reveal much except for random references to running rich, bad O2 sensor, clogged catalytic converter, even failing injector sand so on. I know my car well by now to know what maintenance has been done and so on.

In the past few days I have experienced slight sluggishness and I may even have caught a split second misfire at higher revs at highway speed. It happened only once but the slight sluggishness is still there. In other words, the car does not pull like it should but only by a small fraction.

Spark plugs were replaced around 20, miles ago. There are no valve cover leaks, as the valve cover gaskets were replaced around 30, miles ago and the engine is perfectly dry of any leaks. The only thing at this point, that comes to mind, are the coils, as they are still original atmiles. The O2 sensors are original as well.

I should add that I have no misfire codes.

Can A Catalytic Converter Be Cleaned?

My question is, could this code 29F5 attribute to bad or failing coil s or is it more likely the O2 sensor? Last edited by oldiegoodie; at PM. Remove Advertisements. Thats like a catalyst efficiency error. Im helping a friend with his Tacoma and hes getting a po which is a catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank 2. And on a Toyota this error code requires replacing the cat. If its running fine maybe a post o2 sensor will do. But if its notits possible the cats failing.

That will determine if the cat is clogged Hes also getting a misfire on cyl So we're going to change plugs first then switch coil 1 and 2 and see if the misfire follows the coil. Originally Posted by H F.

Originally Posted by oldiegoodie. I'm afraid you may be right about the catalytic converter failing. I've done some more reading, specifically at Pelican Parts and all posts on this error point to the cats. And, of course, if one is failing, the other one isn't far behind.

Let's say I'm looking at replacing the cats.We provide the latest information that comes with the new version on news sites. This site will tell da latest news updates with a different style of AishaNews. Thanks for the great tabular data. As a mechanical engineer, this info is quite valuable to me.

It may take a long time to me to collect all the fault codes of BMW along with the fault description.

removing 29f4 and 29f5 codes with tunerpro

Your blog made it easy to me. Thanks a lot for sharing it. BMW is one of the most luxurious brands and everyone will love to have one. A user never goes for depth knowledge about the car, only the normal operating steps are enough for us.

Just being watchful for timely servicing is the vital for me. Mechanics are getting through this data then to find out the actual fault in the vehicle. It's really valuable one for all. Thanks a lot. Hi I git 1 series 1.

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We have 43 years of experience in supplying compressed air solutions. Great article, Thanks for your great information, the content is quiet interesting. I will be waiting for your next post. Hello, I have to replace my headlight driver module Part number BMW but I don't have any information about it's coding. Can you please confirm me whether it required coding or its direct replacement?

Thanks for posting this blog, I am very impressed with your blog and it is very useful for me and other. Hi and welcome to the BMW fault codes hex code page. This page contains BMW hex fault codes, and the fault code definitions! We hope you find this page useful, we recommend using your browsers find on page feature to search the page for your BMW fault code. If you like what you see why not share this page with other BMW owners!!

Models that use these codes include. Posted by Mechanicalee at Labels: engine managementfault codes. Jeremy Whyte 7 September at Alexander Senders 17 February at Unknown 30 October at Anonymous 11 November at GST Training 1 August at Buy Contact Lenses 3 August at Unknown 25 September at Remember Me?

Lieutenant Colonel. So I have 29F4 and 29F5 codes. I replaced both post cat O2 sensors. Should I replace the precat O2 sensors. Or is it a cat issue and I need new ones? The check engine light does come on but there is no loss in power. Silicon intake pipe. M3 control arms front, M3 rear.

ECS trailing arm with whiteline bushings. Purple powerflex subframe bushings. Yellow power flex upper shock mounts. Single mass flywheel OE weight. Appreciate 0. Major General. The codes tell you what they tell you.

removing 29f4 and 29f5 codes with tunerpro

It either says post cat or pre-cat sensors. BTW, post-cat sensors can still affect long term fuel adaptations. Originally Posted by hassmaschine.

Actually can I somehow code it out with the Protool?We have tested in different version of iPad iOS Use this method to validate text as it is typed by the user. For example, you could use this method to prevent the user from entering anything but numerical values. Filmovi komedije How to beat roblox tower defense simulator christmas event The second possible solution is something that is Xamarin.

Forms-specific: the Xamarin MessagingCenter, which I'll explore in this article. Events are fired when the user touches a button, when a location changes, and when some status changes on the device. Adi zehra episode 11 english subtitles Lucas formula results Ling pe vaseline lagane ke fayde Wmbd past news anchors Cb performance engine kit review Dewalt tstak laser Xamarin.

Issue First, I'm using a third-party plugin to archive my required view, but there is some issue to customize the view. NET from a single shared codebase. Whether you want a consistent look across platforms or prefer native look and feel, Xamarin. Forms will get you up and running in no time. Dig deeper: Xamarin. Forms Seems like a bug since I haven't found any reasonable explanation in documentation. This is also stated here: UITextField text change event.

My "solution" to this is to actually post a notification by myself for every change I make to my UITextField if that change is done without using the built-in iOS keyboard. Something like this:. If you want to perform a user input validation of your textfield use the following code snippet: Hsv 1 igg high Ethnic pattern vector Bulldozer prices How to get image from PHAsset in swift iOS? What is MVC and why it is used? How to change status bar background color and text color in ios13? What is the difference between git clone and checkout?

How to create photo album in iOS swift? The problem with the resignFirstResponder solution solely is, that it can only be triggered by an explicit keyboard or UITextField event. I was also looking for a "lost focus event" to hide the keyboard, if somewhere outside the textfield was tapped on.

The only close and practical "solution" I came across is, to disable interactions for other views until the user is finished with the editing Please give some sample code in which I can enter text and can get formatted number according to the given number no need to give local explicitly Its so urgent for me.

I'd prefer to do this without using normal text as the placeholder and having to override all the methods to imitate the behaviour of a placeholder.

Either just use events or your own delegate: Company. MyDelegate UIKit. We are not registering any events on the UITextField. Is Xamarin Forms now registering such events, so that I am no longer allowed to set my own delegate? Basic Information.

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