Shield hero build 5e

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shield hero build 5e

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Saint of the Shield (5e Class)

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Yours truly, Nick. Average rating out of 1 : 2. By DovahHogie on Sep 26, They may, at times, devolve the game into a statistics exercise. Those are the kind of character builds on this list. Just remember, some of these builds on the list may result in the DM banning your character on the spot, consider yourself warned. Now you have a total of 19 AC, and that's without a class.

5e Optimized Character Builds

This build is considered legal, and shouldn't have too many issues at the table. The Rogue is generally a good class at low levels and can be a decent addition to any multiclass build. You would have to multiclass or be hasted in order to get two attacks in a single round.

The problem is if you ever end up in a fight without a sneak attack opportunity, you'll be hiding behind your party most of the combat.

Taking a fighter with crossbow expert and sharpshooter, you'll need to cross-class into the hex blade warlock from Xanathar's Guide. You'll also want the spell hex. This build is both pretty cool and fits well in most settings, definitely worth using, and it's unlikely the DM will ban the character.

Some people really like the monk, and there's a lot to like, Ki points, decent stealth, and unarmed damage to name a few. The problem is that its subclasses are really lacking and the addition of others has not improved the class's playability. Its elemental subclass really feels underwhelming when played and its Ki attacks don't really punch the way they should.

The open hand doesn't really add to much combat power, nothing that taking the fighter wouldn't have given already. If you are proficient in persuasion if you're a bard you should beDiplomat will also double your proficiency bonus on persuasion checks. Then at level 17, you add your bardic inspiration to this check. The opposing party will have to make a will save not to be charmed.

shield hero build 5e

The lowest you will likely role is You could probably talk a door into unlocking itself at this point. The barbarian can also be a good choice in multiclassing and if buffed appropriately could potentially get some of the incredible AC at later levels.

The barbarian just suffers from a lack of sustain as a tank. There's no problem in playing a Barbarian, its fun to yell at the table and be verbose, it's just not as efficient in its role as other classes can be. This one might cause the DM to ban you at the table. That's 40HP in a 1st level spell slot that can be divided amongst a party. This creates a healing machine and kinda abuses the mechanics of the game.

Your DM may give the stink eye when you pull this. Most DM's and players love homebrew classes because it's something unique and adds to the story. It's not easy to find a balanced homebrew, so it's going to fall into one of two categories, overpowered or underpowered.

shield hero build 5e

Chances are, the DM will only allow one of these two. Letting this seemingly harmless thought roll around and stew in the back of their mind, "What if I just, cross classed into, EVERY class? Imagine this, basic abilities of every class at level one, all at fingertips a level twelve adventurer. The power to do no one thing remotely well and to do everything else very badly. Stats that only align to two or three of their classes, causing the majority of their abilities to suffer penalties instead of bonuses.While I believe that any of these builds can facilitate interesting roleplayingthis is a mechanically focused discussion.

I provide a summary of what I consider the most important pieces of each build, along with a much more in-depth coverage of what the build does at each level.

To best accomplish this, I took a look at the traditional 5E archer options, from the reliable fighter to the picked-last-for-dodgeball ranger. With this in mind I turned to a class that allows for the most unintended synergy, the humble bard. Many of these spells are restricted to specific classes, such as wizard or paladin, keeping them balanced. The result is the strongest archer build I have ever seen. Human variant. This build needs at least two feats before its damage potential really starts to show through.

Picking human gives us one of those at level 1. While not needed for any of my builds, these are a few magical items that I believe help more than most.

Unkillable (5e Optimized Character Build)

I am not including any of these items in my damage calculations. Find Greater Steed gives us a permanent griffon mount that receives any buffs we cast on ourselves, such as Haste. A Hasted griffon has ft of movement, can make 2 attacks and then disengage, or make 3 attacks with a normal move. This combines with up to 4 attacks from the bard riding it. Like Haste, this buff also applies to our griffon. Simulacrum, on the other hand, is a game changer. It allows us to make a carbon copy of our bardcher, complete with all the same features of the original.

None of these come even close to the upside of doubling everything the build could previously do. Shapechange is an incredibly fun and powerful spell that lets us turn into little things like demi liches or ancient white dragons; no matter how you slice it, the power and utility provided by this spell cannot be denied. Alongside dragon transformations, we grab the Wish spell.

Being able to cast any spell of levels 8 and lower, such as Simulacrum, without requiring components of any kind, is great. Wishing for a Simulacrum lets us re-up our clone without the time or money requirements.

All these features add up to an incredibly powerful late-game character capable of killing enemies like Tiamat in between 1 and 2 rounds. View the math behind these numbers. This build focuses on creating a tank that is proficient at mitigating damage directed toward it, healing any damage it cannot mitigate, and being dangerous enough it cannot be ignored by enemies attempting to bypass it.

After much tinkering, I settled upon three classes with both mechanical and story synergy: warlock, sorcerer, and cleric. This build takes advantage of what I consider one of the best spells in 5E, Spirit Guardians.

Spirit Guardians creates a foot area around the caster that damages and slows enemies attempting to enter or stay inside it.

The spell is incredibly efficient to upcast, starting at 3d8 and gaining 1d8 per spell level above 3, capping at 9d8 per round to each enemy it hits.

This damage cannot miss, only able to be halved on a successful wisdom save, a weak stat on many monsters. Eldritch Blast is the other main tool the build uses. Without going too deep, Eldritch Blast is by far the strongest damage cantrip in the game. However, on top of all that, it also has the eldritch invocation Grasp of Hadar, allowing our character to pull a target hit by a blast 10 feet closer to us.

Normally this pull can simply be used to keep enemies away from our squishier teammates, but when combined with Spirit Guardians, it allows us to trigger the aura damage twice on one target per round, as damage is first triggered when the creature is dragged into the aura and again when the creature begins its turn inside the aura we dragged it into. Alongside these two spells we have access to both arcane and divine spell lists. The lists includes Absorb Elements, Shield, Fireball, Counterspell, Dispel Magic, Aid, Deathward, and many other options that give this character a high amount of flexibility alongside its tanking abilities.Also, when I read the comic Marvel by Neil Gaiman, I became obsessed with running a one-shot with powerful Marvel heroes in a medieval or renaissance setting.

Creating builds of superheroes might be a useless exercise and is generally lazy character building versus creating a original characterbut I must do what I must. While Thor is stuck on the ground, charging around with his magic hammer makes him a devastating melee combatant, especially when adding smites to his attacks. If you think a cleric might be a better way to go, check out my Thor 5e Cleric build. Great Weapon Fighting Sacred Oath.

Oath of Devotion Spells. Fine Asgardian workmanship provides the wearer with magical protection. Mjolnir is a powerful magic hammer that returns when thrown and can be called to the hand of the owner.

It can only be picked up by those who are worthy. Thrown, Versatile 1d To make things simple, Bruce Banner is a Commoner Sage with a 20 in Intelligence or he could be a Wizard of some sort. The Hulk stats are below. The Hulk is a human that turns into an angry raging monster using Goliath for racial stats that attacks with fists or anything he can grab including grappled enemies.

As Banner converts into the Hulk he increases in height and weight, yet these pants rip but hold. I looked at creating a Warforged Wizard or Artificer, but an Eldritch Knight who created his own magical armor and blasts stuff works for me.

A medieval Anthony Stark would most likely be the son of a rich lord and perhaps trained like other nobles to be a knight. Defense Archetype.

Eldritch Knight Spells. Magical armor created by Tony Stark himself. The suit is his arcane focus. A superior knowledge of tactics allows Cap and his allies to control the battlefield. Protection Archetype.

Battle Master Superiority Dice. A powerful shield constructed from magical Vibranium. Returns when thrown. Natasha Romanov is a powerful striker who combines ranged, melee and sneak attacks to defeat any enemies she faces. Natasha was trained from an early age in espionage and assassination.

Her hand crossbows are enhanced and can sting her enemies while making ranged attacks and her superiority dice and sneak attack can be added to melee. Archery Archetype. Shawn is an author and co-founder of Tribality.

Years later, he can be found running games in the Nentir Vale and his own Seas of Vodari campaign setting. Shawn Ellsworth.

May 3, These builds are inspired by the heroes and focus on being playable in a combat focused, mid level one-shot campaign versus exactly recreating the heroes. These are not level 20 multiclassed, min-maxed builds that try to replicate the exact powers of each hero but those are awesome too and please share thembut they are all really good at hitting stuff. I used base stats 27 point buy. I would have liked to have been able use 40 points.

I gave each hero some magic items and feats to make them feel more like the hero they are inspired by. More magic items equals less feats and vice versa. Enjoy or hate… here it goes.By duncan. On March 26, In Tips for Players. A commendable choice. A strong mechanical base aside, the class allows for fantastic roleplaying flavour that that goes way beyond the stereotypical beer-drinking, brainless brawler most gamers end up playing sorry Grogtoo predictable!

In other words, they can soak up A LOT of damage. Still, you have little to fear from being on the front line, and with some canny optimisations you will often be killing your foes before they even have a chance to take a swing at you. Aside from taking it, barbarians are the best damage dealers amongst the martial and non-caster classes in my experience not counting the Paladin, and their spell-slot charged divine smite ability.

Barbarians get a damage bonus to melee attacks when they rage, and their 2nd level reckless attack ability pairs brilliantly with the somewhat overpowered Great Weapon Master feat to reliably dish out deadly blows. Reckless attack also improves the number of critical hits you roll, which pairs with their brutal critical feature that kicks in at 9th level and improves at 13th and 17th level. If you feel the same, keep reading….

A great barbarian is built around high Strength and Constitution, so naturally any race that gives us a starting boost in those stats is a favourable choice. Did they grow up with humans or with orcs? Do they try to contain their orcish rage, or embrace it? Lore-wise and their tough tribal society is a perfect fit for the stereotypical Vikings-style barbarian… we will flesh out tribes further along in this article.

However, my favourite race for a barbarian is definitely human. This not only gives me a chance to dip into real-world history for direct inspiration more on that laterbut if I select the feat variant I can choose a feat like Dual Wielder, Great Weapon Master or Savage Attacker straight from the off… you also gain proficiency in one skill of your choice.

Using the standard stat block, I would build my human barbarian using feat variant like this…. A low to middling Charisma makes sense for a character whose savagery make make them magnetic to some and repulsive to others. I really hate having only one attack, even at low levels, but if I combine a greatsword with Great Weapon Master and use my Reckless Attack feature from 2nd levelI can already put up some numbers.

If 22 hp is enough to kill someone, I get a bonus attack and the chance to do another 22 hp.

5e Optimized Character Builds

Alternatively I can go with the Dual Wielder feat and utilise two weapons longsword and battleaxe! Aside from getting my rage damage bonus twice hopefully! I might need to pick up a level of fighter later to get the Two-Weapon Fighting style, so I can add my Strength modifier to my second weapon attack.

Overall the mega damage of the first option is maybe too much to resist. Certainly when my to hit modifiers improve enough and I get a second attack, then the two-handed weapon approach will be notably more deadly.

It might be that you want to have a main fighting style, such as using a greatsword paired with Great Weapon Master, but still have a shield and battleaxe for when you need to be a little more conservative.

The biggest decision you have to make when playing a barbarian is which Primal Path to take at 3rd level. This path is built around getting extra attacks, but comes at a huge price.

shield hero build 5e

Your core ability Frenzy means you use a bonus action each turn while you rage to make an extra attack, however at the end of the rage you suffer one level of exhaustion, a condition which requires a long rest to get rid of, with very few workarounds. Choosing the wolf totem makes your barbarian the ultimate team player, granting advantage to your allies when they attack hostile creatures within 5 feet of you. Meanwhile, the eagle and elk offer incredible manoeuvrability and the tiger some added athleticism.This build is mainly defense based, focusing on making you almost unkillable.

You can still be killed it's just very hard. This build also requires your DM to be nice as based off of the core rule book you can only start with a max of 15 in an ability using the point buy system but this build requires 16 con at the beginning for most effective use.

First, choose the Dwarf race, choose the Hill Dwarf subrace edit You should probably take mountain dwarf instead if you are going into melee. This gives you the following. You have advantage on saving throws against poison, and you have resistance against poison damage.

You should try to gain these feats as soon as possible. Prerequisite: Dwarf You have the blood of dwarf heroes flowing through your veins. You gain the following benefits:. You use shields not just for protection but also for offense. You gain the following benefits while you are wielding a shield:.

Your hit point maximum increases by an amount equal to twice your level when you gain this feat. Whenever you gain a level thereafter, your hit point maximum increases by an additional 2 hit points.

Prerequisite: Dwarf or a Small race You are uncommonly nimble for your race. While you wear this pendant, you stabilize whenever you are dying at the start of Your Turn. In addition, whenever you roll a Hit Die to regain hit points, double the number of hit points it restores.

Requires Attunement. The Periapt of Wound Closure is more important than the others, but higher AC and better saving throws is also very good for defense.

Put 7 levels in Monk. Monk is for the Patient Defense ability allowing you to spend a Ki point to Dodge as a bonus action. At 3rd you get Deflect Missiles and at 7th you get Evasion, both very good for defense.

D&D Story: The Obelisk Encounter

At most 2 levels, you would take this for proficiency in heavy armor, Second Wind, and take the Defense fighting style. Taking levels in Fighter is not necessary for this build, it's mostly for high AC, but with the right stats that can be achieved with Unarmored Defense, as well, you cannot Rage while in heavy armor, so you probably want to weigh your options on whether or not you want to put levels in Fighter.

Put 11 levels in Barbarian. You choose the Barbarian Unarmored Defense instead of the monk unarmed defense because it uses constitution rather than wisdom and you can use a shield. Choose the path of the totem warrior and choose the bear as your totem spirit for resistance to all damage except psychic.Captain America: Civil War has been out since May 6th and has already made over a billion at the box office worldwide.

If you have a better build idea share it in the comments! Love it or hate it… here it goes. While Cap and his magic shield controls the battlefield, the Winter Soldier attacks his enemies before they know what hit them using ranged and melee attacks. I changed my mind and went with the assassin, but started Bucky with 2 levels of fighter to match up with his experience in World War II, fighting alongside Cap and the Howling Commandos.

The Winter Soldier is strong and nimble, providing lots of variety in the weapons and ways to attack available to you. Mobile Soldier Background. Bucky has advantage when using this arm to perform any skill that uses Athletics Strength.

The cinematic version of Falcon employs mechanical wings and a jet pack to fly and a bird like drone for surveillance named Redwing.

For the connection to Redwing I thought a simple homebrew magical item might work better than having Falcon take levels in Ranger. If you are a DM or have a DM who does not care too much I would swap out the unarmed strike and Aarkaoka language to put his speed back up to 30 feet. Crossbow Expert Soldier Background. Defense Battlemaster Archetype. Provides darkvision and advantage on Perception Wisdom checks that use sight.

This legband has 5 charges. Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, grew up as an orphan with her twin brother, Pietro, which you will see reflected by her Urchin background. In an effort to help stabilize their purge their country of Sokovia, the twins agreed to undergo experiments. Wanda attaining various telekinetic, telepathic and energy manipulating abilities. War Caster Urchin Background. Spells Known The following are some suggested spells in addition to those granted by her patron to choose from.

This build will attempt to create a PC that is fun and matches up with the Black Panther we saw on screen. His 18 AC can represent both his ability to dodge attacks and his suits abilities to absorb some damage too. Set of 2 Vibranium claws, 1d6 slashing damage. Shawn is an author and co-founder of Tribality. Years later, he can be found running games in the Nentir Vale and his own Seas of Vodari campaign setting.

Shawn Ellsworth. June 3,

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