Star trek bridge blueprints

star trek bridge blueprints

The bridge was the starship equivalent of an operations center or command center. On Starfleet ships, it was generally located near the top and front of a vessel. From here, the commanding officers supervised all ship's operations, ranging from vessel course control to tactical systems. On Starfleet vessels, the bridge was usually located on Deck 1, on top of the vessel's primary hull. The bridge was the nerve center of every starship, and it was manned by the top officers of each department except for engineering and medical.

There was typically an engineering station that the chief engineer could use when on the bridge, as well as science stations that the science officer or chief medical officer could use. The commanding officer could supervise all the ship's operations while seated in the command chairtypically located in the center of the room, while having visual access to all major personnel stations and viewscreensfacilitating the decision-making process.

By the mid- 24th centurythe standard was that a first officer was assigned to assist a ship's captain in this process. The forward bulkhead of the bridge was typically dominated by the main viewscreen. Directly in front of this was usually the helm console, from where navigation and vessel course control were carried out. Many of the support stations that were present on 23rd century bridges were combined into one post by the 24th century, mainly that of the operations officer.

Some bridges featured an operations console alongside the helm station, from where the officer on duty had access to internal systems control, communicationssensorsresource scheduling, and hardware and system usage. Each bridge typically featured several supportive consoles for engineering, gravity control, damage controlenvironmental engineeringsciencesand library computermost of which did not necessarily need to be manned under normal circumstances.

Internal security along with weapons control could be found at the security station. The bridge of a 24th-century Galaxy -class starship featuring three command chairs at center. The bridge command stations provided seating and information displays for the commanding officer and one or two other officers, typically including the first officer.

The command chairs were located in the center of the bridge, to maximize interaction with all key bridge personnel, while permitting an unobstructed view of the main viewscreen. Typically, the armrests of the captain's chair featured miniaturized status displays. Using a keyboard or vocal commands, the captain could use these controls to override the basic operation of the starship. The 24th century flight control position, also referred to as the connevolved from the 23rd century helm and navigation positions.

The officer manning the flight control console was responsible for the actual piloting and navigation of the starship.

star trek bridge blueprints

Despite many of these functions being heavily automated, their critical nature demanded a humanoid officer to oversee these operations at all times. Many shipboard operations involved scheduling resources or hardware that affected a number of departments. In many such cases, it was common for various operations to present conflicting requirements. It was the responsibility of the operations officer to coordinate such activities so that mission goals were not jeopardized.

The operations position, also known simply as ops, evolved from older 23rd century positions. The bulk of the duties held by the helm and navigation positions were combined into the conn position.There are 11 active users currently online.

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star trek bridge blueprints

Casimiro U. Constitution Class Starship U. Enterprise NCC Federation Starship U. Enterprise Constitution Class. Enterprise Flight Manual. Enterprise Heavy Cruiser Evolution Blueprints. Constitution Class Starship Refit Blueprints. Discovery-Era U. Patton NCC Midway NCC Enterprise NX Deck Plans. Enterprise NX Refit Plans. Starfleet Vessel Enterprise NX Ships of the Nova Class - Volume I.Discussion in ' Fan Art ' started by RedgeneralMay 10, Log in or Sign up.

The Trek BBS. Hi Over the years I've saved pictures off the internet of the various set blueprints, but going back to the sites have resulted in many s - sites dead. Some I can't find where they came from, even with google's reverse image search.

I've titled this thread "exchange" as I hope that if people have other set blueprints, that they might also share them with this thread. Last edited: May 10, RedgeneralMay 10, Galileo7 likes this. Joined: Mar 12, Location: Andromeda Galaxy. I have complete Deep Space Nine and Defiant sets Defiant also include redress plans as part of director notes for some episodes. Gotta figure out how to find time to upload them to flickr though.

CountMay 11, RedgeneralMay 11, The first bridge ceiling appears to be the centre bridge dome for voyager or the side roof part for the NX Console looks like a sovereign class side console from the two port and starboard stations and hte other bridge roof piece that's spider-shaped is the First Contact E-E one.

Oops, meant "Troi's counsellor office", but at least i got the owner right, lol. It's that weird trapezoidal shape you see on the galley, and the opposite doors in the corridor plans are from the transporter room.

I'll upload those too. I have to check what else i have, i haven't been near my 3d modelling archives in a while. Also, interesting note, the end of the TNG stage 9 corridor on engineering right side facing the warp coreactually led into a small corridor that opened up to the portside door of the TNG battlebridge that appeared as various science labs and Data's cybernetics lab.The ship's motto was, " All existing things are really one.

Under the command of Captain Georgiou, Shenzhou visited Vulcan in where it received its first officer — recent graduate of the Vulcan Science AcademyMichael Burnham.

Inthe Shenzhou conducted a mission to the Crepusculan homeworldwhere a landing party revived a dry water well. Due to communications interference from a fast-moving stormCaptain Georgiou and Commander Burnham contacted the ship by making a Starfleet insignia in the desert sand, signaling the Shenzhou to fly into the planet's lower atmosphere and transport the officers from close range.

Following that mission, Shenzhou was dispatched to a binary star system on the outer edge of Federation space to investigate damage to an interstellar relay. After encountering a Klingon vesseland ultimately a fleetthe Shenzhou was the first ship to be attacked in the Battle of the Binary Stars.

During the battle, Shenzhou took fire from multiple attackers, defending the crippled USS T'Plana-Hath before herself suffering heavy damage, losing shields and impulse engines.

Adrift in the system 's debris ringthe Shenzhou was rescued by the USS Europawhich used its tractor beam to prevent the Shenzhou from colliding with an asteroid. Despite their ship being disabled, Captain Georgiou and the crew of the Shenzhou mounted an offensive against the Klingon capital shipresulting in the crippling of its defenses and the death of its commander, T'Kuvma.

Although Georgiou herself also was killed in the attack, the surviving members of the Shenzhou crew were able to escape, leaving the ship abandoned. The wrecked Shenzhou remained adrift for six months following the battle, at which point Klingons Voq and L'Rell boarded the ship in order to loot its dilithium processing unit with which to repair their own ship. Voq was later marooned aboard the Shenzhou by Kol and left to die, though Voq was rescued shortly afterward by L'Rell.

A drawing of the Shenzhou was among several images of starships on display in the mess hall aboard the USS Discovery when Shenzhou survivor Michael Burnham joined that ship some months later. See also: USS Shenzhou personnel.

Although it first appeared in "The Vulcan Hello", the Shenzhou 's interior was shown in a chronologically earlier flashback sequence in addition to later-set footage in "Battle of the Binary Stars". The set used as the Shenzhou bridge was one of the first sets which the Star Trek: Discovery production crew filmed on.

He noted that " Most of them I developed on my own, along with detailed character bios, backstories, quirks, interests, etc. Those were then submitted to the show via Kirsten Beyer for approval. Some, such as Gant, Detmer, and Jannuzzi [sic], ended up being used on the show. A few, like Connor and Britch Weeton, were established by the show's writers.

The ship appears to be named after the 20th-century Chinese spacecraft, or the Chinese space program in the 20th and 21st centuries of that same name. The name can be somewhat translated as "Divine Vessel". According to a fact sheet shown at a mirror universe exhibition running concurrent with San Diego Comic Conits mirror universe counterpart had a maximum speed of warp six.

Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. For the mirror universe counterpart, please see ISS Shenzhou. Contents [ show ]. This is a quote from Zhuangzi, a Chinese philosopher.There are 11 active users currently online.

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Sovereign Class - Multiple Views. Intrepid Class - Dorsal View. Intrepid Class - Starboard View. Intrepid Class - Ventral View. Intrepid Class - Fore View. Intrepid Class - Aft View. Intrepid Class - Multiple Views. Defiant NX - Dorsal View. Defiant NX - Starboard View. Defiant NX - Ventral View. Defiant NX - Fore View. Defiant NX - Aft View. Defiant NX - Multiple Views.

Botany Bay DY - Cover. Bird of Prey - Dorsal View. Bird of Prey - Port View. Bird of Prey - Ventral View. Bird of Prey - Fore View. Bird of Prey - Aft View.These detailed blueprints were first published in by Michael McMaster and then revised in They are the most accurate reference available on the dimensional characteristics of the Original Series Enterprise Bridge; detailing every workstation and displaying all button layouts to scale. The original cover art for the and releases is shown below, followed by high-resolution copies of the individual blueprint sheets Subscribe to: Posts Atom.

Enterprise Bridge Buttons. Enterprise Bridge Chairs.

Classified Starfleet Blueprints

Archer's Cutlery Set. Enterprise E Bridge Chair. Yacht "Cousteau" Plaque. Kelvin Pistol Phaser. Kelvin Communicator.

Enterprise Captain's Chair. Commnd tunic. Uhura 2nd Season Dress. Fox Tunic "Taste Armageddon". Whitney Pants. Palamas Dress "Adonais". Palamas Pink Dress "Adonais". Petri uniform "ElaanTroyius". Picard Burgundy Jacket.

Saavik Uniform.

TOS Enterprise Bridge Scale

Kirk Jacket. Buran "Best of Both Worlds". Enterprise A. Enterprise B. Enterprise C.

Star Trek Blueprints

Spock's Science Station. Uhura's Quarters on TOS. Gorn Video. Enterprise Bridge Blueprints 10 Sheets. Posted by Gerald Gurian at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. About Me Gerald Gurian View my complete profile. Enterprise BDiscussion in ' Trek Tech ' started by TaranisNov 8, Log in or Sign up.

The Trek BBS. Joined: Oct 3, Location: Dublin Ireland. I am wondering what is the Diameter of the bridge as seen in the Classic show.

star trek bridge blueprints

I am also interested in building the bridge and the Enterprise in Lightwave 3d. TaranisNov 8, Joined: Oct 14, Location: Austin, Texas. There are two answers to this. Neither is entirely "authoritative. Then there is the size of the drawing laid out by Mike McMaster on his "bridge blueprints. You have to choose between the two.

I chose to use the McMaster prints, personally no surprise there, due to my earlier comment, right? Those gave me the following bridge arrangement on my model. To avoid "image hijacking" your thread, I've removed the "image" tags from these, so they're direct links. Feel free to re-add the image tags if you wish to. But since there is no way to buy those anymore, this is your best bet to get that info.

BoLS Retro - USS Enterprise Blueprints

Cary L. BrownNov 8, Thanksevery impressive work on the model there :0 I have no problem with have the images shown at all. Joined: May 23, Location: In selfless service to fandom, on the road to beco.

The set was about thirty feet in diameter. Captain Robert AprilNov 8, Joined: Aug 5, Location: North Wales. I've heard about the "Mcmaster is bigger" notion but I've not been able to find out why. I got different results depending on whether I looked at the top view, side view, metric or imperial! MytranNov 9,

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