Slime shops cheap near me

Our newest slime offerings can be seen here! Slime Rodeo This slime was so amazing!! SuperNova is a perfect name!! Oh and absolutely No fall out! I just love it! Looking forward to trying out some more slimes from DopeSlimes! You guys are awesome! Pink is my fave color, and the shade of this putty is amazing.

This one was so fun to do and smells amazing!

slime shops cheap near me

One of my favorites to play with. Absolutely wonderful slime! The scent is perfect and smells amazing! The texture is sooo much fun to play with, nice and crunchy. But the texture is incredible, the slime is so stretchy and spreadable, super inflatable, too. Scent is like cinnamony-honey-bread and it is a super soft, creamy, and inflatable butter slime!

I can see why it's a bestseller. Would highly recommend! I like slimes, but not as much as putty. I have a bunch of dopeslime's slime, and they're great. But the putty is out of this world - I prefer firm, nonsticky putties to soft sticky slimes, so putty is perfect for me. The color is amazing. It starts out a deep purple with holographic star glitter, and after being manipulated goes to a metallic purple grey and finally a bright metallic silver. If you squeeze it once its silver, purple iridescence shows up where the pressure is applied.

Its beautiful. Let it rest for a few hours, and its back to its original dark purple color.I really wasn't sure what to expect with this slime. I was super weary about the whole garlic bread thing but omg did this girl NAIL it! I could play with this for hours and the texture is amazing. This is the first time I've tried this slime shop and bravo!

I love it!!! Has a wonderful texture, inflates a ton, and smells like roasted marshmallows. I would definitely purchase from them again. The consistency is awesome and so fun to play with. This specific one I gave to my mom for her to try out. Got this for my 16 year old son that suffers from anxiety, he loves the natural oils in it and the consistency of the slime. He asked if he could take it school to help him, he is very anxious there.

Love it! Super fast shipping too! This works! I was doing homework I couldn't focus. I got this because I know I procrastinate a lot. I recommend A LOT! I have purchased around 30 slimes or so from this shop since I have discovered it, and this is BY far my favorite slime.

When I received it, I was so excited to play with it. It has a super nice smell, though it is sour like sour candy smell wise and that's perfect for someone like me who loves stuff like this.

Super fun texturewas super fun to mix slowly as well, which I recommend with this slime. Also would say go for the bigger container, I wish I had and plan to buy the biggest version eventually!We are now selling regular clear slime! Click here to check it out! Gorgeous Slimes, beautiful packaging. Aesthetically pleasing textures and playful styles.


All in one shop. Our "In the Aquarium" clear slime comes with three adorable arctic animal charms, including a whale, a penguin, and a seal. This slime also contains fishbowl beads to add the the the uniqueness of the slime texture. Do you see that packaging in the beginning? All slimes came beautifully packaged in individual transparent plastic boxes. Each box also had a little bottle of activator as well as glitter or fimo slices. It feels great and it is so fun to play with!


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Very colorful and a perfect gift. Buy one today!

slime shops cheap near me

Antique Gold Pearl Slime An perfect mix of two colors of shining pearls topped with golden shininess. A shop bestseller!Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to the high volume of feedback, we are unable to respond to individual comments. Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments. Skip to main content. Recent searches Clear All. Update Location. If you want NextDay, we can save the other items for later.

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Do you love a good slime recipe? We certainly do in our household. With two young kids, slime is one of those easy and fun activities that I like to pull out every couple of weeks or so. My kids can play with slime for hours; I sometimes pull out play dough tools to get even more mileage out of a batch of slime. Sometimes, though, you just want to buy slime instead of making it.

Take a look through my ideas, and let me know where your favorite place to buy slime is! This slime is gorgeous! I love the mix of colors in this putty-like slime. There are several other color options to choose from, as well. I love the scent of watermelon, so I was definitely excited to see a watermelon slime from Etsy! This would be perfect for Easter baskets or the Fourth of July!

Her shop has lots of fruit-scented slimes, so be sure to check it out. This fluffy slime is perfect for anyone who loves pink! And again, there are various color options so you can choose your favorite! This slime is amazing, cheap, and comes in several color options! I love the large beads and sequins, such a fun sensory experience. This shop has a huge selection of gorgeous and inexpensive slimes!

I love the different colors and how fluffy the slime appears! The shop has great reviews, as well. Again with the inexpensive and fluffy slime! I love the look of clear slimes. They often contain glitter, sequins, or little plastic pieces to make it colorful and fun, like this super cute slime from amazon!Your kids will love these options.

The slime craze is for real, my friends! The only issue is that if you need a lot of slime, perhaps for a classroom or party favors, you might to want to buy slime online.

If you only have one child or want to let your kids see if they enjoy slime first before purchasing all the ingredients and investing the time to make it, you should buy slime online. Your kids are going to have so much fun. My 1 and 2 picks below are pretty interchangeable, as there are lots of options for colors and prices. I give you an overview and some options from each! If you want to know where to buy slime, I found the best places for you and have the info below.

Most slime retailers have their ingredients clearly listed.

Slime Shops Guide: Where to Buy Slime Online

Of all of the places I looked at slime for sale, Etsy seemed to have the most available with the highest quality ingredients.

There are thousands of slime shops on Etsy, with new ones being added every day! Here are my five favorite slime shops I found. It has five stars out of nearly 2, ratings. This recipe is super fluffy and smells amazing. These are so perfect for a summer birthday party! The texture of this is light and stretchy. The glitter makes it crunchy, and your children are going to love mushing it around for hours.

Niki from Monstrous Things has a lot of slime for sale, but I think my favorite is her crunchy slushie slime! You can get an optional fruit scent if you like.

This is a clear, stretchy slime with a tropical scent.

slime shops cheap near me

It comes with the fruity pieces on top for you to mix in. Ali Express is located overseas in China, and out of all the slime shops has the cheapest slime for sale. They ship all over the world, and both their prices and their shipping is just ridiculously low. This fluffy unicorn slime comes in various colors and is soft and scented!

This magnetic slime is super cool! It also comes in various colors! This slime in an egg is more expensive than other slimes on Ali Express, but you can beat the colors! As far as slime shops, eBay has a few that I like with great prices.

Bubble-n-slime has this crunchy floam slime as well as more than other items for sale! Unicorn Slimes offers this fun fairy floss slime for those obsessed with soft slimes with glitter and bright colors. The Kiwi logo and branding is super cute and she has tons of good variations for sale. I can hardly resist. At Oriental Trading you can buy items in bulk for a low price.

Here are two items that are perfect. This rainbow mini slime assortment has 48 pieces of 1 oz.Close menu. Log in Create account.

Collection Menu. Crispy Caramel Mallow Bar No reviews.

Tikka Masala Indian Curry No reviews. Unicorn Birthday Macaron No reviews. Raspberry Swirl Pudding No reviews. Mango Passion Fruit Jelly No reviews. Mint Oreo Ice Cream 27 reviews. Birthday Slime Gift Set 4 reviews.

Fruity Pebbles Crunch Fizz 1 review. Aromatherapy LOVE 3 reviews. Aromatherapy Mood Slime Bundle 2 reviews. Oreo Cheesecake 3 reviews. Blueberry Lemon Cupcake 8 reviews. Mermaid Bread 7 reviews. Princess Bread 7 reviews. Unicorn Bread 11 reviews. Fairytale Bread Slime Bundle 6 reviews. White Chocolate Milkshake at Pop's 5 reviews.

Chocolate Chip Mocha Milkshake at Pop's 8 reviews. Strawberry Milkshake at Pop's 3 reviews. Milkshake at Pop's Slime Bundle 4 reviews. Lavender Butter 94 reviews. Garlic Bread reviews. Strawberry Cheesecake reviews. Marshmallow Fluff reviews. Best Seller Bundle 11 reviews. Slime Tool Kit 14 reviews. Mystery Slime 56 reviews. Fried Churro Cheesecake 25 reviews. Peach Fuzz 13 reviews. Cookie Dough reviews. Pizza Dough 72 reviews.

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