Shelf lift mechanism

A mixer lift is a spring-loaded mechanism designed to swing a small appliance such as an electric mixer out from its under-counter storage space and lift it up to a convenient working height.

Certain models are designed for installation in cabinets where a drawer is located directly below the countertop. Lift kits consist of left- and right-hand lifting mechanisms and mounting screws. You supply the appliance storage shelf. Remove the cabinet door. Latch the left and right lifting mechanisms in their extended positions. Place the left-hand lifting mechanism inside the cabinet so the top of the mechanism is just beneath the drawer support and just behind the front cabinet framing.

Check that the mechanism is level from front to back. Mark the locations of the mounting-screw holes in the top mounting bracket with a scratch awl or pencil. Take down the mechanism and drill pilot holes for the screws that came with the lifter kit. Replace the lifting mechanism in the cabinet and secure the top mounting bracket to the cabinet with the mounting screws. Repeat this process to install the right-hand lift bracket.

Double-check the extended lifter arms to ensure they are level with each other side to side and front to back. Adjust if necessary. Install the tension springs in each lift arm. Hook one end of the spring to the attachment point on the cabinet mounting plate and the other end to the attachment point on the lower shelf support arm.

If your lifter model comes with arm tension springs pre-installed, skip this step. Measure the overall distance between the outsides of the top mounting brackets in the cabinet. The result will be the width of your mixer shelf. Mark your cutting lines with a pencil. Cut out the shelf with a circular saw or hand saw. Lower and raise the shelf to check clearance.

Fasten the shelf board to the lifting brackets with screws. Fasten the shelf-release trigger to the underside of the shelf board and connect it by rod or wire to the spring-loaded latch that locks the shelf in the raised position. Check for correct operation by pulling on the trigger to release the latch so the shelf can be lowered. If your lifting mechanism does not require separate installation of the shelf-release trigger, skip this step.

Herb Kirchhoff has more than three decades of hands-on experience as an avid garden hobbyist and home handyman.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Rev-A-Shelf has kept design and flexibility in mind, the heavy duty chrome lift can be attached to any custom made shelf and therefore will fit all full height cabinet sizes allowing a perfect match to your counter top or interior cabinet.

This heavy duty mixer lift has a 60 pound capacity and offers great support with chrome wire. Install this mechanism for easy cabinet storage and use. With design flexibility in mind, the heavy-duty chrome mixer lift can be attached to any custom made shelf and therefore will fit all cabinet sizes allowing a perfect match to your counter top or interior cabinet. In stock. SKU R. Be the first to review this product. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Skip to the end of the images gallery.

Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. More Information. Only registered users can write reviews. Please Sign in or create an account. Related Products. Check items to add to the cart or select all. Add to Wish List Add to Compare.I-Move lift-down storage system for upper cabinets. Designed for frameless cabinets of metric dimension. I-Move upgrades the functionality of upper cabinets by combining aesthetics with practicality in an elegant movement, providing optimized accessibility to ingredients, a better view, and faster access.

This innovative lift-down mechanism transforms the classic upper cabinet into an ergonomic storage system, offering upgraded comfort for the end user. The entire storage comes down and in front of the cabinet in a single elegant movement. I-Move combines functionality with exceptional design. These are not the official measures. To view the measures specified by the manufacturer, click here.

Sign in to view prices. To buy, choose from the options below. Description I-Move lift-down storage system for upper cabinets. Interior Dimensions Required - Depth. Per unit. Allows movable storage of products stored on the bottom shelf of the cabinet. Add to cart. Compare products. Security warning. We are sorry that you are experiencing difficulties trying to complete your payment. According to the type of error, the problem seems to be related to an extension or plugin installed on your browser that is blocking the transaction.We can deliver shelves filled with shoes ,purses and folded clothes directly to the home owner.

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Hidden Kitchen Storage: How to Install a Motorized Lift For Small Appliances

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Demonstration Video Installation Video Guide. With easy pull of the shelf, the heavy-duty lift mechanism gracefully raises your mixer to counter top level giving you the kitchen accessory you need in a matter of seconds. Specifications Installation Instructions.

The screwheads broke off so you should have some additional screws for this possibility and 2. After overcoming those obstacles, the final product is good. My installer also screwed my mixer into the shelf so there is no possibility of the mixer tipping over and falling.

Also being able to clear my countertop of bulky is great I love having my mixer stored out of the way and how easy it is to access now. Trial and error finally got it to sit level. Instructions are not helpful. Product is great. Mechanism works smoothly and locks firmly in the extended position. The only minor negative comment I have to make is that the platform isn't level when it's locked in the extended position.

This was not the result of faulty installation. I fixed this problem by inserting washers under the forward portion of the mixer platform. Otherwise, this is a well made product that I am completely satisfied with purchasing. My wife was having trouble lifting her Kitchen Aide professional mixer and the shelf was just what she needed. The installation was somewhat complicated because I didn't have the exact space required to install the shelf, but after contacting your company, a getting some good ideas, the installation worked just great.

shelf lift mechanism

Thanks again. One for a blender and food processor and the other for a stand mixer. Installed very easy and function perfectly. My wife loves not having the appliances on the counter and how easy it is to pull them into position.Remove the cabinet door. The lifting mechanism will be in two pieces, one for the left side of the cabinet and one for the right. With the lift arm extended, hold the right piece of the lifting mechanism up to the right side of the cabinet.

Approximate the position you would like the mixer lift to be installed. Make sure the mounting bracket is level, and measure out its position in the cabinet. Using a pencil, mark out the holes in the mounting bracket.

Drill pilot holes into the pencil marks. Put the mounting bracket back into position, and check to see that everything is level. Screw the mounting bracket into place. Refer back to the mixer lift measurements, and position the left lift mechanism according to these measurements with both lift arms extended.

Level out the left mounting bracket Image 1. Span a level over both lift arms to make sure the shelf will be level Image 2. Mark out the holes in the left mounting bracket, drill pilot holes and screw the left lift mechanism into place. Place the shelf on top of the two extended lift arms. Mark out the screw holes on the bottom of the shelf. Drill pilot holes into each of the markings on the shelf. Situate the shelf on top of the extended lift arms and screw it into place. Sign up for weekly project ideas and advice from experts.

Privacy Policy. Build It.Shop for similar items:.


Feature Video Installation Video. Mixer Lift Mechanism with Soft Close Available with or without a shelf Perfect for the Cuisinart and Kitchen Aid mixers Full height cabinet required Mechanism only: fits all cabinet sizes with minimum 12" width, and works with your custom shelf Mechanism with shelf: Silver lift is designed for 18" face frame base cabinets; Orion gray lift is designed for 18" full access base cabinets Mounts to cabinet side Holds appliances up to 60 lbs.

shelf lift mechanism

The soft close mechanism provides stability while in motion, while the Lift Assist system provides mechanical assistance to lift the platform. Installation Instructions. Easy to install.

Great Product! Order Status. View Cart. Range Hoods. Pot Racks.

Rev-A-Shelf Heavy Duty Lift System

Cabinet Organizers. Trash Cans - Built In.

shelf lift mechanism

Base Cabinet Organizers. Pantry Organizers. Lazy Susans. Medicine Cabinets. Bathroom Mirrors. Bathroom Sinks. Hampers Laundry Care Shower Enclosures. Towel Warmers Toilets Wall Fixtures.

shelf lift mechanism

Dining Room Furniture. Living Room Furniture. Bedroom Furniture. Entertainment Centers. View Larger Image. View 1. View 2. Mechanism Movement.

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